Minor Nexus 7 (2013) software update rolling out, will this finally fix the multi-touch issues?

by: Adam KoueiderSeptember 18, 2013

Nexus 7

Everybody loves software updates, no matter how minor they are and Google is rolling out an update for the Nexus 7 (2013) which measures at just 8MB. This is still Android 4.3 and the only change is the build number, which now reads as “JSS15R”.

There’s no updated changelog, with the old Android 4.3 changelog still intact so we don’t know what the update is addressing exactly, but since it’s such a small update it’s probably just a few bug fixes and security updates. This might also fix the multi-touch issues that some users (myself included) are still facing even after the last update was supposed to fix the issue.

So without further adieu, head over to your Settings>About tablet>System updates and start mashing that “check for update” button. Note that it looks like Google is once again taking the staggered update approach so it could take a few days for the update to roll out to your device.

Have you received the update? Notice anything different?

  • Jamil

    I’ve not got any update yet

  • Valtheus

    Nothing yet here either. Although i haven’t had any issues from the beginning.

  • Balraj

    Actually you should say if your touch issue has been resolved or not?
    So what’s your say???

    • Adam Koueider

      Haven’t recieved the update yet so I can’t say.

      • Balraj

        Oh ok ok
        Will you update the post after you get the update ?

        • Adam Koueider

          If I notice any differences I’ll update the post. :)

  • Robert McElroy

    Nope,did have minor touch issues but last update seemed to fix that,so waiting to see what this brings!

  • Chris-BoT

    Please let this fix the pil-gss wake lock issue! Anyone else run into that? I’ve got it on mine and it cause the tablet to never deep sleep… At all. It will lose 30-40% of charge sitting over night.

  • lesportif

    Mine has started to behave weirdly yesterday. Now waiting for the update !

  • Chris Pagliuca

    Hope this fixes my Netflix and HBO go issue

    • Drew

      HBO Go won’t be fixed until HBO updates the app. It’s a general incompatibility with Android 4.3.

  • Tuu Hoang

    got the update last night after clearing “google services framework” and checking for updates like 10 times. Didn’t notice anything different and my multi-touch was good from the beginning, mine was an early unit as well, 32gb wifi from officemax.

  • Jess Gibson

    I was having issues with my touch screen after the JSS15Q update (long presses would break prematurely & touches would get “stuck” on as if I was holding my finger down)

    I contacted Asus and they immediately said to send it in for repair, which I did two days ago. They will probably just throw this update on it and send it back to me and I’ll be out the $11 it cost to ship it to them.

    I thought it was interesting how quickly they told me it needs repair however.

  • zee

    Bluetooth speakers and headphones do not work with Netflix (major stutters)

  • Pedro

    any news in what the update consists on? i have major issue with my touch. But im in a Costom Rom, i dont want to go to stock and them the update doesn t answer my problems…

  • mabs7

    I have received the JSS15R update yesterday, & it has in fact fixed the touch screen issue even though it wasn’t much of a problem for me & also strangely enough it seems a lot smoother to operate but the tablet tends to heat up at the top half rear of the tablet on portrait, which did not happen on the JSS15Q update is any one else having same problem as me??

  • ed raket

    Yes, definitely an improvement on my touch. It fixed the stuttering i had and for instance when trying to move icons it mostly hesitated. Now it reacts promptly. Same with selecting txt. It works perfect now. Awesome..

  • jiejie48



  • Chris

    I got “JSS15R” on September 18 at 3:28pm, and I think it might be slightly better with touch sensitivity. I got the 32GB WiFi model at staples on august 30, which was actually the first day they got them shipped to Boston, Ma.

  • Louie

    i have the same issue with @jess_gibson:disqus with regards to the key getting “stuck”. my keyboard also tends to lag a bit every now and then. i have a nexus 7 32 gb. i am from the Philippines.

    • kiko

      where did you buy yours?

  • quidhala

    I was having a big problem with my bluetooth keyboard with all the previous versions. But it seems much more stable with the new update. I have had almost no issues with my brief testing. Chrome still does not work with the keyboard for some reason. If I try to type into the Chrome address bar the browser crashes and reloads. Firefox accepted the input with no issue. The only touch issue I have was occasionally I had to press really hard to trigger a touch. The internal keyboard seems really responsive now with delicate pressing. No missing letters in my post because I didn’t press hard enough. This is a great update.

  • Epic Tea

    How do I get this update its taking forever I thought it be like instant?

  • Rodrigo Moralles

    Netflix still doesn’t work.

  • sushiboy

    I notice the heat issues at the top right also. Gets pretty hot!

  • newnexus

    I worked with the latetest update. It wont work. Touchscreen has the same issue ghosttaps double charachters and so in
    I deccided to bring back the tablet.
    My recomendation stay away for the Moment.
    Befor bye, look at produce date. Many returned pieces would be sell twice a time by some resellers. Dont buy a device with production time from july or august it could be a hardwaremproblem in general.