Next week will be extremely busy when it comes to press events scheduled by various important players in the mobile business in an attempt to get some attention from the media and the public before Apple unveils the sixth-generation iPhone on September 12.

Nokia and Motorola will introduce new handsets on September 5, while Amazon will hold its Kindle Fire 2 press event a day later, on September 6.

A new Bloomberg report reveals that Motorola will unveil an interesting product on Wednesday, a new Android handset that will feature an edge-to-edge display – yes, that means the phone will be bezel-free:

The phone would be the most high-profile product debut for Motorola Mobility since the company was purchased by Google for about $12.5 billion. The model also would be one of the first full-screen phones in the U.S., meaning it uses the entire front of the device as a display. The approach maximizes the screen viewing space by eliminating the black frames or bezels around the display.

BGR has already posted a mockup image of the device (see above), labeling it the Droid RAZR M. However, a few recent reports showed us leaked RAZR M images, which, if real, prove that the phone will indeed come with a bezel.

Motorola is also rumored to unveil a Droid RAZR HD next week, which is said to be the company’s next flagship device – so that’s the kind of device that we expect to come with an edge-to-edge display, especially considering its name, and that seems to be the handset Bloomberg is referring to.

Both devices should hit Verizon later this year, and both will come with 4G LTE support – considering the lead Verizon has on the competition when it comes to LTE deployment in the country, it’s more than clear that the carrier will plans to release only LTE-ready handsets, and therefore all RAZR models hitting Big Red will have 4G capabilities built-in.

Also worth remembering is that in addition to these two Android handsets rumored to be unveiled on September 5, Motorola has also scheduled a September 18 event to share with the world its first Intel-based smartphones.

Are you buying a Motorola handset this year?

  • Having a touch phone without bezel has to be very uncomfortable. You would be touching the screen by accident all the time. Although, I like the mockup design :P

  • TechMitchell

    Yeah, how would you put a case on it?

  • acidsmark

    Wow BGR is dumb or at least whom ever made this mock up. Hmmm…. let’s think about this. How do I go back? Or home? Or recent apps?… isheep morons…

    • natrazr

      Lots of phones don’t have buttons on the benzel anymore… I guess you just haven’t seen any of them somehow…………

      • Stian French

        He means, they don’t even have software buttons like the Galaxy Nexus does.

  • Kyle

    No bezel sounds unnecessary, you would touch the screen constantly by accident. And why do people have to say stupid things like “isheep morons” ? I am typing this on my iPhone 4S right now, and I’m buying a SGS3 soon, so am I still an isheep moron after I get my S3? I say get whatever u like, or be like me and get an Android AND and iPhone. Just cuz I love technology that much I want the best of both worlds