New Gmail for Android app update brings a “cleaner” look to conversation view and other improvements

by: Chris SmithSeptember 25, 2013

Gmail for Android

Google on Wednesday announced that its Gmail for Android app will get a new update “starting today” that will bring users a “cleaner design” for conversation view, as well as other improvements.

In addition to the new card-like design for conversation view, the list of improvements includes “checkmarks for multiple message selection,” in order for better viewing what messages are about to be moved, deleted or archived.

Furthermore, the app will tell users whether account sync is on or off, which should help users stay on top of their emails, and make sure they “won’t accidentally miss an important message again.

The new Gmail for Android update should roll out to all users in the next days/weeks, so keep checking with Google Play in case you didn’t get it yet! However, while you wait for the update, you can check out the screenshots gallery above, as Google provided via Google+ a small taste of what’s in store for its Gmail Android app.

  • master5hake

    Does it still auto qoute text when replying? One of the most annoying features of gmail.

  • eClipse

    !@#$% Pictures in the messages. Who wants that? Toggle PLEASE!

  • Leonardo Rojas

    Today is September 26th, I remember a year ago by this date I purchased a dozen of nice apps from the Play Store for $0.25 each. It was the Play Store anniversary. Isn’t it this year going to celebrate or what? I’m reserving my couple of bucks to purchase something useful n.n
    Anyone knows what to expect or when?

  • Sadman Hossain

    Its nice but i think it can be cleaner. I mean just take a look at iOS 7’s gmail app. I think Google needs to change its fonts.