New HTC Droid DNA ad released by Verizon, says the device is an upgrade to yourself

by: Chris SmithDecember 25, 2012


The recently launched HTC Droid DNA (see our in-depth review here) stars in a fresh new Verizon commercial entitled “Extra Sensory.”

In it, the carrier emphasizes the Droid DNA’s main features, presenting the device not as “an upgrade to your phone, but as an upgrade to yourself.” Obviously, the whole DNA thing is exploited in the 30-second commercial, so don’t be surprised to find phrases like “vision expanding to 5-inch 1080p HD display and camera,” “touch acquiring NFC” or “hearing evolving with Beats audio.”

The HTC Droid DNA, known as the J Butterfly / Butterfly in other markets, is definitely one of the best HTC Android devices out there, but is it enough for the Taiwan-based Android maker to help it recover lost ground in the Android ecosystem?

2013 will certainly drive competition among top Android rivals to new levels, and we can only hope HTC will put up a great fight.

Have you purchased a Droid DNA yet?

  • Tom

    Love this phone

  • Filip Justin

    The first phone in dozens that will surpass it in hardware and software the next year. :)

  • HellG

    Awesome phone, ad is not as good as Motorola Razr ads :/

  • cycad007

    The (Sharp) DNA screen puts my Samsung screen to shame.

  • Chris Sexton

    The phone looks great but it is missing micro SD card slot and removable battery. Big mistake HTC!

    • Mitchel Errol Suarez

      The SD card slot is good, but removable battery is somewhat unnecessary, you can’t build a great phone without sealing the back cover!

  • Aspen

    Plan on picking it up tomorrow once stores are open. I keep on researching about it to make sure I don’t find anything not liking; But I end up finding more to like! =]

  • leoingle

    I’ve had this phone for about 2 weeks now. Absolutely loving it. I was leery of the battery size, but it last very good. I dont know how, but it does. A lil better than my S3 did and that is really good. The wireless charging is freaking aweswome. Dont hesitate to get this phone. If you have a problem with this phone, then you just cant be satisfied or are looking for something wrong and need to get a life.

  • gotta say, HTC did a “ok” Job……….. till the s4 is out! LOL

  • Carlos

    Anyone know the name of this song?