New leaked image of the Samsung Galaxy S3. Could it be the real deal?

by: Mike AndriciMay 1, 2012

As we get close to the official unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S3 – scheduled for May 3 in London at the Samsung Unpacked event – it looks like not a day goes by without a new leaked image of the smartphone surfacing on various channels.

Before we go into this one, I must urge you to note that the hype surrounding the S3 has reached levels known only by the iPhone in the past few years, and thus cautions for a bit of skepticism.

The image for today, published at SamMobile and sent in by an anonymous tipster (how convenient, right?) is very much on par with the last couple of supposedly leaked images of Samsung’s next member of the Galaxy S series. These leaks, in turn, seem to be on par with the sketch found inside the leaked user manual for a smartphone codenamed the GT-i9300 and expected to be the Galaxy S3.

Samsung Galaxy S3

Besides the photo depicting the design of the device, SamMobile have also published an image of the settings pages where GT-i9300 is written down as the model number. Ah, the plot thickens!

Samsung Galaxy S III

There are some that believe all this evidence could mean that we’re looking at the actual design of the Samsung Galaxy S3. On the other hand, some rumors claim that Samsung has sent out a few dummy cases for internal testing of the components inside. This rumor is fueled by the fact that all leaks show the S3 sporting a physical home button and two capacitive buttons, whereas Google recommends manufacturers to use the software buttons embedded in Android 4.0 ICS.

If these leaks turn out to be false, expect the Samsung Galaxy S3 to sport a design significantly different than the one depicted in the image above, or why bother sending dummy cases at all? Fortunately, we’re only two days away from learning the truth!

What do you guys make of it? Is this the real Galaxy S3? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

  • Dsbfi_hsuihef

    it looks like a bad desighn for the galaxy s 3. they need to make a desighn that is simeller to the S 2

  • Bulut O

    Look nice… Could get used to it…

  • Sammobile is now reporting that Samsung will unveil 2 devices! The GT-I9300 and GT-I9800.

  • Gamblor77

    It seems like the “real” design has the rounded edges. This almost looks like a case that goes around the rounded edges to make it look square. So I’m guessing this is close to the real deal but without the squared off corners. Should look more like the Nexus when that case is removed.

    • Mohdamr1

      Exactly, all you need is to look carefully at the image and focus on the inner groove around the screen and eliminate the extra plastic around the groove from outside, this is the actual bezel that is left and I am sure that most people did not get it.

  • Nklenchik

    Not a fan of the capacitive buttons, but eh

    • Mohdamr1

      don’t use them, use the screen.

  • Guest

    Oh my god. Are you serious?!

    Why are you even reporting on this, just to gather site traffic?

    This design was ‘leaked’ months ago, and is of the prototype SGS3 that samsung sent out to some people for testing. This is NOT the final design.

    You will not find any official leaks before May 3. Sammy have come this far without a leak just to spring one now.

    • Soren

      Agreed. And funny how all these supposed “leaks” are very bad in terms of quality. I mean, most people today can take a decent photo. Why are all the leaks blurry or grainy? People are too naive, and will believe almost anything. I’m guessing we’re in for a nice surprise come tomorrow! :)

      • Mohdamr1

        I want it to be an amazing surprise, a competition and I phone 5 killer.

      • SGSIII

        We will see what happens moron.

        • Soren

          Ok, Mr. Expert.

  • Guest1

    theres a bezel too, bummer…

  • Whitey150

    If u follow the thin line all around the bezel of the front of this phone n allow your imagination to cut the excess plastic casing off then you will reveal the s3 in the flesh!

    • Mohdamr1

      You are absolutely correct 100%, I wonder why nobody has enough imagination to see that the final design is surrounded by excess plastic at all the sides. Even Samsung said that the Gt I9300 units for testing by carriers are enclosed in fake plastic boxes, is it so hard to understand for most people ? !


    I can confirm this is the final design. This is the Samsung Galaxy S III. You will see the rest on May 3. Expect us.

    • Soren

      I can confirm that the world will end December 21 2012. It’s the truth, because I say so. I know all. I am God. Ha, fool… This looks more like a SG2 than a “new” SG3. Samsung has too much at risk in regards to the upcoming iPhone 5. They have to be bring something incredible. And they will.

      • SGSIII

        Lol you just contradicted your comment, what a hypocrite.

        “They have to be bring something incredible. And they will.” What? Because you said so?

        Oi Moron, shut your mouth first, and just watch what happens. If you don’t know what you are talking about, don’t talk or else I’ve got more of where this reply came from.

        • Soren

          Am I supposed to be scared, because you have “more” crap to write? They have to bring something incredible, simply because the iPhone 5 is just around the corner, and it would kill their sales if they made a crappy phone. That’s very simple. And what makes you the expert? You stated a “fact” above, how can you back up your “claims” ?

      • igloo

        Dude, I think you’ve literally gone mental. Go see a doctor.

        I can’t believe you’ve been looking at rumours and fake leaked images so much that you can’t differentiate anymore between what’s fake and what’s real. What a moron!

        • Soren

          Again – It’s called common sense, and past experience. Come back to me when you reach the age where you’re allowed to vote.

      • curator

        Hahaha look at this cunt^ Thinks he’s all high and mighty. You talk like you founded Samsung and that the call you for special advice about “risks” everytime they want to release a phone. Get a life you stupid moron.

        • Soren

          It’s called common sense. Something your 13 year old brain has not gotten around to yet.

      • Pilava

        Shut up you stupid fag Soren.

      • Curator

        You think you are god? I want to punch you in the face. ’nuff said

        • Soren

          Look up sarcasm in a dictionary.

      • Soren

        Ha, all 3 of you are idiots. Writing bad things to me, simply because I dare have some faith in the creativity at Samsung, and simply because I do not believe someone in here stating that they “know” the truth. Get a life, if all you can do is to spit on a remark I made to the above.

  • This is the Galaxy S3 guys. Look for the just leaked screen protector. It has the exact same design. Size is about 4.8 inches :) Its going to be sweet. I just wanna know what the glass is and what the body is made of… eager to find that out ;)

  • Sandeep arora

    can any 1 tell me the price at which it is launched.

  • I don’t think this is the Galaxy S3. Look at the top of the device just beside the LED light, it doesn’t look like Samsung’s logo or anything like that. Another reason is that the company has put a photo covered with some blue thing, any the outline shows that it has rounded edges not like this photo.


  • Nitinvyas123

    if this is final design then sgs3 is a failuer…hope this is not final as it has to compet with one x which has a very nice look

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  • do anyone know where i can watch live the unpack event of the s3 ?

  • Little

    At which time does the event start? Unable to find this anywhere…

  • Julianbailey65

    I don’t think it matters . We know its going to blow all the rest out of the water . After all the are the best

  • Easy people, easy. the event is just a few hours away. We will eventually know all this.

  • Naeem

    why does this have a case on it?