New HTC Droid DNA video posted online, reveals smartphone highlights

by: Chris SmithNovember 13, 2012

Verizon and HTC on Tuesday hosted a special media event in New York City to announce a new device that’s going to be available exclusively from Big Red starting with November 21, the Droid DNA.

While the two companies chose a very strange day to announce the phablet – Google launched the new Nexus devices in various markets on the same day – the Droid DNA is definitely an interesting Android handset.

We have already talked about specs and features, release date and prices, and we’ve shown you the official press images of the phablet and a first promo video. It’s now time to look at HTC’s second Droid DNA marketing video, embedded below, which highlights some of the main features of the handset.

DROID DNA by HTC – First Look

What do you say? Are you going to buy the HTC Droid DNA, or are you getting a different handset this winter?

  • AlainDee

    Hope there will be an international version any time soon :D

  • thepeddle

    This is exactly HTC’s problem right now…….this phone is absolutely beautiful and should be launched across every carrier in North America at the same time. Carrier exclusivity is BS nowadays…makes absolutely no sense…If this phone isn’t flagship then what is?? The HTC One X would of sold a hell of a lot more launched across all Carriers………and they wonder why they are losing market share and taking HUGE profit loss…….Insane

    • leoingle

      COULDN’T AGREE MORE!! This being on one carrier makes freaking absolutely no sense!

  • Santod Mods

    This is a Global phone if a Global Sim is purchased for it. There is also the J Butterfly for those in the region which that applies to.