Apple Logo iPad 5 1600You might not like Apple or its products but its financial records speak for themselves and the fact that it is one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world and yet only has a handful of device models (unlike Samsung, HTC and LG) is equally as impressive. You don’t need to be an Apple fan-boy to see any of that.

However not everything is rosy over at Apple. Android is continuing to impact iPhone sales and devices like the Samsung Galaxy S4, the HTC One or the LG G2 are leagues ahead of Apple’s offerings in terms of performance and functionality.

Every year Apple announces it latest iPhone and according to AllThingsD, this year’s new iPhone will be launched on September 10. This will be a key announcement for Apple as it unveils the products it hopes can tackle the top Android smartphones.

Next iPhone

If Apple follows its previous naming policy the next iPhone will be the iPhone 5S and it will essentially be an iPhone 5 with a better camera and a faster processor. If that is all that Apple manages to produce then frankly Apple is as good as dead. The latest Android handsets offer such a rich variety of features that just tweaking the existing iPhone 5 will leave the iPhone looking particularly lackluster. Features like Samsung’s Air Gesture, Smart Scroll and Smart Pause; Motorola’s active notifications and always listening voice assistant; or LG’s Graphic RAM are re-defining the design and user friendliness of smartphones. Since iOS 7 has already been previewed it is known that none of these features are coming to the iPhone.

Then there is the whole screen size debate. For an Android user there are a multitude of options and you can buy a smartphone with almost any screen size you want, from 3.5 to 6.5 inches. All the top Android phones are using big displays with 1080p resolutions. What will Apple do? Will it stick with the 4 inch display of the iPhone 5? Will it even attempt 1080p?

The competition is fierce and although a few years back Apple was used to setting the standard for smartphones, now it is in catch-up mode.

Cheaper iPhone

Except for the official announcement from Apple, everyone knows that Apple will be releasing a cheaper iPhone this year. In the U.S. Apple has until now offered the previous generations of iPhone at cheaper prices. Today on AT&T an iPhone 5 costs $199.99 with a new contract, an iPhone 4S $99.99 and a iPhone 4 is just $1. However this model doesn’t necessarily work well in other parts of the world. In the UK for example you can get a iPhone 5 for £29.99 ($46) on contract staring from £37.00 ($57) per month and the iPhone 4S is free for new contracts starting at the same monthly amount.

To boost its sales in the mid-range smartphone market, Apple is betting on a cheaper iPhone (which could be called the iPhone 5C), which costs less to manufacture and so can be sold for less or even given away for free with new contracts (depending on the country and carrier).


Apple is behind the game in terms of specifications, features, performance and functionality. To stay on top of the game the new iPhones need to be something special. So mark the date in your calendars, September 10, and witness either the first death pangs or a revitalization of Apple’s iPhone line-up.

Gary Sims
Gary has been a tech writer for over a decade and specializes in open source systems. He has a Bachelor's degree in Business Information Systems. He has many years of experience in system design and development as well as system administration, system security and networking protocols. He also knows several programming languages, as he was previously a software engineer for 10 years.
  • MasterMuffin

    I don’t believe that it would be free on contract knowing Apple!

    I bet that they’re just going to keep the 4″ screen but with moarh pixels (maybe a 720p screen?)

    • Luka Mlinar

      Oww man i forgot they are still at 4″. Stone age!

      • kascollet

        Dumb comment. Many people (like me !) want a small high-end phone. Where are the Android contenders ?

        • Luka Mlinar

          Nexus 4? Compered to the iPhone it’s a God among leeches.

          • Luka Mlinar

            My apologies to leaches everywhere.

          • Joshua

            I’m with ya Luka.. poor leaches must not have done much with their N4; bc mine is a beast. I’ve had iPhone competitions at work; the Nexus rules out. ; )

          • kascollet

            What are you talking about ?
            The N4 (which I had), is just another big phone compared to iPhones.

          • Luka Mlinar

            Might is suggest the Motorola Moto X. Not only is it the same size but you’re also paying double it’s worth so switching form iPhone to the X phone will be no problem for you :)

          • kascollet

            Same size ?
            – Moto X : 129.3 x 65.3 x 10.4mm – 130g
            – iPhone 5 : 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6mm – 112g

            Yeah, sure.

          • Luka Mlinar

            So half a centimeter is a deal breaker. Well aren’t we special. :/

          • kascollet

            Half a cm in every dimension is a deal breaker, absolutely.
            The only reason for me to leave the iPhone would be for it to become bigger. I seriously hope they won’t go that way, or at least maintain a small version beside a larger one, with the same SoC.

          • mobilemann

            it’s about the same difference between a s3 and an s4. sigh at you.

          • Jillxz

            Moto X also has a 4.7 inch screen compared to the 4inch on iPhone. Still a big difference.

          • mobilemann

            spoken like someone who’s never used iOS. Sometimes Muffin, stop them before i go an get my schooling hat on.

          • Luka Mlinar

            Don’t talk sh* about the Nexus 4 man. It’s a king among phones and you will find out that it has a big fan base here.
            I did use the iOS. I had the (dis)pleasure to test it out. Only person who can benefit from that phone is my grandmother who has a hard time adjusting to touch screen phones.

          • mobilemann

            Wait, don’t point out that it has a mediocre camera because the phone has fanboys? Having fanboys makes the n4’s camera better? Gives it LTE? You’ve never met me i guess. Sorry i didn’t know you had used iOS from your comments, it looked pretty clear you knew nothing about it. (hint, it complete’s task as well as android does for me; sometimes a extra step, sometimes less on step.) One day you’ll get over someone else making really great smartphones. Until then, your just another fanboy.

          • Luka Mlinar

            It has LTE. Check your facts.

          • mobilemann

            lol, non carrier supported, which google specifically destroyed immediately in the US. Can you grasp for straws harder?

          • You Are All Dust in The Wind!

            LTE yes that’s the most revolutionary thing iphone 5 has! So godly isnt mobilemann? That’s all you can brag as magical in iphone 5, wow.


          • mobilemann

            well, i had it before i got my ip5 on my sgs3; but i’m glad LTE chipsets are integrated into the SoC’s now. Gives much better battery life.

          • mobilemann

            wow, looking at your post history, how much are you paid? Please, please tell me you’re paid. If you’re not, you’re honestly in contention for the worlds biggest idiot.

          • You Are All Dust in The Wind!

            Dont worry Luka, that’s one of the sad traits about crazed apple cult members, they will point out limitations or mistakes of android devices while their own perfect apple ios that they will still think is perfect.

            How is navigating in apple maps, mobilemann? Are you even using it? You should! I would love it if you navigate yourself off a cliff! Or perhaps you already installed google maps? Hah! Were’s your peferct apple god now? Lay off the apple pixie dust and wake up!

            Of all companies I know, only apple has managed to brainwashed such a cult following that they will defend a company to their last breath, which baffles me! Why anyone would defend a company is beyond me! Especially since all they care about is profits, not their consumers.

            Anyways heres a fitting apple commercial for you, its your new ipad mini:


            Here’s your iphone 5:

          • mobilemann

            Don’t worry dust in the wind; your mistaken:D Is another trait of cult members that they own lots of samsung gear? (i own a sg2, gnex, sg3 and my next phone is a note 3). I don’t think anything is perfect, i use what’s best for me, and what works with the system’s and server’s i’ve setup for myself.

            Navigating in apple maps works fine; as it has for ages, i use google maps more, because one of the advantages of that platform is how many people develop for it. Before that i used tomtom; which is nice, because it’s completely offline. You know, i use what works for me, because i’m not an idiot rabid fanboy like yourself.

            But you know, i actually use my phone and tablet for work and fun; it can administer my companies AD database, check in on tape backups, stream 4tb of movies from my house, add things to my couchpotato, sickbeard and sab setup, ssh or VNC wevdav over VPN, or check IP cams at my place? Have you ever done anything like installing a siriproxy server, and intergrating it with your plex setup? When you ask your phone about a TV show, does your 60″ LED play it? Oh; you use these devices for facebook and talking shit. I guess i would to, if i were as stupid as you.

            have fun playing candy crush, idiot.

        • rowan

          Sony Xperia ZR, and another upcoming sony phone, have that “Compact Without Compromise” feature.

          I’m also still using 4.3″ phone, no interest on going larger than 4.5″-4.7″.

          I feel going drawback if I pick a “smart”phone that have the same size as my old brick-sized AMPS phone, lol

        • Cal Rankin

          Precisely what do you mean? Many Android phones still sport displays at a size between 4 and 4.3 inches. The best example is the Motorola Droid RAZR M. It ranks higher on Consumer Reports’ smartphone rankings than the iPhone 5. The Samsung Galaxy Victory and Galaxy S III and S4 Mini are also good examples. They don’t offer every single thing that their larger siblings have (mostly for sake of price) but still are higher-end devices compared to the iPhone 5.

          • kascollet

            Dude, if you seriously believe that the devices you mention are comparable to an iPhone 5, hardware-wise, you’ve got a LOT to learn about mobile SoCs, GPUs, screens, cameras. radios, and global craftsmanship.
            Any iPhone is as high end as can be at his time of launch. I will certainly not replace one with a Dual-Krait/Adreno225/qHD/AMOLED piece of garbage.

          • You Are All Dust in The Wind!

            Spoken like a true technological illiterate, bravo kascollet, bravo! In this year, 1080p android phones are the newest thing, but wait iphone 5 isnt even 720p, but dont worry this year iphone 5s will finally be 720p! It’s a revolutionary, innovative, magical device that will get its cult members high on pixie dust lining up for days in apple store like zombies for an already outdated inferior product.

            I certainly wont replace my HTC One with garbage like iphone 5, 5s, and even 6, maybe iphone 6s or 7 can finally keep up, let me know in 3 years! Cuz by then I cant imagine how much android handsets have changed, but Im sure apple brainwashed cult members will still be on that apple pixie dust!

          • mobilemann

            lol, you, the one who refuses to see anything over ONE platform are calling him technologically illiterate? Your a luddite. (i’ll wait while you look that up) Unless you’ve invested in each eco system (which i can’t even claim with wp7&8) you have got a fucking clue about it’s capabilities.

            seriously, who do you think your a schooling with knowledge of one platform? Hint; we are on AA, and we all use android here; you amazing idiot.

            again, have fun playing candy crush, as the type of people who make these posts, generally do fuck all after installing a launcher and thinking they are fucking leet.

          • kascollet

            What a sad and angry person you are.

          • Cal Rankin

            For a sec, I thought you were going the other way, but you have certainly made your point! Your support is appreciated.

          • Hunter Petit

            Android manufactuers are the ones who make the iPhones parts. Samsung- processor Sony- camera and more… (quallacom, heck even google.)

          • kascollet

            Just like every other brand. What’s your point ?

          • Cal Rankin

            It appears I know more than you, as the testing I’ve done with these, and Consumer reports, proves that the RAZR M runs circles around the iPhone 5. It outscores the iPhone significantly. You have more to learn, as those are not what goes into the RAZR or the S4 mini

          • kascollet

            I don’t know what you mean. Technically speaking, all three phones (RAZR M, One Mini, GS4 Mini) are mid range phones (Dual Krait CPU, mid-range Adreno GPU, 1GB RAM, mid-range qHD screens except the one, mid-range camera and radio…). Comparing these to an iPhone 5 doesn’t make sense. Please read some real technical source before answering again (Anandtech for example) because you obviously don’t know much.

          • Cal Rankin

            The RAZR M is proof that a “midrange” android phone surpasses a “premium” iPhone. The comparison doesn’t care about what class of a phone it’s supposed to be. Comsumer Reports in unbiased, and thus doesn’t compare what range of phone it’s supposed to be. I read plenty of real sources, so mine is based on facts and not speculations. You make it seem as if 1 GB of RAM is inferior, when that is what your precious iPhone 5 has. Specs don’t entirely dictate superiority. The top phones from Verizon on Consumer Reports are as follows 1) Samsung Galaxy S4 2.)Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx HD 3.) Motorola Droid RAZR HD 4.) Samsung Galaxy S III 5.) Motorola Droid RAZR M. If you knew anything, this proves that testing involves more than looking at a spec sheet. The M beat out the iPhone even with specs that pale compared to the Galaxy S4, but still manage to beat the “premium” crap inside the iPhone 5.

          • kascollet

            You’re right. Thank you so much !

          • Hunter Petit


      • Farbod

        Just name ONE android smartphone 4 inches or under (lots of people like 4 inch screens) that even comes CLOSE to competing with the iphone 5, let alone the 5S.

        I only want the answer to my question nothing else. No “buts” or “ifs”.

        • Luka Mlinar

          Ill just name my phone; Sony xperia U. That good enough or should I name the hundred other devices that are currently available with 4″ or less.

          • kascollet

            Boy, you just lost any credibility left.

          • Luka Mlinar

            Missed the part where you wanted stronger specs in a 4 inch phone. I thought you just wanted me to list 4 inch or lower Android phones.
            Dude why would anyone even want stronger specs on a smaller screen. It’s like putting a v8 HEMI in a in a Smart car. Maybe you can do it but no one is stupid enough to try.
            Now justify the price of your phone in comparison to the HTC One, Sony xperia Z, Samsung S4. You got a second grade phone with a second grade OS for a price that makes no sense. Do you know what the major problem Apple has for the last 2 years. They don’t know what to do with all the money they made in the last few year. I’m not joking, this is a real problem for them. Is because people like you are giving them these piles of cash for this shiny thing. Then you come on forums and news blogs making an argument how you shiny thing outshines anything else. Hey i don’t care man. Enjoy it, enjoy the 5s and all the other stuff Apple makes. Deep down you know it’s an inferior product and no screen size arguments can fix that.

          • Farbod

            sorry to break this to you, but… your phone is pretty lame… it has half the specs of the iphone 5 and the worst part is the iphone’s specs arent even important considering its running its own OS, now what would would happen if you had half the specs of an iphone which doesnt have a optimized OS oh thats right that wouldnt be a phone it would be utter sh*t. next!

          • You Are All Dust in The Wind!

            Motorola DROID 4 has similar specs to your pathetic iPhone 5, plus its even waterproof. Stop drinking the apple coolaid Farbod and wake up you brainwashed cult member. Your iphone 5 is just the samsung galaxy s2 specs, it cant even compete to galaxy s3 let alone s4. If your so pissy about its design check out HTC One, my phone, with such premium build it makes your iphone 5 seem like its garbage.

          • Farbod

            i feel so sorry for people like you who dont have a life… go talk to someone. go to a club or something and get out of that basement.
            what did you even gain there by proving me wrong (if thats what you like to call it) huh? did you really have to swear that much and go as far as to post links of youtube websites? so what if an iphone is better than a htc or the other way round (please dont start arguing again)
            how does it harm you if people line up to get their hands on the new iphone or just blindly buy iphones (which im pretty sure they dont do) huh? what is your loss in that situation? you can buy a htc one, i can buy an iphone and that would be it. why not?
            and about your question (answer) about why apple upgrades there specs. well you will never feel lag in the latest iphone because the software is optimized with its hardware and apple wont add anything to the software that the hardware cant handle and by improving the specs they can do more stuff with the OS and devs can make better games and apps Etc.
            and by the way droid 4 cant compete with iphone 5 either xD

            PLEASE dont reply to this. just read it and think for a while.

          • Cal Rankin

            Why do you ask what he gains by proving you wrong? You asked people to name an Android phone that competes with the iPhone 5. He proved such a thing, and now you’re mad because he has proven you wrong, so you resort to name-calling.
            By the way, the Droid 4 may be an older phone, but it does hold its own against the iPhone, even if the specs aren’t up to quite what the iPhone offers, but it does have water resistance, a QWERTY keyboard, a microSD card slot, and a standard charging port. The iPhone 5 has none of these. However, the screen on the iPhone is admittedly far better, so I can give you that.
            The lag is also a false statement, because hardware gets old, and once Apple no longer includes the iPhone 5 in iOS updates, it will get old, as all hardware does, and it will lag. It has befallen the iPhone 3GS of my aunt, and the iPhone 4 of my uncle and cousin. Android isn’t innocent either, unless your device has android 4.3 running on it, which addresses such issues.
            And “adding software that the hardware can’t handle” is the reason the iPhone 4 has never seen, and never will see, Siri. Consequently, every phone that has been updated to Jelly Bean has Google Now and project butter. Every phone with Ice Cream Sandwich has Wi-Fi direct. The iPhone 4 will not get the AirDrop feature in iOS 7 when it is updated.
            If you are going to pose such a question, be open to new information and don’t get angry when someone answers with a question you may not like.

        • Cal Rankin

          How can you compare anything to a phone that is not official yet?
          I agree that the 4 inch screen size is very nice. I myself prefer a slightly larger screen, but you like 4″, and that’s cool.
          The best example is the Motorola Droid RAZR M. It has the best speakers of any phone I’ve used before (I used one briefly before dropping down some more cash for the RAZR HD). It also has some of the fastest download speeds on Verizon’s 4G LTE network.

  • amiaq

    Ohh boy, It’s dead Jim.

  • abazigal

    And it’s articles like this that continue to miss the point.

    To put things in the proper context, you are talking about a company who in 2010, released a tablet running a phone OS, with 256mb of ram, a single-core processor with no flash support, expandable storage or other deemed “must-haves”. It proceeded to outsell every single Windows tablet ever sold to date.

    First, the article assumes that a larger screen is automatically better. I say that is entirely a matter of personal preference. Why even the need for a 1080p display on such a small screen, which brings added battery drain and GPU stress for little real benefit?

    Also, while it is true that Android smartphones come in a multitude of screen sizes, it is typically only the larger phones which sport better specs (because more features demand better specs and more battery life, which can only be housed in a larger phone casing). Try finding me another 3.5″ smartphone which runs as smoothly as the iphone.

    Second, other Android smartphones may boast more features and better specs on paper, but how well do they actually end up working, and just how practical are they are for the user at the end of the day? Even now, people are starting to question the effectiveness of the G2’s back camera button when taking landscape photos.

    Specs is subjective as well, since IOS has always required lesser resources to run compared to Android, and Apple puts a lot of effort into optimising its hardware to work in harmony with its software.

    Functionality? The app store is still home to many an IOS-only app, such as Apple’s own ilife suit, to productivity apps like mailbox, 1password or omnifocus, to games.

    My own prediction? The internets will be ablaze with tons of threads bemoaning how the iphone is crap, how Apple has fallen behind, how Apple is doomed etc (basically the same thing that has been trumpeted every other day).

    The next iphone is still going to sell well, the people who want a great, functional, smooth-running, easy-to-use and reliable smartphone are still going to get what they want, Apple records another quarter of record profits. The sun continues to rise in the east and set in the west, while the earth continues to rotate on its axis.

    Life goes on as usual. Meanwhile, the next article is prepared, questioning whether the iphone6 will be the next make-or-break event for Apple, and what it needs to stay in the game.

    • K.

      I agree with you on some points such as the screen size which depend on the constumers need. But many people who buy iDevices have no idea about specs nor functionality. Apple success is a lot related to their good/aggressive marketing (and the same can be said about Samsung). I can simply look around me with people having an iphone and they only use it to make phone calls and the camera from time to time.

      I have a Nexus 10 and I cannot see what you can do with an ipad that I cannot do with my Android tablet. Add to that, the freedom I get with my Nexus device which you do not have with Apple devices.

      People tend to say a lot of crap when they talk about the functionality or the ease-of-use of Apple products. Just compare video file transfer from a computer to an Android device with the transfer to an iDevice. On Android, just plug the USB cable and you can transfer the files to your phone or tablet as if was an USB key. Whereas with Apple, you need to plug your device, launch itunes and then transfer to file to an application than can read the videos. And if you want to change the video application, you must restart the transfer. How is that easier than on an Android device?!

      • abazigal

        In all fairness, many of my friends sporting the larger-screened Samsung smartphones don’t really use it for much beyond the basic smartphone stuff – email, web-browsing, Facebook, whatsapp, candy-crush, watching youtube. They are really just using it like a larger-screened iphone with fewer apps.

        I am also willing to bet their sd-card slots are still empty and they have no spare batteries on hand to swap even if they needed to.

        As for Android vs IOS tablets, for one, I spend almost all my time in apps, so I definitely appreciate that 4:3 screen ratio and optimised tablet apps that make full use of the larger screen area (as opposed to blown up phone apps on 7″ Android tablets). To me, this has a very tangible and noticeable improvement in the way I interact with my content, and I value this over whatever benefits open-source Android may bring.

        Ease-of-use refers to how easy to use the phone in everyday operations. Many people are opting for cloud-based services anyways. I myself rarely plug in my phone to transfer files over, using mostly dropbox to get the job done. I want to watch movies, I typically just stream them onto my ipad from my mac using air-video.

        • K.

          I agree with your first paragraph. This not only true for Samsung and Apple. Many people that use high tech devices, only use the basic features.

          The SD card slot is always a nice addition but it is not a must have for me.

          It is true that all apps are not always optimised to fit larger screen on Android but for most of the apps I use I never had any problem with that on my 10″ screen.

          You make a lot of assumptions when you say that many people use cloud-based services. It may be true in the US but it is absolutely not the case in Europe. I, myself, use some cloud-storage but only for small files that I need often. Try transferring a large file via wifi or 3G! Add to that the privacy problems with cloud-services, especially with those based in the US and you would understand why many people will not use them.

          About the streaming, it is OK while your are at home not far from your PC. But if you have a more or less big house and the computer is far from the living room or if you want to watch a video outside, the streaming is not an option anymore.

          Anyway, all the things you do on your ipad can as easily be done on an Android tablet. And you cannot compare the smoothness of a 500$ ipad with a 100$ Android tablet. But there are many very good tablets on Android.

          • abazigal

            You have a point there. I am simply speaking from my own experience. I have a very busy day job as a teacher; I rarely ever have time to sit down and watch videos during working hours, as my time is spent either teaching, grading assignments, attending meetings or preparing for this event or that.

            So the only time I really get to sit down and chill out with my ipad is at home, where I can use a combination of air-video and Apple Tv to stream shows stored on my Mac wirelessly to my HD-TV (or Airplay to stream online shows from my ipad or iphone to my Tv).

            For people who extensively watch videos on their phone, I can see how this could be a dealbreaker (I see quite a few people doing that on the trains and buses, but am not sure if those are streamed from some website or downloaded)

          • K.

            I completely understand that the needs differ from one person to the other. I also only watch videos at home and my computer and router a far from the living room, so streaming is not an option.

            I’m glad that we had this discussion without anyone insulting the other which is often the case when comparing Google/Android and Apple.


          • abazigal

            Cheers to you too, for helping to keep this discussion civil and respectful. I aim to do the same, and I do apologise beforehand if I inadvertently offend anyone. :)

            Keep on the discussions. :D

          • TuckandRoll84

            I know this is off topic, but oh well. Thanks for being a teacher.

          • N10>iPad

            Nexus 10 is a $500 tablet. Who’s comparing $100 tablets?

          • K.

            What I meant is that People often tend to compare a cheap Android product with an Apple one and they tell you that their iDevice is smoother without taking into account the price difference. But if you buy high-end Android device, you get very good products. Personally, I am very happy with my Nexus 10 which by the way costs only $399 for the 16GB Nexus 10 (cheaper than the 16GB ipad $499).

          • mobilemann

            i dont’ buy this at all. i have a gs3, (at&t rooted with stock firmware 4.1.2 right now) and the performance is terrible, unless i run something like cyanogen. Then it’s pretty smooth; but i’ve lost all my battery saving features (and about 25% of my battery life) and MHL out. I’m hoping for a GPE edition of the note 3, or i’m going to have to do some thinking.

          • K.

            You don’t buy what? What your are saying is that all Android phones even high-end are slow devices?!!

          • mobilemann

            The SG3, last years flagship definitely was. It doesn’t come close the current flagships i’ve tried without a AOSP based rom, which then makes me loose MHL and other features.

            I’m going with a note 3 for my upgrade this year, keeping on iOS only for tablets; but for someone that uses both platforms for years, simultaneously, lag is not android’s strong point.

          • mobilemann

            Ask anyone with a real video collection how it’s done, (xbmc, plex)

            You can compare the smoothness of an ipad 4 to a galaxy tab 2 however, and it’s a world apart.

            I love android; my next phone is a note 3, i just don’t see the reason in making up so much shit about it.

          • K.

            What is a real video collection???

            Although, I do not stream videos to my TV often anymore (living room too far from my PC and router with weak wifi signal in the living room), I used to do it in my previous flat and I have never had any problem. What are the kind of problems you have with the Galaxy Tab? Right now I can only speak for the Nexus 10.

          • mobilemann

            Anything over 4tb i would say, you know ~ when you really have no choice, platters aren’t big enough. My problems with all android tablets (i own 3 of them, all 7″ ers, and an ipad mini) are all software related. It’s pretty good as a plex device, but comparing android tablet software to iOS tablet software is a joke.

          • K.

            I only have 1TB but I think it is enough to have an idea about streaming (although I do not stream often anymore as I have said before). I do not use plex nor xbmc for streaming. When I stream, I use diceplayer and I have never had any problem except for when my wifi signal is weak. Next time I see my brother who has an ipad, I will try streaming on iOS to compare.

          • frhoward

            Lol really, you want to compare the latest iPad to a very old Android tablet and compare smoothness at that. Wow, you are sounding more and more like an idiot with every post sir. Like K stated whatever you can do on an iPad you can do on a Nexus 10 and more, both offer smooth experience, screens are amazing but if you want to compare ppi, then you have to give the winner to the Nexus 10, and oh wait for it……….., its at least $100 cheaper than the iPad.

          • mobilemann

            lol, i guess i really get to you kid. IDK why it bothers you so much that i use both platforms and prefer iOS for some duties. I probably also own more android devices than you:D (more samsung devices than even sammy fanboys) One day you’ll get over it, and perhaps stop acting like a douch? who knows.

          • frhoward

            Its all in good fun sir. However, you may currently own more Android devices, but Im sure you havent owned more. I buy and trade phones at least once every month if not more, except with this gorgeous HTC One I am using as i havent found a reason to just yet. I have owned pretty much every OEM flagship device that has come to the states, from all of the iPhone variants to Thunderbolts, Droids, Galaxy series, Note series, G series etc. I guess you can say Im somewhat of a mobile geek. But again, Im just joking with you. I just had to say something when you discredited what K was saying by comparing apples to lemons, lol. I just hate Apples closed eco system. Its like you cant use most of the cool features if you don’t own other Apple products.

          • mobilemann

            now, i’m not excusing apple in the way they play only to their own products, however, if you are in situation, it’s not so bad. I have tons of apps for example; there’s been airplay apps that allow your android devices to pretened to be airplay speakers for years, and i’ve always been able to use icloud on android (it’s standards like caldav etc) So it’s not too bad. Apple is completely idiotic for not opening up imessage. If they could integrate well, it would be amazing.

            so yeah, i know what a pain in the ass they are. They just make good stuff too lol.

          • ccccccc

            I will take back what I said. I am an idiot and I go crazy when I lick my balls.

        • frhoward

          So you’re one of those trapped in the Apple ecosystem… lol

          • abazigal

            I suppose you could say that, but the Apple ecosystem is indeed working great for me. So I guess you can say that I allow myself to be ensnared willingly.

            To give a brief history, I am a recent mac convert myself. Desktop broke down in Mid-2011, went with a 27″ imac at a friend’s recommendation. Was so pleased with the user experience that I proceeded to purchase an iphone4s, ipad3, apple tv (3rd gen) and a 11″ macbook air.

            I have also managed to integrate my ipad into my classroom teaching quite well, so overall, while it wasn’t a cheap investment by any means (especially when you add in all the other accessories and peripherals), it nonetheless represents one which I feel is well spent.

          • mobilemann

            trapped? he can buy whatever the fuck he wants. As for 90%, what can i say, your anecdotal experiences are very far from what the numbers say. From where we are, i would guess your a little kid who needs his phone platform to be the best.

          • frhoward

            Awww, you seem pretty upset, do you need a hug or are you usually this hostile due to a small man syndrome? lol I was saying 90% of my coworkers, of course real world numbers will not reflect 90% seeing that its such a low base number. But Q2 Apple’s worldwide market share dipped 3% YOY. And actually I work with numbers and statistics everyday. Why would I buy a platform that is inferior to another platform? Apple is a perfect OEM for some consumers such as abazigal and others prefer Android such as myself. That is what is so special about this, you have a choice. I prefer Android as I’ve had ALL of the iPhones and things that come in future Apple updates or through Jailbreaking are already implemented into Android. So I buy whats best for me. I was merely stating the multitude of features that Android has had for years that are coming in the iOS 7 update. :-)

          • mobilemann

            I’m sure you work with numbers all day, and the cash register at burger king is pretty tough, 3% dip sounds about right. I’m super angry. Also, i didn’t know that android only updated apps in the background based on average usage schedules. Oh; it doesn’t. Don’t get to mad! you’ll probably loose your shit when you find out i use android for a smartphone, i just don’t get so emotional to think we need to lie about shit. It’s ok, one day you’ll get over that apple is ok. Until then, preach fanboy.

          • frhoward

            BK couldnt afford my services lol… OOOOOO you got me there. That’s a really cool feature that Im going out to go buy an iPhone today. I honestly wouldnt care if you used BB, you just seem so uptight about this. Its ok, please get your pink thongs out of your ass, they make pills to help you feel more like a man in that department, lmao. The only person who’s showing any kind of an emotion would be you madam. And like my previous post states, Apple is good for some people and Android is good for others. I prefer Android and I gave my reason why. That is all.

          • mobilemann

            It’s funny how on the internet you can’t hear the tone in people’s thoughts so you never know. But i’m sure you’re sure i’m mad. I was hoping the BK joke would clue you in, but i guess not.

            i’m getting mad about it. I also prefer android for a smartphone. Somehow i’ll find a way to be mad about that as well. Keep on keeping on.

        • Cal Rankin

          Android has just as many apps as the iPhone. This isn’t 2010 anymore.

      • mobilemann

        “I have a Nexus 10 and I cannot see what you can do with an ipad that I cannot do with my Android tablet.”

        use apps actually made for your device? Kidding?

        Also, no there are literally a thousand ways to get a file onto it. Apps that xfer from clouds, applications that access the local user stores of idevices, etc. anything.

        why doesn’t anyone thing before typing here?

        • You Are All Dust in The Wind!

          Like Apple maps that distorts the world huh, kinda like your reality distortion field that thinks apple is perfect, huh mobilemann?

          And stop pretending your an android fan saying youll get an note 3, dirtbag excuse for a pathetic fanboy not to get flamed, go back to your apple insider and look for outdated inferior products cuz whatever apple does it all works to brainwashed cult members like iphone 4, ipad 3, and apple maps, they were all perfect in everyway. Not like android who is so imperfect like Nexus 10 that has toooo much pixels right mobilemann?

          After all if its pixel exceeds apple’s retina display, made by samsung by the way in case you dont know which majority of apple fans dont know it all and still smell that apple pixie dust that apples makes everything and everyone copies it, but I digress, that anything beyond apples perfect retina display is just pointless cuz you really cant see it and makes no difference right mobilemann?

          • mobilemann

            um, google maps also has those distortions; but has years on apple maps in beta. I prefer google maps hands down though, for the amount of travel points they have in terms of hotels, gas, and the search algorithm. Google knows i mean west 14th st. NYC, i’m guessing via location services.. Still it’s not to say apple hasn’t fixed most of the big glaring problems they had when they launched.

            Again, idiot, i’m not an apple fanboy. I just use some of their products, but idiots like you never learn.

      • number29

        What your Nexus 10 can’t do is look and operate like the iPad does. There are just loads of little things missing or lacking in Android that combined, make it a platform I just can’t use on a daily basis. There aren’t any OS specified APIs for lock screen media controls so you either live with no lock screen music controls, or you use one of those sinfully ugly 3rd party lock screen media controls overlaid over the top of the lock screen (a very ugly and lazy approach), each of which is application specific.

        You then have keyboards that don’t properly autocorrect even the most simple spelling errors, and don’t seem to be as sophisticated when you’re typing as far as working out what key you’re likely to press next (and thus make that key’s target area larger) which leads to loads of spelling errors when I’m typing text.

        And then you have icons that are all different sizes and shapes instead of the unified size and shape that all iOS icons are, which leads to ugly and cluttered looking home screens littered with icons that don’t sit well together.

        You then have an OS which instead of properly managing tasks and operations in the background appears to try and do everything at once, to the detriment of the user experience. For instance, set off a load of apps to download and install on an Android device and it’ll slow to a crawl and become incredibly unresponsive until it has finished the installations. If you haven’t swiped between your home screens for a while, it’ll do so in a lovely jerky fashion when you do swipe, as it will do so when you open and close apps. Who codes this stuff and why can’t they make it so that it’s as smooth as the iPhone?

        Combine all of these annoyances and you have a platform that just irritates and grinds constantly during use. It’s a real real shame that it’s so poor in comparison because with a little bit of effort, Google could make it great (give developers better APIs and standard keyboards and device controls they can hook their apps into, make it so apps install one by one instead of all at once so the user experience doesn’t get trashed, have stricter app store guidelines so that icons are all the same sizes and shapes so that they look neat and ordered on the screen etc) But I guess they have absolutely zero motivation to fix these problems.

        • Mike Palmer

          Have you ever used Android before? Because none of the stuff you listed is true.

          • number29

            Yes, and it’s all true. These are just some of the things that Google should fix with their OS.

          • You Are All Dust in The Wind!

            Like iOS is such a perfect experience, it’s so perfect I had to jailbreak mine. Cuz the stock is pathetic. Then I realize android is pretty much the jailbroken iOS plus more so I switched. Seriously I hate the argument that iOS is soooo smooth and no hiccups, even without jb, the ios was freaking slow in ipad 3, and of course what do you know apple released an ipad 4 cuz of it, but what do you expect, the company will never admit their faults unless its downright obvious like apple maps. That was sooo smooth experience huh number 29?

          • number29

            I don’t need to jailbreak mine as it does everything I need out of the box, and it does it better than Google’s Android can. This is why I’d like to see Google improve Android, and not just by slapping extra features in of dubious quality, but actually improving the core user experience of the device to at least match or better yet, exceed what Apple does. And yes, Apple Maps was a stinker to begin with, but one bad Apple product doesn’t excuse Google from all of the problems with Android. I don’t see why people are so vehemently against the idea of Google improving Android. Don’t you want to see it get better?

    • Abazigal,

      Thanks for your comments, but I feel I should reply to some of your points. First of all I don’t think I am “missing the point.” I have been a developer, user and author of both hardware and software for embedded and at times software for enterprise systems for over 20 years. One thing is always constant in technology, today’s winner can be tomorrows loser. Just look at Palm or Blackberry or even Microsoft.

      Apple has done a brilliant job making a in defining a whole new category of computing device, however that in itself isn’t a guarantee of success int he future.

      As for screen sizes, I didn’t assume that bigger was better, I called it a “debate.” However it is worth noting that with companies like Samsung and HTC you have a choice, with Apple you have no choice – take the 4 inch screen or leave it.

      I am sure the next iPhone will sell well, but it isn’t guaranteed. Samsung thought the S4 would sell well and it did but not a well as expected. When you are at the top, expectations means a lot and a failure to meet those expectations can have a large influence over the future of a company.



      • abazigal

        Actually, with Samsung, the choice seems to be “Take a large screen with great specs, an even larger screen with worse specs (the galaxy mega), or a much smaller screen with equally crap specs (the S4 mini)”. I could go on about how I find their latest offerings quite baffling overall, but that is beyond the scope of this debate. :)

        Not really much of a choice there if you ask me…:P

        • You Are All Dust in The Wind!

          Yes exactly abazigal, cuz iphone has soooo much choices! Lets say 3.5″ and 4″, which one should i pick theres sooo much choices! Cuz 3.5″ iphone 4s arent inferior at all to its 4″ counterpart, kinda like your argument about S4 and S4 mini.

          LOGIC FAIL! Are you really a teacher? Kindergarten teacher I hope and please dont brainwash kids into smelling that Apple pixie dust cuz we have enough of that in apples commercials that depict apple as made in USA for USA, but in actually evades taxes like crazy just like most companies. Dont put apple up on a pedastal.

      • number29

        Sadly with pretty much every other manufacturer you are also stuck with one screen size at any point on the smartphone scale. Want a high end Samsung phone? You’re stuck with a 5″ screen. The iPhone IS the choice customers have when they want a high end phone in a small form factor (and is probably why Android manufacturers choose to ignore this market).

      • mobilemann

        “For an Android user there are a multitude of options and you can buy a smartphone with almost any screen size you want, from 3.5 to 6.5 inches”

        funny, i don’t see any 3.5″ android devices worth buying. You pretty much have to go to near 5″ before anything is near smooth.

        “Apple is behind the game in terms of specifications, features, performance and functionality”

        that shows what you know about iOS.

        “I am sure the next iPhone will sell well, but it isn’t guaranteed.”

        “If that is all that Apple manages to produce then frankly Apple is as good as dead.”

        Sigh @ you, and tech journalism, from people who know less than half the mobile industry. Shill.

        • You Are All Dust in The Wind!

          I know right mobilemann! Apple is the forefront of technological innovation, they invented everything and will invent everything, everyone else just copied apple, even the apple fruit copied apple! How dare they! They’ll all get sued soon.

          You the man mobilemann, I suppose you know the all of the global mobile industry? Can your majesty enlighten us how much apple’s global market share vs android? Was it 16%? Oops sorry I think it dropped to 13%, but of course who am I and the rest of the stats have to say, you of course know it all dont you?

          • mobilemann

            You still haven’t read my first response to you. You continue to think i live in an apple bubble, (nothing wrong with that if you need to, nor an android bubble) and you continue to embarrass yourself.

            scroll up, idiot.

    • Piyush

      where are open minded people like you . great written.

    • Bryan Z

      Finally someone with a bigger perspective on life. thumbs up

  • Luka Mlinar

    Ill make this as simple as it can be; If they bring out a 5s the game is over for them. Forget the mini, forget the tablets. If they don’t step the game up with their flagship product it’s curtains.

    • Ron

      hahah XD a Apple fan on Android site !!

      • Luka Mlinar

        What made u think i was an Apple fan? O.o

    • You Are All Dust in The Wind!

      If that was the case in an android manufacturer, what you said would have been true. Unfortunately, it’s apple that has legions of brainwashed cult members who will line like zombies for days outside their store to buy their revolutionary, magical, innovative products even if that product doesnt even have a hardware upgrade other than change in dimensions and screen size, dont believe me? Check out the so called changes that will be in ipad 5, all the crazy apple fans talked about how the ipad 5 will be thinner, slimmer, lighter and less bezel, i was like wth? what about the change in more critical hardware specs like ram, soc speed, etc? Nope all they cared about was how the next apple will be lighter, etc. Hilarious, as Jimmy Kimmel in its ipad mini commercial said: ” We’re Apple, and your Suckers”

      • Luka Mlinar

        Your are right and that’s so sad, so sad. :(

  • kascollet

    “Features like Samsung’s Air Gesture, Smart Scroll and Smart Pause; Motorola’s active notifications and always listening voice assistant; or LG’s Graphic RAM are re-defining the design and user friendliness of smartphones.”

    Gary, you made my day…

    • Luka Mlinar

      Air Gesture, Smart Scroll and Smart Pause is like forming a air guitar band. Beyond stupid.

  • moto-mania

    apple has enough fanbois, it will do fine no matter what it puts out

    • Chris

      And that’s the problem

      • Farbod

        And why is this a problem? You can just buy the phone you want! Why would u care if someone got an iphone?

        • Chris

          I’m saying that Most Apple customers buy Apple just for the name a “status” symbol which I personally just find ridiculous .

          • mobilemann

            and i’m saying you made that up. I just put the sim back in my ip5 from my i747 because the slower processor is just about 2-3x faster. Launching FB, twitter, etc is well over 2x faster.

            Apple makes really good stuff; one day you’ll get over that, fanboy.

          • Mike Palmer

            You like defending Apple and calling people names allot……. if anything your sounding like a fanboi

          • mobilemann

            my dearest apologies for replying about the subject we were talking about. My next phone is a note 3; (currently i have a i747 and a ip5) but feel free to talk shit; i don’t subscribe to any hive mentality. Apple or Google.

          • number29

            You can say the same for Samsung too.

          • Chris

            Of course you could say the same but not nearly as much as Apple….

          • number29

            No I think it’s about the same, if not more now. Samsung ARE the new Apple.

  • xel

    smartphone technology matured. huge new things won’t appear anymore. no one needs 3gb ram or a 8core cpu.

    only potential disruptive innovation i heard of is the ubuntu edge, but the kickstarter seems to fail.

    • Ivan Myring

      I do.

    • kascollet

      And what about the rumor of a fingerprint scanner in the forthcoming iPhone ?
      If they manage to do that the Apple way (fully integrated and easy to use features like unlocking device/accessing iCloud/sharing files/e-payment… all secured by YOUR very fingerprint), this would be quite disruptive I guess, or at least more than Smart Scroll/Pause/Stay/Sleep/Eat…

      • abazigal

        Knowing Apple, if they do this, it will probably serve as a test-bed to eventually roll out their fingerprint tech to all their devices (including their tablets and laptops). The upside is that icloud would seamlessly sync your private data across all your devices and set them up automatically so you don’t need to.

        The downside is that you likely need to be heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem to make this all work properly (imagine being able to log in to websites with your fingerprint on your macbook pro, but still needing to key in those longer passwords on your Samsung phone (and I imagine deliberately making your passwords longer and harder to crack is precisely the whole point of replacing them with a single fingerprint scan).

        • You Are All Dust in The Wind!

          Android will move on to Iris or Retina and Facial recognition security, have fun with your finger print scanning.

      • mistermystery

        Until we start hearing about people having they iPhone stolen and their thumb chopped off with it.

        Don’t laugh you know this will happen

      • You Are All Dust in The Wind!

        Yes cuz fingerprint is soooo useful, do you have any idea how error prone those are? Well who cares you will buy Apple hype and pixie dust, oh by the way Apples stuck at finger print, while android will have RETINA SCANNING AND FACIAL RECOGNITION SECURITY:

        Hows that finger print scanner of yours? Still cutting edge?

    • Keg Man

      cant believe I’m replying to you. PC manufacturers once thought that no one would need more than 128mb of ram

    • Mike Palmer

      You won’t be saying that in a couple years when it’s the norm, is innovation supposed to stop?

  • Arham

    id be happy with a 1080 p 4.7 incher with snapdragon 800

    • You Are All Dust in The Wind!

      You will see that in apple’s iPhone 7, which will be 3 years from now.

  • Sihawk

    Really? Ask any iphone owner, I’ll bet the vast majority have no idea what the specs are on their phone. They know it’s snappy, well made, and has a retina display. They will never be jealous of Samsung’s s-gimmicks or LG’s GRAM. Furthermore, iPhone users always comment on the excessive size of my nexus 4 and brag about how they can reach every part of their screen with one hand. IPhone users have been fine with the same phone over and over again all this time… Why would that change now? They don’t care, as long as the phone works and does what they want it to. The only thing that is hurting apple is that they aren’t offering anything new and cool. The result is iPhone owners just simply not upgrading. They still have a phone that essentially does what every other phone does.

    • Frank Bales

      That’s funny. A teacher friend of mine was lamenting last night over the small screen on her iPhone especially when all her fellow teachers were sporting Samsung Galaxy 3 or 4 devices. She’s switching!

      • mobilemann

        it’s the same reason i’m getting a note 3. I keep an ipad mini to keep up with iOS thought as well, and to use the software i’ve bought over the years. They really need to get on the 5″+ bandwagon.

      • Sihawk

        Well your friend is a smart woman. It I all depends on what we’re willing to get used to. I look at the note and think that’s way too big for me, but I’d imagine if I had one I’d wonder how people see anything on a 5 or less inch screen. I have converted many people myself as there are many reasons to do so. I had a friend complaining about the annoyances of managing songs on her iPhone with iTunes, so I told her about how I can just put them on my phone or delete them like a flash drive with a simple drag and drop. This blew her mind. A few weeks later she was sporting a new s3 :)

  • kain

    we’ve seens this before. next iphone will mostly unchanged, and it will sell just fine for next 1-3 years.
    they won’t go down drastically. sept 10 won’t be a “make or break” day for apple after all..

    • That is what Palm and Blackberry thought when they were at the top of their markets, look at them now!

      • abazigal

        Well, you know what they say about hindsight being 20/20.

        Apple may fail in the near future, or it may not. Nobody really knows, to be honest.

        • Abazigal,

          Exactly! But history can also teach us things and it is worth asking the question, what will happen to Apple if the next iPhone is a flop? That is all I am doing, that is why the title of the piece starts with the word ‘could’.

          • abazigal

            Such a question would seem more fitting in the context of a company which is obviously ailing (like Blackberry or HTC), is haemorrhaging cash every quarter, and desperately needs that next big thing to resuscitate its brand, image and finances.

            In this context, I don’t feel it offers much room for robust debate beyond meaningless speculation. Yeah, so some people can come up with the most dire doomsday scenario for Apple should such a day come to pass. What then? What’s your point again? What’s the takeaway from all this at the end of the day?

            To your question, I could just as readily ask “So what if the next iphone is a flop?” Then I simply stick with my 4s, I suppose.

      • EvenInTheDarkestHour

        Blackberry failed because it tried to sell a business product to the masses, without becoming more media-driven consumer friendly until it was far, far too late. Palm, and the webOS line just didn’t catch on…sadly, I rather liked it. That said, neither captured the market share that Apple has, nor has the support either from a corporate, or financial standpoint, that the iPhone enjoys. Just look at the way that Apple integrates the user experience (like/hate iTunes) almost seamlessly regardless of the specific product you buy.

  • RaptorOO7

    It could be $99 on contract, this marks the return to PLASTIC CRAP from Apple, what will the iFans say about that. They lost their BS argument against Samsung’s plastic.

    Even if Apple offers a bigger screen on the 5S which is a crap rumor they will just claim they made it magical, innovative, and easier to use one handed which is such a crock. More like they are losing market share globally and are crapping their pants. What is that market share in China less than 5%.

    • abazigal

      Do note that I don’t see the point in mocking Samsung’s choice of materials. The irony is not lost in that the iphone5 was fraught with “scuffgate”, mainly because “anodising” is simply a sexier term for “corroding”. You are basically coating the metal with a layer of coloured rust. At just .2 mm thin, is it any wonder that the surface scratched as easily as it did?

      However, if you want to be pedantic about it, fact remains that Samsung continues to make their flagship smartphones using plastic, while Apple sticks with Aluminium. That Apple chose plastic as a material for its budget offering arguably says a lot about how it perceives the suitability of plastic for use in higher-end materials.

      And personally, I am not overly concerned with the seemingly rapid loss in market share. Not least because I don’t own any Apple stock, but mainly because Android’s rapid increase in market share is likely due to the massive sales of low-end Android smartphones.

      When you look at the numbers, Apple actually sold more iphones, which means that its popularity is far from waning, and remains fairly profitable in doing so. And I find it ridiculous to argue that Apple is loosing to Android in markets that it wasn’t even competing in to begin with.

      It’s like you are running a race with yourself, then laughing at your friend for not having a timing when he didn’t even bother to compete. Why would Apple bother to enter a market where handsets are being sold at practically break-even pricing? When you think about it, Apple would actually lose money, because they still need to pay for providing their own services (like iCloud and iMessage) which earn no revenue on their own, but serve as selling points (as contrasted with Google, where a larger market share means more people using their services, which in turn means higher advertising revenue).

      IMO, both Apple and Android (and Google, by extension) can both prosper (and will continue to prosper) side-by-side in a world where Android takes majority market share and Apple retains a small but lucrative slice of the pie, as both of them have wildly differing business models.

  • afx

    “frankly Apple is as good as dead.” I can’t believe you publish this crap.

    • Without resorting to bad words, the context is if Apple fails to meet the needs, demands and expectations of it customer base. That is true in any business, especially in technology. Just go ask the CEOs of Blackberry or Palm.

      They aren’t dead at the moment and they have a large pile of cash… I think I mention the strength and power of their market position at the beginning of the article… oh yes I did, how odd!

      • abazigal

        That goes without saying.

        However, the article hasn’t really answered the question of whether Apple is indeed failing to meet the needs, demands and expectations of it customer base, and if so, by how much.

        The article is trying to dissect Apple’s perceived shortcomings through Android-tinted glasses, The reality is that Apple is selling more iphones, but it must clearly be doing something right, despite these “limitations”, or maybe, even because of them!

        • AI agree (except for the Android-tinted glasses bit). But this isn’t about what Apple is selling today and if it is meeting needs and expectations today, but what will happen when the next iPhone will be released. If the iPhone 5S is literally just a tweaked iPhone 5, then I think even long term Apple fans will start to ask questions about the company’s direction.

          As a note, weather Apple is selling “more iPhones” is a point of debate as measuring that can be difficult. If they sell 1 phone while a competitor sells 2 then yes Apple are selling more than they did before that 1 phone was sold, but its market share is decreasing. There is also the whole problem of analyzing world-wide sales and how different regions respond to Apple (or Samsung) products. It isn’t a simple question.

        • frhoward

          Actually there are TONS of sales analysis to show that Apple is losing marketshare on a monthly basis while Android is gaining it a record rate. As a Financial Analyst, numbers do not lie. Q2 alone Apples worldwide market share dropped form 16% to 13%. Thats HUGE.

          • abazigal

            Numbers don’t lie, but they don’t always tell the whole story either.

            The way I see it, Apple only seems to be losing market share because the total number of phones being sold (of which an overwhelming majority are cheap, low-end glorified feature phones) is fast outpacing the growth in iphone sales. Which is to be wholly expected.

            What this basically means is that the denominator (total handsets) is increasingly more rapidly than the numerator (iphones sold). But more importantly, what it means is that more people are still buying iphones, not less.

            And this shows, because more developers still opt to code for IOS first, while the app store still leads in terms of revenue.

          • John Mortimer

            The big problem apple will have is of there own doing and this will be the start of the end and that’s io7, as iphone users will think they lost there phones and have no idea how to use them and take them all back to apple asking where is my search and how do I unlock my phone

          • number29

            The device actually tells you the first time you use it where spotlight search is now located, and the swipe to unlock message with arrow hasn’t changed.

          • John Mortimer

            That’s what happens when you 1st install windows 8!

          • number29

            I’m not really convinced Apple care too much about marketshare. Apple’s marketshare rocketed at the start of the smartphone revolution because it was a market geared towards and inhabited by high end users. As the market has matured, it has increasingly moved towards the mid and low end, a part of the market that Apple just doesn’t really have any offering. This is why Android AND Windows Phone market share is on the up; it’s the low cost devices that both of these OSes provide. The solution to this is basically for Apple to release a low cost device (much like the iPod mini and iPad mini of yesteryear). Whether Apple can make a device that they are happy to release to market for the price required is another question entirely.

          • Poseidon

            Love how you fight to the death to defend the Apple Corp. Truth being that Apple sold a lot fewer iPhone 5s than they expected even had to scale back production of new devices and parts due to demand.

            There is also a contradiction here where iPhone fans say they don’t care about big screens, tech specs, customization, or features, but then you say that you say that the majority of new Android phones are cheap, low-end phones. You are arguing out of both sides of your mouth.

            The Apple app store leads in revenue because that is their business model to make money off of apps. Generally Android apps are cheaper and generate less revenue because Google thinks that they can win the war by going after market share. Nobody knows how that will go.

            Truth is that both forms have their strengths and their weaknesses. Only time will tell who deals best with the hand they are dealt.

          • abazigal

            I am not fighting to defend anyone or anything. I simply saw a point I didn’t agree with, and am just expressing my views and opinions.

            I don’t see what the contradiction is. Yes, there are quite a number of high-end, flagship Android phones, but their sales still comprise only an overwhelmingly small minority of the total number of Android handsets sold worldwide. You speak as though every phone that comprises the 80% market share is a S4, HTC One or Note2 phone.

            I also didn’t exactly say I don’t care about big screens, specs, customisation or features. I do, up to a certain point. Beyond which, I would be indifferent or even find them a hindrance. The crux here is that they are simply a means to an end, not an end in itself.

            For example, I desire better specs because it would let my smartphone run more quickly and smoothly, and support better apps. Because Apple is able to optimise their hardware and software to run smoothly even on comparatively lower specs, I am not too bothered that competing Android handsets are seemingly leapfrogging the iphone in terms of paper specs, so long as I feel that my user experience on the iphone has not suffered. I don’t want or need an octal-core processor for the sole purpose of bragging to my friends that my phone sports this or that – it must bring a real and tangible benefit to the way I use my phone.

            Likewise, I too can argue that for some reason, people are generally more willing to pay for IOS apps compared to Android apps, resulting in the latter having to rely more heavily on advertising (which I detest), especially since app price is decided by the developer, not Google.

            You are right though, that in the end, the future remains a riddle which only time will answer.

          • You Are All Dust in The Wind!

            Welcome to the cult, you clearly don’t realize it but you are brainwashes by apple. You said you would be indifferent to specs and even at a point find them to be a hindrance right? Well let me clarify it, you mean that only applies to android? If apple adds the specs that they stole from other os like ios7, of course you won’t be indifferent and find it as a hindrance, now won’t you?

            You clearly mock android for its improving hardware specs but the moment apple makes the same small incremental upgrade like doubling cpu speed, all of you will bow down in praise for it, but if android does it, they would be like specs don’t matter at all, its the user experience.

            Sighs, of course specs matter! You completely mock octa core socs but if apple does this and further improves the performance of the phone, you would clearly love them for it but mock android for doing it? Your a hypocrite.

            If you deny it then look at apples products now, clearly the currentgen iphone is better that the old one? Why? Simple its specs improve! You clearly see things to a double standard. If android improves specs you say its not needed but when apple does you would praise them for geniuses, clearly a brainwashed cult member

          • mobilemann

            Hey, just so you know, posting anti apple posts 24/7 is the same thing as posting pro apple posts 24/7.

            You may mis read me for a apple fan (i do like their stuff, but i would never be with ONE oem; and i implore you to read my first response to you, i’m quite sure i own far more android gear than you do) But you are a shill. And sadly, probably not even paid. Everything you say about being brainwashed can be said about you ~ and you don’t even realize this; which is probably the saddest part.

            “You are all dust in the wind” the saddest, simple hypocrite :(

          • You Are All Dust in The Wind!

            Well Apple cult members are just like that, they really are hypocrites and don’t want to admit it. I remember the great debate against android by apple and its cult saying that the one size fits all 3.5″ iphone is best and multitasking is not needed cuz it only drains battery but the moment apple follows suit, all of its cult members would praise apple for being geniuses.

            Notice that they are easily brainwashed by words like magical, revolutionary and innovative, etc. Of course they won’t admit this and would still defend apple to their last breath. I for once am a true consumer and I certainly won’t defend any company at all. Why? Simple all they care about are profits, you would be an utter fool if you believe they care about consumers.

          • Mike Palmer

            Those cheap phones aren’t selling like you think, look at the s4 alone it is almost selling the numbers of iphone 5 and that’s just one phone!

  • Captain Spaulding

    I think that they are destined to fail for the exact reasons mentioned in the article. Unless they were to open iOS to other OEMs, there will always be a lack of features compared to Android. That is the beauty of being open sourced, it allows ideas from many different perspectives to be implemented. Instead, Apple tries to control the user experience too much, and does not allow enough variety.

    • abazigal

      The problem with opening up IOS is that when they tried a similar thing with OSX many decades back, it resulted in burgeoning market share and rapidly declining profits, because competitors were massively undercutting their pricing with substandard PCs running OSX. Apple sells hardware, not software (like Microsoft) or advertising (like Google). The last thing they should do is to open up their OS, which remains one of the key selling points of their devices.

      I don’t see being closed as a bad thing though. Yes, being open means you get to tap on the collective geniuses of every other developer out there. But being closed also means being able to access an update released by Apple on the very same day, without meddling by carriers or OEMs, It means that Apple is able to define the user experience they want you to have. For example, Google wouldn’t give them turn-by-turn on their maps, so Apple made their own. It means that Apple is able to do seemingly innocuous stuff like integrate imessage and facetime into the phone’s calling app, It means that Apple can show Telcos the middle finger and insist that their devices ship free of any carrier bloatware.

      If this had been some other lesser competitor, they would have to simply suck it up because they lack the resources to develop their own ecosystem.

      • Captain Spaulding

        I agree with everything you said there, but they could do as Google, and have their own “Nexus” devices, while doing a little bit different than Google and licensing out their OS, in turn making a profit while still allowing more variety.

        • abazigal

          I believe the nexus itself is also sold at barely break-even margins.

          The whole issue here is that Google can afford to give its own OS away for free (and even sell its own hardware at cost or a loss) because it expects to eventually earn it all back from the consumer in the form of advertising revenue.

          Look at the state of the Android smartphone industry today, Apart from Samsung, the rest are either breaking even, making slim profits, or suffering losses outright. And the only winner is Google.

          Apple has no such business model in place. While their itunes and app store is profitable, the money they bring in is still a drop in the bucket compared to the profits from their devices.

          I honestly don’t think what you are proposing would work in Apple’s situation at all!

          • Captain Spaulding

            The Nexus devices are mid range, and more aimed at devs and such. If Apple would keep their premium build, there would be plenty of sheep ready to hand over their money. Meanwhile, other OEMs can play around with the OS, offering more features to the tech enthusiasts who need the latest and greatest on the software side, and aren’t as concerned about build quality as they are user experience. Anyhow, this is all just speculation, because you and I both know it will never happen. :)

  • lil bit

    “If that is all that Apple manages to produce then frankly Apple is as good
    as dead.”

    I dont think so, Apple has increased market share in the important home market, there is planty of room for such a device.

    Look at the Android fans screaming for a small high end device, and all the Android users pretending that EXPERIENCE is more important than hardware, these are all very potential iPhone buyers, they do not care about specs or features, they want “always on Siri” and other Applish things.

    Motorola is basically joining Apple in promoting “optimized experience over specs”, its already hard to tell which one is more full of crap, Apple or Moto. They are both going for maximum profit as well, high price for “experience with low specs”. Americans seem to love it.

    Apple is going to do great still, no matter how uninspiring September 10 will be.

    • S J

      Apple is a global company and it sells in global markets, so the global market share is the one that counts, not what they sell in the US and just so you know, their market share fell to 13%…..yes, thats right 13%…and as to Apple’s hardware, do a search on Google about the exploding iphone 5 that Apple said, is not covered by warranty…..yeah excellent hardware.

      • lil bit

        I know its cheap crappy hardware, same as moto X, but thats what lots of people want.

        • You Are All Dust in The Wind!

          Lots of people want crappy hardware plastic iphone 5c, thats coming out, your logical however “lil bit” it is FAILED!

      • abazigal

        What are the chances that was the result of using faulty 3rd-party chargers?

        • S J

          Nope, not chargers… was the phone itself….it wasnt that though, it was the fact that they said it wasnt covered under warranty….oh and the fact that the lady had pieces of the phone hit her eye although it was perm damage.

  • S J

    I really dont think we are going to see the iphone 5C in the US or Europe…….having seen pics of the alleged finished version, it looks like a chaeap ( as in below $100 cheap ) piece of plastic rubbish… fact it looks very much like my 4 year old daughters toy smartphone……seriously if they release that in the US or Europe, they will be a laughing stock…as to whether it will sell in emerging markets….knowing their price hiking policy, I dont think so…not to the levels everyone seems to be predicting……I know images of the 5C on the net could just be fake, but if it looks anything like the ones going around at the moment, it will kill them stone dead.

    • abazigal

      It will likely be cheap like the ipad mini is considered a cheap tablet.

      IE: It won’t really be cheap at all, and target the middle-income group to serve as an alternative against moderately-priced handsets.

      • S J

        Well as I said, the images of the 5C could be bogus, but if they are not, it will be a disaster.

  • EvenInTheDarkestHour

    “Make or Break” Apple? Really? They have revenue as well as available working capital, greater than that of many countries. What kind of foolishness is this? I’m no iFanboy, but this is one of the sillier titled articles I’ve seen here.

    If their phone business folded over night, their computer, tablet, music/subscription, peripherals, accessories, etc, just might be enough to sustain them for the next, like, several decades.

    Further, when has Apple ever really cared about the spec game with their products? It has always been about building an architecture with tech optimized to run their operating system and software fluidly.

    Apple and their iStuff are not Android. And their core customers, of which there are several times many, will be lining up in droves to buy their new product, regardless.

    • S J

      ” And their core customers, of which there are several times many”…….And that would be why Android has nearly 80% of the marketplace then and Apple has only 13%……

      • EvenInTheDarkestHour

        And, they are about to introduce a iPhone 5 refresh, and a new mid-priced model. That will surely improve their sales. And you are putting one manufacturer, with one model of phone, against Android, which has many, many manufacturers,and models. 13% is a very strong percentage.

        Perhaps a better comparison Apple’s place would be to look at the percentage of US subscribers, which show March to June 2013, Apple moving from 39.0 to 39.9%, with Android staying steady at 52%. Were I to work for either an Android company, or Apple, I’d be pretty happy with these numbers.

        I am not an Apple customer, or subscriber, but to try to discredit their success, of proclaim their demise, is folly.

      • abazigal

        And that would be why Apple commands a majority of the industry’s profits despite holding a minority market share?

        What use is a large market share, if the majority of those phones sold are cheap handsets being dumped at break-even prices which add little or nothing to the company’s bottom line?

        • You Are All Dust in The Wind!

          Simple cuz fans like you would pay for nearly $300 profit that apple makes for each iphone, look at Apple’s bill of materials for their true manufacturing cost of iphones.

          Their hardware isnt even that good and their software does have problems. Yes stop smelling the apple pixie dust as I did own tons of apple devices.

          Ive had all kinds of ios devices (iphone 2g-iphone 4, ipad-ipad3, ipod original 120gb to ipad nano 1-5g) before finally switching to android except ipod nano 5g (still IMO best mp3 player around).

          I hate it when crazed apple fans would deny it when others complained of iOS shortcomings and any instability. If it was in android community, they would help and contribute towards fixing it, but if it was in apple community they would ostracized you saying your just badmouthing apple and questioning whether you really owned a product or a just a troll or whether you jailbreak it or whether you drop it or damage it by yourself, they WILL NEVER ADMIT that ios is at fault and that there’s something wrong with the os. It mind boggles me, seeing as its a software made by humans and will be for sure prone to human error and of the millions of ios devices sold for sure some will have something wrong with it. This was my experience as an apple user, as I never had problems with their ipods, but with their iphone and ipad, I did especially with iphone 4 and ipad 3, which made me switched when there are finally better alternatives around.

          • abazigal

            I agree that Apple products are by no means cheap. However, they are still affordable for me, and when I want to buy something, I don’t so much consider how much the company is earning in profits, but whether I find value in what I am paying for (which I feel to be more meaningful).

            It would seem you have had your fair share of negative experiences with Apple, which led you to switch to Android. Fair enough, I see nothing wrong with that. The whole point of getting any device should be to make things work better for you. I am happy that you are currently very satisfied with Apple.

            However, I have yet to experience any of that ostracism you have described. I also frequent other Apple-related forums like macrumours and imore, and the other people there have been nothing short of polite, civil, respectful and helpful when it comes to engaging in meaningful discussion.

            You may be surprised that some of the most outspoken criticisms of Apple products come from ardent Apple supporters. We can certainly agree to disagree; I just see no reason to have to be rude or vulgar about it.

            Conversely, everywhere else I go (such as Cnet and Engadget), what I do see (and no offence intended to the people here), are hordes of self-styled Android supporters polluting the threads with anti-Apple tirades. These serve only to create a negative and highly-toxic environment which makes any sort of meaningful and productive debate impossible. This is my experience as an Apple user, and I personally find it to be extremely annoying and irritating.

  • steve BLOW jobs

    apple will keep the 4″ screen size for sure, why ? it saves them shit loads of money and more profit for them, a simple way to rip off their stupid customers. they are not great at marketing, their customers are just stupid.

    • You Are All Dust in The Wind!

      Tell me about it, check out abazigal comments, it’s completely the epitome of apple’s perfect “customers” stupid, gullible, and easily influenced and brainwashed customers who would defend them to the death and stick around apple even if the competition clearly has left them. That is the reason why apple kept on suing a lot of android manufacturers: htc, motorola, samsung, etc. just to stop them from out innovating apple.

      It’s also hilarious how brainwashed cult members thinks that apple makes up all ideas on their own while everyone copies from them, when just recently apple filed a patent for flexible screen on a smartphone, when samsung showed this off in ces 2013! wtf?! It’s hilarious and shows the stupidity of fans when they said that samsung will copy apple’s flexible screen when samsung already showed a working prototype while apple simply patented a mere concept.

      • abazigal

        I don’t recall ever having said that Apple is the only company that ever comes up with innovative ideas, and that every other company is a copier, so please don’t go around putting words in my mouth, thank you very much.

        Likewise, I don’t see how I am in any way stupid, gullible, brainwashed or easily influenced. The fact is I own Apple products and find that they are serving me very well, in ways that other alternatives can’t.

        In the end, it’s really all about getting the best device to suit each person’s unique needs. I certainly didn’t buy Apple products to look cool or rich. By your logic, how might I have been any less stupid or gullible had I bought an Android device just because people here say it is better, despite it not being able to serve my needs like airplay mirroring or accessing select apps which I want?

  • Timmy

    Hopefully it’s not the beginning of the end for Apple. Regardless of your manufacturer preference (Apple, Android, Windows, Blackberry, etc), we as customers benefit from having healthy competition.

    Like others have stated, Apple will still sell a bazillion of their devices and suggesting they are at a make or break point is probably premature.

    • You Are All Dust in The Wind!

      I agree, I care about free competition, but I do despise Apple for starting up their so called global thermonuclear war against android despite the fact that Apple and steve jobs has always been shameless in stealing other peoples ideas.

      I really wish that they put a stop to patent trolling and prevent ANY company to ban other company or competitors products, cuz its beyond ridiculous how one company (like Samsung and apple) can get a whole phone banned when they only own some of the 100s of features on the phone. It’s unjustified and outright foolish reason for the whole phone to be banned, this applies to both Samsung and apple for being idiots trying to ban one another. I agree for a compensation for the infringed patent, but banning phones just stifles innovation.

  • photoRew Andy

    The ability to use Bluetooth, to send to other devices, other than an other insular iphone.

  • mobilemann

    in this currently climate, where apple and samsung basically share the entire industries profits, you’re saying this is make or break? They are RIM? This author is incredibly clueless, but i guess they needed a flame war.

    • You Are All Dust in The Wind!

      Yes the author is clueless, because afterall you know the entire mobile industry right, mobilemann? This man knows that the global market share of Apple is still awesome! After all, you spent too many visits on the apple “genius” bar and made too many lines in apple store during product launches huh?

      And that market share doesnt really mean sales or profits, so who cares right? Even the downright trend of apple’s market shares plummet to an all new low, WTH cares, afterall they already made their cult, the apple cult members who will follow them to the grave, what cult member no. are you mobilemann?

  • You Are All Dust in The Wind!

    Doesnt matter even if Apple just upgrades one thing like dimensions such as making it thinner and lighter because it already has tons of cult members who will line up for days and defend their god, Apple to the death if anyone just so criticizes about it. They will never admit that there are other companies that have better phones because they have already been brainwashed and is so far gone that they will believe anything apple says or does.

    Ex. When they said a one size fits all 3.5″ iphone and that multitasking is not needed and always criticizes android for this, but the moment Apple increase the size and added multitasking, all of a sudden they turned 180 and thought that Apples a genius for making it kinda like panoramic photos which they all thought apple came up with it first. Apple fans are generally illiterate and stubborn to admit their faults. They also are the gullible types that can be brainwashed easy by words like magical, revolutionary, etc.

    They also don’t do thorough research but if they do, they will only accept info that is pro Apple. Ex. MAJORITY of apple cult members don’t actually know that Apple is made in china and assembled by foxconn, they all believe it is truly an all american company. They also believe that all of the components of their iphone is made and invented by apple alone, so its hilarious that they badmouth Samsung when the inside of their apple devices are made by Samsung, the core critical components needed to run their idevices like soc, memory and display. They will also refuse to accept that apple just like any other companies steals ideas and uses them as their own, heck even steve jobs admitted this. But none of that matters cuz they are so far gone that nothing can save them.

    • abazigal

      Maybe, but it would certainly help your argument if your points were actually true.

      Apple didn’t explicitly dismiss multitasking as useless, they simply didn’t agree with the way it was being implemented by other companies (where they simply let the app run in the background, thereby consuming resources and battery life needlessly). The things I need to multitask with (like airplay and playing music), I can do them on my IOS devices already.

      Apple may not be the first to introduce features like 4G and panoramic photos, but the earlier versions didn’t exactly work all that well either. 4G on Android phones back then was a serious battery hog, while the S2 couldn’t stitch panoramic photos together properly (IIRC). So the price you pay for being an early adopter is that you are basically a beta tester saddled with features that may not work all that well. Not all people are okay with that.

      So in the end, better is a subjective term.

      • You Are All Dust in The Wind!

        What about my argument about apple’s one size fits all 3.5″? What can you say about that? When apple who was so stubborn about not changing screen size and its fans bragging how easy to hold their phones with one hand, but when apple changed the size they all turned 180 and praised them for that.

        Also you mock how the companies who introduced the features didnt work first, but what about apple? how about their apple maps? Did that work? Apple maps was a disaster! So much that Cook even apologized for it and recommended google maps! Were apple users just a beta tests for it just as you said? I guess apple fans are okay being beta tests for their maps saddled with features that dont work all that well. But, of course you wont think that at all, after all it’s apple, you wont believe that apple makes mistake.

        Another mistake they did was in their iphone 4’s design, my last iphone before switching to android, as it keep dropping calls as it signals would decrease as you were just holding the phone! Of course typical apple denies this and brainwashes it fans that the media is just hyping it up. Despite evidence found that the metalic sides does interfere with the signals, but of course apple still denied it saying there was nothing wrong with their phone at all but discretely fired the engineer in charge for the iphone 4 and what do you know, releases rubber side protection. Still they denied it with the famous line that if the signal drops then your holding your iphone wrong! That for me was the end of the line so I switched. I was never brainwashed by apple, but if that was how they addressed consumer issues, I for once wont stand by such a company. I’m a true consumer and I certainly wont defend a company like what you are doing. Consumers shouldnt do that even cuz companies only care about profits and not consumers, anyone who believe otherwise is a downright fool. I guess apples so good at establishing brand loyalty to the point they brainwashed consumers like zombies lining up in stores for days just to get an inferior outdated product.

        Also since your clearly a brainwashed fan, you of course wont believe that apple just like any other company steals ideas and make them into their own right? Of course you wont, you would believe blindly that apple’s ideas are all their own right? and the rest of android manufacturers simply copy apple? Heres the evidence itself, straight from the horse’s mouth, if you still dont believe it, I guess this further proves my point that there’s really no saving brainwashed fans after all:

        • mobilemann

          why is every post of yours a copy and pasted crusade against apple? Are you that stupid? or paid?

  • iamchandlerbing

    I don’t know about that. But your a real fan. A fandroid!

  • Darktanone

    Manufactured hype! iPhone users are happy with the product and Apple’s pace of innovation and refinement. That’s why they continue to get the highest scores in customer satisfaction, loyalty, Internet usage, etc. It’s a pleasure to use an iOS device and as long as they deliver in that respect, they’ll continue to set the bar for the industry. The iPhone is the phone by which the others are judged. As can be expected, they’ll avoid the gimmicks and add new features, some the competition will no doubt borrow. So expect long lines, record initial sales and holiday sales. If you want to sound the death knell, do it for Motorola, HTC, Blackberry, Sony, etc. The real losers in the market.

  • End in sight

    I suspect that history will look back on 9/10/13 as a milestone date. I bet there will be those will say that on that date, Apple took a turn for the worse.

  • kirk ngo

    Why even ask the question?. We all know they are going to not impressed everyone. Especially those who owns a 4/4S or 5. They are going to switch because they can’t keep up with the latest and greatest tech in any way. Apple will always be behind in the mobile space. They are old with no new tricks.

  • Nick Tsiotinos

    I think Apple can still get away with just tweaking and rely on their ecosystem and great industrial design to keep existing customers and also their form factor is still better for those people who just want a phone and not a mini computer / assistant.

    I think Apple will face it’s real test once Android devices start featuring new form factors with flexible screens and other innovations. Also I think that once Android moves to a large enough market share – you might see app developers starting to offer discounted or even free versions of their apps to iOS customers moving to Android.

    When that happens, Apple will face a huge challenge….

  • reality

    Apple sucks.Big time.