When first came out. it was more of a gimmick than a feature. It allowed HTC customers to download ringtones, wallpapers, HTC Skins, and other assorted knick knacks. The few useful features it had included syncing contacts and a tracking feature that would find your lost or stolen phone. While it was kind of nice, it didn’t allow for much more than that. HTC may have noticed, as they took down the service earlier this year. They promised they’d make it better and then bring it back.

Well, it didn’t take them long because is back. With the impending release of the HTC One X+, who’s specs were recently leaked on Twitter, HTC has also announced the return of With the return comes some old favorites and some new features. underwent quite the overhaul. In addition to the stuff you could do before, HTC has added a number of new features. One such feature is you can now save your email accounts on your account along with your Dropbox account. However, the biggest new feature is that you can actually set up your phone without actually having your phone.

The new allows you to set up applications, emails, home screens, wallpapers, ringtones, etc all from the website. Then, when you sign into your account on your phone, all that information transfers over. The apps are downloaded, the wallpapers are set, etc. This is a really unique feature that no one has really done before.

What HTC phones will get to use the new

Unfortunately, no current HTC phones are scheduled to get support for the new For all intents and purposes, the new is being slated as a HTC One X+ only feature. This will probably disappoint a number of current HTC fans. No doubt that developers and hackers will at least attempt a way to work around that.

Despite its exclusivity, the new is actually a pretty nifty little achievement. If you’re a future One X+ owner, you can go set up your future phone right now. Then simply sign into your account when you get it and watch your phone configure itself. To give it a shot, check out the new website.

Is the new a good selling point for the HTC One X+ or is it going to alienate current HTC customers for not supporting their devices? Let us know your thoughts.

Joe Hindy
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  • akki

    this truly sucks!! i mean htc completely ignores their previous flagship this something they got to learn from apple..they give updates and features for all its devices!!

  • Owen Cook

    Alienate pure and simple. was one of the reasons I chose to get an HTC phone. It worked great and was brilliant for finding my phone, backing up contacts, it even stored all my text messages and kept call logs (so I could read and reply to messages from my computer or text people who’s calls I’d missed when leaving my phone at home/a mate’s house). I loved it. Then they go and change the system, deleting all old data if you didn’t download it (I was away at the time and missed this – so lost all my data) with the promise you could upload the data again to the new…which now doesn’t support my phone…great. Have now bought a Samsung – there’ll be a lot I miss about HTC, but their mistreatment of customers is not in that list – I got the Desire HD in its release week just over two years ago, it’s still only on Android 2.3.5 because they just stopped bothering with it. Nice.

  • Electroduende

    HTC has never cared about their current customers, just about the customers to be. I also bougth the Desire HD biased by this feature andI felt even more dissapointed, as was not working in Spain at that moment. They promised it would start in just some weeks… they started, but only with the geocalization tool; the rest never ever appeared…. then it goes offline for… Five months!! and comes like this… what a sh*t…