Hands-on images, video, and benchmarks of the new Nexus 7

by: Bogdan PetrovanJuly 24, 2013

new nexus 7

You probably had enough new Nexus 7 leaks already, but this one is special, because it offers clear, undisputable images of the new device from Google and Asus, along with a full set of specs and benchmarks. Yup, Google could probably go ahead and send out the press release at this point.

The folks at Android Police got their hands on images and a video of the new Nexus 7 posing from every possible angle. A sample of the gallery is below, and check out the hands-on video after that.

As you can see, the two set of press renders that leaked earlier this week were spot on. According to the person who took the pics, the back of the new Nexus 7 has a rubbery finish similar to that of the Nexus 10, which is great for usability, but might not look that good after prolonged usage.

Not content with spilling the beans on the appearance of the new Nexus 7, the AP crew also peered inside the device to clarify the conflicting reports about the specifications of the device. We are looking at a 1920 x 1200 LCD display (1824 x 1200 considering the navigation bar) with a great 320 ppi density, that should ensure a crisp UI and a lovely user experience. Underneath the display, there’s a Snapdragon S4 Pro clocked at 1.5GHz, which you may recognize from the Nexus 4.

There’s 2GB of RAM, not 4GB as it was briefly speculated due to a misunderstanding a while back. The rest of the specs are the ones we already knew – 16GB/32GB of internal storage, a 5MP rear camera, a 1MP front camera, LTE connectivity and the usual set of sensors. In terms of software, it’s Android 4.3, naturally.

 new nexus 7 benchmark

We also have a few benchmark scores to contemplate. As you’d expect from a last-gen quad-core processor, the new Nexus 7 manages some good, though not leading scores, while the scores are slightly better than the Nexus 4’s, even though the two device share most internal components. In AnTuTu, the new tablet scored 19,000-20,000, which is slightly better than the Nexus 4, and not that far behind the HTC One and other devices running on Snapdragon 600, which score around 22,000 points.

Google will officially unveil the new Nexus 7 along with Android 4.3 in a few hours, so stay tuned for all the important details, including the price and availability.

  • jdfreire55

    this is the first video of new Nexus 7…tkz for the this…

  • Nexus 7 wow

    • APai

      it’s tremendously bad considering that you are paying a ton for a slim camera!

      there. I felt happy counter trolling :P

    • Harjifangki

      Yes, those are great, but still, the OS aren’t as exciting as Android.
      Pardon me if I’m talking as if I’m a fanboy, but I believe what I’m saying is, at the very least, partially true.

      • Why do you say that.? Have you used windows yourself?

  • Luigi Ramones

    The real thing isn’t bad at all! The leaked renders gave me an ugly impression on the device. Watching this made me changed my mind.

  • xoj_21

    waiting for nexus 10 2, i hope more rentangle and less round

  • Bone

    A pity it doesn’t feature the SD600 for better low-power tasking and standby drainage, but it should be enough for smooth FHD operation on bare butt Android. Superb device for the price point!

  • Richard Borkovec

    I can’t help but look at those bezels and want to cry. I think I’ll be keeping my first gen Nexus 7, and be skipping this one, but maybe those bezels look less huge in person and I’ll change my mind.

    • APai

      I actually did not realize it, until I saw your comment. the screen looks good, and the side profile impressive. I am slightly disappointed by the specs – but it maybe because of too much expectations – false assumptions. 20k on antutu is not bad at all

    • B3nlok

      Come on now, its a TABLET. Can we stop with this notion that bezels is a deal breaker on a TABLET device? Can we finally stop pretending bezels size is so important on tablets as much as they are on PHONES? At the end of day its still a 7+ inch screen device that is too big to be a pocketable device, plus larger bezels ultimately means i can hold it comfortably without pressing on screen buttons accidentally.

    • Rabid Rotty

      Bezels on a tablet are a good thing, they give you a place to hold the thing without your thumb taking up the screen.

  • mumusen

    It looks more like the tablet came with a set of bezel.

  • Ranjith Thiru

    Sundar Pichai is an Indian, so can we expect a Indian availabilty too? along with the global?

  • Shone

    Why the hell would “Nexus” be written in landscape and “Asus” in portrait, it’s idiotic. Besides, Nexus 7 simply isn’t made to be used in landscape, hit google chrome and turn the device, then look at menu bar, status bar, chrome bars and see how a 7 inch screen melts down to what, 5?

  • Ronak

    I love the sleek look of the Nexus 7 second generation! I might consider buying this after all!

  • Laurent Maulin

    Well i still prefer the real one, these leaked images do not impress me at and oh those bezels i’m just like : ouch when i look at them hehe
    let me share this cool Source with you.

  • Piyush

    man there are still hiccups on nexus 7 , specially at 3:15.

  • Anonymous

    Nexus 8, when?

  • meixue130


  • Maxim∑

    Nexus 4 scores higher on 4.3, updating manually now