New Google Now update makes it a great travel companion, new voice actions added too

by: Bams SadewoDecember 6, 2012

Are you a fan of Google Now? If so, it’s our pleasure to bring you the news that the award-winning digital assistant has been updated with some travel-friendly features, just in time for the holiday. The update also brings some new voice actions.

From showing whether it’s going to rain or shine at your destination, automatically pulling up your boarding pass when at the airport, to rounding up events that you can attend once you arrived there – travelers have more reasons to keep their Android phone close.

Here’s the list of the new cards:

  • Events nearby
  • Suggestions to help with your research
  • Boarding passes from Gmail (United only, more to come)
  • Search by camera when at museums or shops
  • Weather at upcoming travel destinations
  • Approximate monthly summary of walking and biking activity
  • Birthdays

As for the added voice actions, you can now create a new post on your Google+ page by saying “Post to Google Plus”. Mystified by an unknown song? Simply say “What’s this song?” to get the answer. Lastly, you can use Google Now to dig up information about a certain product by saying “Scan a barcode”.

Get your Google Now update by heading to Google Play.

  • Noah

    Google Now was quickly disabled, draws too much power to the point of being impractical. And that’s without mentioning the privacy issues.

    • Derek Edwards

      I’m not getting that issue at all…try it again, might be your sync settings?

  • Nizo

    I found it to be drawing massive amounts of power as well. I tried tinkering with settings, but to me it seems if location services are turned on, it’s sucking down massive power as it updates my position in real time via Google maps. Bottom line for me with it on I get half a day less use out of my phone. So while it is handy and offers some nifty features, I don’t feel as though it’s worth the battery or the added security risk by being forced to have both location services running 24/7. To me it’s like Google came up with this in order to force people to turn on their location services.. with those services off, it can’t even tell you the local weather, so of course people are going to turn on those questionable services. Others who are plagued by horrible battery life probably have no clue that Google Now is a big contributing factor to it.