New Google media player ‘H840 Device’ passes through FCC

by: Derek RossMay 19, 2013


According to the FCC, a new Google branded media device is making the rounds. The new Google product “functions as a media player” and includes an external power source (AC adapter , so we know this new product isn’t a tablet or smartphone). What exactly do we know? Well, we don’t know much besides the product name: H840 DEVICE and the model number: H2G2-42 (which is a nice hat tip towards you Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy fans).

H2G2-42Earlier this year, sources informed me of a Google TV successor product that was currently in testing. The product was said to be the future of Google TV and that Google TV was itself moving to a stock Android experience with Google TV being a software addon. After Google IO13, we’re now sure that this is direction that Google TV and Android are heading. Was the device in testing months ago the H840 DEVICE? Who knows?  The H840 DEVICE could however be the very first of these products to come onto the market with the new platform direction.

Additionally, Droid Life was recently informed of a product in the works, code named ‘Wolfie’. They were told this device would be focused on gaming. We know that Google is pushing their Google Play Game Services platform hard and that Google still hasn’t effectively taken over the living, yet. I’ve said in the past that an Android game console / Android TV device (think Nexus Q and Google TV hybrid) would be a winner.

We don’t know exactly when this device will show up. However, there are rumors that June 10th could be a big day for Google, releasing Android 4.3 and a white Nexus 4. June 10th also just happens to be Apple’s WWDC 2013 event. Releasing the next iteration of Android, a new Nexus 4 and an Android media player on the same day of Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference would definitely steal some thunder from Apple.

  • What if its a iPod touch competitor? Just a thought.

  • Phillip Malone

    And a Nexus 7 tablet would be great! Silly question, could this just be the Google Fiber set-top box or are they already in homes?

  • Ruzveh

    I wonder what will happen to the Intel TV project?