New & improved Google Drive for desktop starts rolling out

by: Edgar CervantesJuly 8, 2014

Google Drive 2.0 was announced in the midst of the Google IO madness. The new and improved Google Drive brings forth a much more user-friendly interface, simulating that of a regular desktop file manager. The Drive app has already been updated, but we have been waiting for the desktop version to be brought up to par.

It seems the wait has ended, as a sea of users is reporting the new interface emerging for the desktop. Introduced features and functions will be very welcomed, but first let’s go over the new improvements.

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 2.17.11 PM

What’s different on Google Drive 2.0?

The first difference you will see is that the file layout is no longer set as a list. Instead, we have an icon grid layout showing you more details on the files, while managing to stay as stylish as possible. This grid style was available before, but it was not set by default, and it certainly didn’t look this good. I happen to prefer it, and it does appear more like files in a computer.

As you can see in the video, the “Create” button has been replaced with one named “New”. It does exactly the same – create a new document or file. You can create new folders, upload files/folders, start a new Google Docs file or launch any of the other Google Drive-compatible apps.

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 2.16.24 PM

The other differences are buried in the smaller details. For example, you can select a file and click on the “i” button to see file details. It’s also possible to click & drag, drag & drop and more.

Wrap up

Now that we have given you all the juicy details, go ahead and open Google Drive on your desktop browser! The first users are getting a prompt, so go check if it has rolled out to you. And if you do have it already, hit the comments below to let us know how you like it.

  • Kenny Rousseau

    I don’t have it yet :’c ugh I can’t wait!

  • Greg

    What’s the difference? Can we finally spread our data usage as we want to and not be stuck with restrictions maybe?
    Look forward to checking it out!

  • philosopher_Mk

    I’ve got it :D Now you must double click to open folder which is annoying, there is no open on right click menu . Drag and drop is great and new design is much better.

    Also opera browser it’s not supported.

  • akuma

    Is there a Linux port yet?

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  • Lucas

    I really like to know when Google will launch an official version to BSD/Linux…

  • kgb kgbb

    Love it. Super clean and EASY. Question: How to choose multiples (ctrl/click doesn’t work)

    • Decere Tiozon

      Drag your mouse around the files you want selected, click and drag on one of documents to move.

  • AnonGuyy

    “Or create something new in Google dawrks”

    • George Somers

      That’s didn’t trigger the update.

  • Any way to speed up the process of geting the updated version?

  • Preben Nielsen

    Still using the old version here. No update in sight

  • Chad Kafka

    I strongly dislike having to double-click to ope files or to go into a folder. I feel like that is such a ‘backwards’ step for computer users that we have had to work to train out of them.

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