New Nexus 7 pre-order available from UK retailers, release date set for September 13

by: Chris SmithJuly 25, 2013

New Nexus 7

The new Nexus 7 tablet is available from some UK retailers, with the device expected to ship in on September 13.

That certainly may sound as disappointing news for Android fans looking forward to get their hands as soon as possible on the 2013 Nexus 7.

The tablet is priced at £199.99 (the 16GB version) and at £239.99 (for the 32GB), with both devices having a September 13 release date with Currys and PC World. The 2012 model is still available from both retailers priced at £149 or £189.99 depending on storage capacity.

We have no idea whether the UK Google Play Store will get the tablet sooner than that. Yesterday, Google said that other countries including the UK will get the new Nexus 7 in the coming weeks.

In the U.S., the new Nexus 7 will launch on July 30 – at least the Wi-Fi versions – while the 4G LTE will be released in the following weeks. In addition to the Google Play Store, the device will be available from quite a variety of retailers, including Best Buy, GameStop, Walmart, Staples, OfficeMax, Office Depot, Amazon, HSN, RadioShack, J&R and B&H – with some of them already pre-selling, or even shipping the device.

New Nexus 7 Currys

That said, it would make some sense to assume that Google and third-party retailers will start selling the new tablet around the same time in other markets as well.

As for the 32GB Nexus 7 4G LTE version, that model is not yet available for pre-order in the UK, so we’ll have to wait and see whether this particular device will also ship to the region.

  • Kieron Quinn
  • Bone

    This is really upsetting news. First it was delayed from May to end of July, now September? No one’s gonna buy the old Nexus 7 now that we’re aware of the much better one, so trying to clean out remaining stock is a completely pointless exercise by Google & co.

    They have to suck it up, many old N7s will remain on their hands, and not 10.000 will sell now when ppl. will sit back angrily, so it’s better to just skip this nonsense and release the darned thing!

  • Balraj

    What about the 3g version of the device ? :o