New Keyboard App for Android Promises Mind-reading Ability

by: Elmer MontejoAugust 10, 2011

App developer A.I.type recently released its “context-aware” keyboard app for Android smartphones. The app, called A.I.type Keyboard Beta, is currently still in beta, but it’s already available free from the Android Market. The developer claims the app can lessen the number of keystrokes by as much as 75%.

According to A.I.type’s founder and CEO, the keyboard app makes typing on an Android smartphone “simple, fast, and convenient” because the app throws context-driven suggestions for word completion, which practically gives the app mind-reading abilities of some sort. The keyboard “guesses” possible words that could semantically and grammatically follow a previously typed word and poses them as suggestions. The app can also throw word-completion suggestions after the user types the first few characters of a word. It can even correct misspellings.

The app only provides predictions for the English language for now. The word completion and prediction database is carried out in cloud-based servers. In the absence of a connection to the Internet, word prediction and completion is performed by the smartphone itself.

A version for Android tablets is also currently being tested and may be coming out soon. The developer is also testing the functionality of the app to adapt to users’ peculiar writing styles.

If you’re interested in trying out other alternative keyboards (e.g., Swype, Swiftkey X, etc.) for your Android smartphone, add A.I.type to your list.

What keyboard app do you use on your Android phone?

  • Vinipuh7

    Well, for me it’s going very well with Better keyboard. I don’t like swyping…Even more I enjoyied my HTC IME keyboard.

  • Rick

    This looks seriously awesome! Thanks Elmer!

  • Looks great.
    I currently use GO Keyboard. It’s good, but predictions like shown would make typing a lot easier!

  • Mike

    You should do a follow up on this keyboard I just installed it and I really like it, one of the few that you can actually have your number keys across the top of the letter keys so you don’t have to change screen to get to a number. And it is completly customizable by coloring the keys the way you want etc. Try the free version!