New Galaxy S3 TV ads released by Samsung, now with less iPhone 5

by: Chris SmithOctober 24, 2012

The last time we spoke about Samsung Galaxy S3 TV ads was about a month ago when Apple launched its iPhone 5. Samsung decided it was time to take more hits at the iPhone, but in the process it also made fun of iPhone buyers, which is definitely not a great way to convince them to choose the Galaxy S3 instead.

Today Samsung Mobile USA posted three new 30-second TV ads on its YouTube channel that focus on various Galaxy S3 features, without bashing the iPhone in the process – of course, an iPhone is present in one of the videos, but I won’t spoil them for you. What matters is that these new ads are definitely a much better way to go, not to mention that some of them are really funny.

The three ads, entitled “Date Night,” “Work Trip,” “Game On” and embedded below, show regular Galaxy S3 users in regular day-to-day scenarios. The company highlights some of the features of its flagship smartphone including the big screen, the NFC support and S Beam sharing capabilities.

Date Night

Work Trip

Game On

The tag line remains unchanged, “The Next Big Thing is Here.” What do you think of these three new TV ads?

  • Serban Streza

    New Galaxy S3 TV ads released by Samsung, now with less iPhone 5 … iPhone 5? What is that?

    • apple made a living bashing PC and distorting reality.

  • Alex13809

    I gotta say. I really love this commercials. If you look at the apple commercials, or even other manufacturers well maybe not HTC, the main focal point of the commercial is always the phone. I.e. the phone is always on the screen, and its always going on about the super cool features of the phone. These three commercials put most if not all of the talking to use to build a little story. The main point of the first two was the people, and different parts of their lives. The phone made subtle appearances that had a big impact. They were more about you can live your life better and more conveniently with this phone, rather than having your life revolve around it. This is one of the biggest differences in iOS vs Android, the one forces you to change the way you do things to fit what has been defined as right, while the other lets you pick how you wanna do things.

  • Rock74

    Love it!

  • banjoonmyknee

    Love them, particularly the second one, but I wish Samsung would play up the other uses for NFC, like how much you can do with tags.

  • woo

    whatever :-/ i’m getting an ipad mini :)

    • EKfine

      that piece of crap? you’re better off with an ipad2.

  • John

    Second one is awesome

  • tomn1ce

    I like all three but can’t decide on which one I like the most between the 2nd and 3rd…

  • Perry Ahern

    Like all 3, but “Work Trip” (the 2nd one) made me laugh. Shared this with a friend to show him that commercial specifically.

  • That’s way way better than before! I like the first one best