New Nexus 5 spotted at KitKat Android statue unveiling?

September 3, 2013


    This… could be big.

    An anonymous tipster sent us a pic from the YouTube KitKat statue unveiling, a video of which which you can find below. In that video, people are snapping pics left and right, celebrating the new statue. One of those people taking pics appears to have the new Nexus phone.

    It has the Nexus branding, and is a bit small to be the Nexus 7. We’ll update this post as we learn more, but this is too good not to share.

    [Update] After the video made its rounds, Google has marked the video private. Though we didn’t learn about the video from Google+, it seems it was shared via the Android page there as well. Oddly enough, the Android team has disabled sharing of that post.

    Whatever their reason, the device has been spotted, and we’ve got our first look at what we believe to be the new Nexus device.

    [Update 2] Commenter Ruben has found the video on Mediafire, so please check it out HERE.


    • Grman Rodriguez

      Look at dat camera

    • John Christensen

      the video is private for some reason…

      • Nate Swanner

        I’ve updated the post to reflect that. How unfortunate!

        • APai
    • Joey Colclough

      Somebody is gonna get a bollicking at Google over this leak.

    • YoungHermit

      The logo is round…LG? Is that you?

      • Bone
        • SContrerasMer

          yep, LG, There you have it

          • JosephHindy

            I don’t mind LG making the next one. Their flagships have gotten tremendously better in the last 2 years. My only hope is they don’t run out of stock this time around :)

            Sad to see it won’t be the LG G2 wrapped in stock Android though, no buttons on the back :( that would’ve been realy awesome.

            • poop

              Hopefully we’re still getting every other feature. To lose out on the buttons on the back and more would be painful.

            • turdbogls

              i hope you aren’t taking about that LG Skin… (q slide, notification toggles ect) because that isn’t happening.

              but if the Optimus G and the N4 are any indication, we are going to see VERY similar internals….if not identical.

            • Ugslick

              Meh, Google under ordered last time, though LG did take a while to ramp up production. If Google projects sales even remotely accurately this time, we shouldnt have the same issues.

            • turdbogls

              they fixed the supply shortages with the New N7, here’s to hoping they do the same with this nexus. I’ll be picking it up around christmas time probably. contract ends on 1/27/2014….the countdown begins :)

        • lil bit

          Doesn’t leave much doubt then, its a 5.2 inch LG Nexus 5 with no buttons on the back. Still wonder what’s that huge camera.

    • brendan soliwoda

      Please, LG or Sony. No Motorola.

      • Ryu

        Looks to very much be an LG logo in this. My guess is that it is basically a soft-touch version of the G2, which is fantatastic, in my opinion.

    • Ant

      Only Moto if it’s got a Maxx battery

    • Ruben
    • Bryan Z

      No way this was an “accident” I mean that google employee would have to be really stupid and fired by now if this was an accident.

      • ARES

        Don’t be too harsh man. maybe this was a controlled leak by Google.

        • Bryan Z

          That’s what I’m saying. highly doubt it was an accident or a controlled leak by google as you like to call it :)

        • Ade

          This was not a leak, this was a commercial. All those hipsters taking photos + the big camera lens on Nexus 5 means that the focus on the new device will be the camera (the camera experience lol).

    • eoin o boyle

      New NEXUS 5 spotted in Google Android 4.4 video (HD)

    • dogulas

      Nobody grabbed a copy of the video this time huh? Who got the Chromebook Pixel ad last time. That was some quick work. No one? Too bad.

    • RD

      its definitely lg, you can see the logo in the last second before it switches scenes.

    • SContrerasMer

      i guess someone is about to lose an awesome job

      • Ruben

        I guess this is just a clever teaser from Google. No one’s getting fired.

      • nathanielbaratta

        It’s not his fault, he is at google HQ and they test the phones out in the open up there because its almost all company workers. It would be the fault of the videographer because he put the footage in himself.

    • Ruben

      If I compare it to the weird looking Nexus 4 next to it I’d say it’s probably about 5+” Maybe even 5.2″. Although I don’t see any buttons on the back of the phone and the camera is totally different I think the Nexus 5 is based on the LG G2…

      • poop

        Here’s to G2 specs — including OIS carrying over the N5! :D

    • Anuj Patel

      Is that metal!?!?

      • Ruben

        I don’t think so, I think it will look just like the Nexus 7. A soft touch, rubberized coating and a silver ring around the device.

    • Dash Foster

      This is diffidently planned because it shows it twice, one time with just the guy in the frame. This is great for Google to take the focus off of the Apple event on the 10th and the Samsung GN3 unveiling on the 4th.

    • Ruben

      Instead of thanking me by giving me credit for the download link of the video you could let me win one of those Sunday giveaways :P I’ll be more than happy to receive a new Android device. My TF101 died yesterday and that’s only 2 days after the guarantee period expired D:

    • Ruben
    • Josh Johnson

      now leak the other side and some specs ;-)

    • Jay X
    • Kash Gummaraju

      google why u no have htc make one?

      • poop

        Haven’t you noticed the pattern? It looks like Google’s letting a single manufacturer build two years’ models (first it was Samsung with the S and GNex, now LG with the N4 and possibly N5).

        And by the way, HTC made the first one ;) I bet Sony’s next on the list. Motorola can happen in a few years when they get their acts together.

    • Brandenlee

      I hate when people post videos on blogs then it says private.

      • Mike Reid

        All about creating buzz. It works. Google is in the ad business, no ?

    • Balraj

      Omg it’s definitely a lg g2 without a back button.
      Google has started to leak it slowly lol
      But I don’t understand why oem leak the device & launch it big,like as though we don’t know what is coming up…..

    • PopeJamal

      Let’s go down the line:

      “the Nexus 5 may be more similar to the current Nexus 4, when it comes to use of glass for the front and back panels”
      This looks like glass to me:

      -”The Nexus 5 is now said to pack a 5.2-inch display just like the LG G2″
      Looks bigger than the Nexus 4 for sure.

      “Therefore, there won’t be any buttons on the back of the handset”
      No buttons on the back

      “Furthermore, the camera is said to be moved near the edges of the back side”
      Camera is, indeed near the edges.

      And of course, there’s the obvious Nexus branding on the back of a device that is too big to be a N4 and too small to be a N7.

      I’m definitely interested…

      • rdeleonp

        Could be wrong, but that does not look like a glass back.

        Check out the N4′s reflection on the back.

        Check out the N5. No reflection, only a variation on the camera lens, similar to the N4′s glass back, and on the NEXUS logo, almost like the N7′s back.

        • OMGgary

          Back looks very flat toward the edges though, which is more usual for glass-backed phones: iPhone4/4s, Nexus 4, Xperia Z/Z Ultra/ Honami.
          Couldn’t the difference in how reflective it seems be caused by a change in that “sparkly” pattern on the back?

        • SeraZR™

          thank god no glass ^_^

      • Josh Johnson

        I disagree, it does not look like glass. It looks like a matte finish on the new nexus 7…

        • turdbogls

          agreed. the “nexus” logo on the new N7 is glossy black. IMO, this looks VERY similar to the back side of the new N7. soft-touch back, with a glossy black “nexus” inlaid into the soft-touch…..which i am a HUGE fan of. even if this thing was made by ASUS, i would be happy. i have a feeling its going to be based off the G2 though. SD 800,2gb RAM, 5.2″ 1080P screen, 13mp OIS camera…..I want

    • APai

      the lens looks large. that’s pretty exciting!

    • Balraj

      I had money ready to buy lg g2
      Now this nexus 5 shows up
      Before android it was so easy to buy a phone…Nokia Nokia
      Now it’s pain in the butt !!! :-P

    • Ryan Castle

      Why is Google placing the Nexus logo in landscape mode? The only times I use my phone in landscape is when watching a video and sometimes when taking a picture or playing a game. The rest is portrait.

      • chnoch

        Because the only time when you hold up your phone with the back to other people is when you’re actually taking a picture. Otherwise the back faces towards the ground and isn’t seen at all.

    • Vishal Khedkar

      I got a reason to wait more before buying my next…

    • steve blow jobs

      of course was a controlled leak

    • [A]dri[A]n

      If that indeed is the Nexus 5, it looks pretty beautiful :) At least from the backside :) Not liking that landscape branding though.

      • turdbogls

        agreed. not sure why they did the branding that way, but to be honest, I very rarely look at the back of my phone….and when taking pics, it’ll be nice a big for other to see what I am using…which plays into google’s hands nicely.

    • Lee

      KitKat+Nexus 5 seems like party

    • BDPSU

      Looks like it’s based on an LG G2…if the pricing is anything like the N4, this could be SWEET.

    • Rooney-

      Google! you are the master in creating ads :) Its an lg thou.

    • G2 Forum

      If the next Nexus is based on the LG G2, will that help or hurt G2 sales?

    • Guest

      but it’s written EXUS NOT Nexus !!!!

      • SeraZR™

        can’t u seriously not spot the n?

    • Boris Shobat

      New Nexus! I hope It will have 4gb of RAM or Facebook app will be lagy ^_^

    • devoncatt

      A managed leak to stoke the rumour mill on the Nexus 5 by LG, Droid , maybe Huawei or Oppo?

    • Ugslick

      Looks pretty nice, you can just make out the LG logo at the bottom… Although it does look somewhat edited… (The n on Nexus being half blacked out, and that spot matches the back cover as if there was no n there… looks unnatural.)

      • turdbogls

        if you actually watch the video, you can see the “n” its just a reflection not “lighting up” the “n”
        similar effect when you look at the back of the New N7′s lettering. its there :)

        • Ugslick

          Yeah I saw that soon after. Looks like some matte finish, with the chrome nexus overlaid onto it. Looks interesting. The shape is more squared than Google has liked previously though. Maybe they just have LG flexibility?

    • Andreas Polycarpou

      Just search on youtube to find the vid

    • Madankumar Balakrishnan

      Is it just me or is the guy with the coffee cup at 0:10-0:12 also holding the same Nexus phone as this guy above? Looks like part of it is covered by white stickers, but no sign of the flash below the lens.

    • Gary Oak

      Perhaps it’s just a customized iPhone case…

    • JimAlaska

      That one’s private as well.