New Galaxy Note 3 ad reminds us buying it is the “smart move”

by: Chris SmithDecember 3, 2013

Samsung has kicked off what looks like a new series of ads meant to convince consumers to buy more Galaxy devices – specifically more Galaxy Note 3 units.

The first episode of Smart Move shows us the hardware of the Galaxy Note 3, listing several reasons to buy this particular flagship smartphone. In less than 100 seconds, Samsung reminds us that the Galaxy Note 3 features a 5.7-inch Full HD display and has a new kind of plastic back cover – “textured back cover with delicate stitching.”

Then, Samsung tells us that the Galaxy Note 3 is a power machine, ready for gaming, and not only, thanks to its 2.3GHz processor and 3GB of RAM. When it comes to storage, there’s plenty of that as well, and you can always add more via microSD as well.

Finally, the camera of the phone is mentioned, a 13-megapixel shooter that comes with Full HD video recording, and plenty of “innovative” features.

As you can see, Samsung is just interested in promoting the phone in this ad, as there aren’t any hits at the competition.

We’ll remind you that the company is expected to spend over $14 billion on marketing and advertising this year, so we’re certainly not surprised to see Samsung promote one of its top-selling handsets with a new ad version.

As the end of the day, the Galaxy Note 3 may not be the best choice for everyone, but it’s certainly one of the best handsets of the year. In the playlist above, you can check out some of our hands-on coverage of the handset since it was first unveiled in early September at IFA 2013.

  • Disasterpiece

    Well I enjoy the Note 3… Especially after I wiped Touchwiz from its surface.

    • Jason Yuen

      I used to hate touchwiz. Now with the note 3, I think I like parts of it. There are small enhancements that are actually quite useful. Perhaps one of the best touchwiz features I like is the fact that you can pull down the notification bar from any full screen application without so much as a pause in the application. Great for quickly checking the time when you’re gaming or watching a video. In addition, I think the stylus is best used with touchwiz features. I would like that to change, but being able to quickly open a note pad with the stylus to jot down a quick note (or drawing) is extremely useful. Typing it into a text flie just isn’t as intuitive as writing it. As long as you don’t write like chicken scratch, you can convert your handwriting into text afterwards if necessary.

      • Disasterpiece

        I use a different launcher so it allows me to keep the touchwiz features without dealing directly with touchwiz. I can honestly say in the month I have had the phone, I haven’t used the s pen for anything other than to show it off to people.
        The main reason I got this device and not the One Max is the multi window feature. To be as powerful of a device as it is, it hiccups at times. Not alot but I can tell. If it scaled back some of the bloatware, I’m sure it wouldn’t have a single issue.
        Interestingly enough, I just got a Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition, and it actually stutters at times too as well, even with its 8 core arrangement. Samsung packs alot into its premium product, I just wish they took more time to do it smartly.

        • Jason Yuen

          Precisely my friend. For now, I use Apex launcher. I rooted but actually have the stock recovery. Technically that doesn’t void your warranty but is heavily subjective should you need to send it in for warranty. I have the LTE variant and it also lags once in a while or a short stutter. I just wish I could do an OTA update without unrooting.

          • Disasterpiece

            I wish I could root my device. I’m coming from iPhone where Jailbreak in is a cinch compared to root an Android. Let me know if they ever get a one click root or something lol.
            I have the Euro version (bought it while I was in France unlocked). Yeah, I would say about 6 out of all the features is actually useful. The rest is just filler.

          • Jason Yuen

            Rooting literally takes 2 minutes to do after you have downloaded the necessary files. You should really look into it. It’s just following a few steps.

  • dean clarke

    Always thought people look daft with one stuck to side of face! Now am one lol the screen is mint!

    • Jason Yuen

      Agreed. I was a note hater too for the first 2 generations. In reality, you spend much more time with the phone in both hands than beside your ear. In fact, I often like to switch to speaker phone and multi task on the phone to do something else whether it be playing a game, or jotting down a note from the person on the other end of the line. “Do you have a pen and pad with you handy?” will never again be answered with a “no” or a “hang on, ill get one”.

  • J2

    The note 3 is an amazing device I really like it but as an early adopter of the note 2 I’m stuck till the note 4 comes out which in my eyes is an okay problem to have

  • Favio Maldonado

    I love my first android phone (note 3) did a #smartmove. does anybofy knows the name of the cars game? I got a $50 on my google account for getting this phone which I got for free without using my upgrade on vrz Vuala!

    • Salaried tips

      Asphalt 8 it’s free but with in app purchases

      • Favio Maldonado

        @salaried tips thank you buddy

  • madmills92

    It needs that 2.3ghz processor just to match the speed of its competitors due to all it’s bloatware, seriously I own the HTC one max which uses the s600 at 1.7ghz and when comparing it to my friends note 3 the speed of both devices side by side is equal , there’s literally no visable difference.
    And in my opinion I’d rather the dual stereo speakers and zoe feature than the stylus and finally with the camerathe 4ultrapixels were more than satisfactory and the low light shots are truely amazing, they literally come out brighter than your own eyes can see , Iv found myself using the phones camera as a makeshift nightvision before (didnt want to give away my position using torch)

    • patrik

      Zoe feature better than the stylus? Give me a break. There’s alot of apps that do what Zoe does, alot better too. But there’s no app you can download that simulates what the stylus does. It’s in a league of it’s own, trust me.

      The camera on the One Max is good in lowlights sure, but in EVERY other scenario, it’s terrible beyond words.

      Also.. are you a stalker?

      • madmills92

        Your entitled to your opinion but have you actually used the camera ? Because I went from using the 8mp from the HTC one x that was very highly acclaimed abd really can’t tell a difference and side by side to the note 3 the difference is only noticible if your really looking for it. And nooo lol there was a fight or something outside my house and I was trying to see what was up

        • sfasljkas

          The only advantage is low light but enough light and video recording it’s no contest.

  • sfasljkas

    The note 3 is the best smartphone at the moment superior screen that has multiple modes plus 4k recording plus its multitasking capabilities are second to none

    • D’Ander McSullivan

      The 4k is pretty useless for me (for me, for f*ck sake). But that multitasking is just pretty freaking cool! I was between this and the Nexus 5, but the N5 didn’t convinced so I’m getting the N3 this week.

      • patrik

        If you look for a direct comparison when shooting in 4K and 1080p, trust me, there’s a big difference. Doesn’t matter if you’re using a 4K screen or not.

        • D’Ander McSullivan

          The point is that I won’t record that many videos. I’m not saying it’s not a cool feature or that it should not be there, just saying it’s kinda useless for what I do :)

    • Roberto Tomás

      definitely the best all-around phone of the year. there are other notables, like the 1020 for its camera, and the iPhone for its single core performance. Its so good I have half a mind to get one even though I’m really in the market for a tablet — that screen and that usb3 are just too hard to ignore.

  • hoggleboggle

    I love my note 3, no doubt the most capable phone on the market today, but this ad is really bad. It spends too much time showing the actor prancing about in the city and gives you nothing that can’t be found on dozens of other handsets on the market and even then it misses out on the fact you can shoot and view 4k (how useful that is is another matter).

  • Tuấn Ankh

    My sis just got a Note 3 and it’s so damn awesome. To me, the most awesome thing about it is the battery life. I have a Mega 6.3 which has a pretty good battery life, yet the Note 3 blows it away!

  • I agree, BUT I cannot understand why there is no FM on my Note3. I also hope I can dual booth it with windows phone.

  • Android Developer

    can you choose a polycarbonate back for the note 3 instead of what it has?

  • CDNandez

    Iphone user for many years, switching to note 3 today, any pros or cons with this?

  • AbbyZFresh

    Samsung never fails to hypnotize everyone with these types of commercials with their S and Note series. It already makes me want to buy a Note 3 right now. And i usually hate Samsung products.