New Amazon Kindle tablet render, courtesy of @evleaks

by: Nate SwannerSeptember 16, 2013

Kindle Fire render

As the Kindle lineup is set for its annual refresh, we’ve been seeing plenty of leaks come across our screens. First the comprehensive set of pics via BGR, and now @evleaks has a render of the front of the device.

The update to the Kindle lineup is said to be just that — a simple refresh. Small design changes on the back let us know it’s the new device, but the real star is what’s inside. A leaked benchmark test shows what many believe to be a Snapdragon CPU and Adreno 330 GPU, which should power the top-end Kindle HD lineup.

This image seems to be from the Kindle lineup, but not HD. The current Fire tablet has no front facing camera, and this pic doesn’t seem to have one either. We’ve heard the 7-inch Kindle Fire will have a 1920 x 1200 resolution, but we’ll wait for official word from Jeff Bezos and Amazon before getting excited.

Kindle prices have been dropping around the globe, so we’re sure to see a new tablet from the e-commerce giant soon enough. The Fire HD tablet is currently the same price as the Fire, and both are solid tablets. If you can tolerate the Amazon ecosystem, you’ll love the Kindle lineup.

  • Jack Parker

    It MAY be pretty good, kindle devices are normally pretty cheap and run android. if it has the SN 800 or even SN 600, lets hope we can get some devs to get some stock android on there

  • I like the Amazon Kindle Fire HD, but the only problem with the Kindles lineup is it doesn’t have access to the Google Play Store. I hate the idea of having just Amazon for content and apps. I know you can sideload apps, but that’s not the same.