New Galaxy Note 2 Android 4.3 test firmware reportedly leaked – build N7100XXUEMJ5

by: Chris SmithOctober 27, 2013

Galaxy Note 2

A new purported Android 4.3 Jelly Bean test firmware for the Galaxy Note 2 has been leaked and is available for download, unofficially.

This time around we’re looking at build version N7100XXUEMJ5, which has been posted online by Sam Mobile, with the publication saying that it has received it from its insider.

Samsung is again rumored to prepare the official Android 4.3 update for the Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3 to be launched next month, and the company is apparently issuing test firmware versions every two days in order to iron out bugs.

The N7100XXUEMJ5 firmware apparently includes Samsung Knox and Samsung Wallet in addition to other Android 4.3 features.

As always, we don’t encourage you to install unofficial software on your devices, but if you decide to go for such procedures, you’re going to be the only person responsible for whatever happens. That said, in case you want to try out this Android 4.3 build on your Galaxy Note 2, make sure you follow the exact steps (see Source link below).

We’ll remind you that the Galaxy S4 has recently been updated to the Android 4.3, with various test firmware builds being also conveniently leaked before the official ROM was released.

  • enigma

    you don’t mean NOTE 2 by any chance, do you? :)

  • Paarkhi

    I think the Author needs to read after typing

  • islam ahdab

    Are know anything about update (Galaxy 10.1 n8000)
    Sorry for bad language I speak arabic

  • Syed Muhammad Ali

    is this safe to update note 2 with this firmwawre????


    i tried it
    it is ok and safe u wont loose your warranty

    u cant do hacks and kernels and those geek business

    best new features daydream and lockscreen widget
    let me whisper wiz a crazy thing
    i feel my note 2 get smaller !! i mean i can control it easily and fast than before

    • eric

      hi ahmed, is there air command on this update?


    drawback of the update

    no floating keyboard
    bluetooth audio issues

    no call during a call
    i feel 4,3 is nicer but in stability 4.1.2 win

  • vishu

    i got the update from here

  • eric

    is there Air command on this Update? please reply. thanks

  • marzuki

    How to update my OS version manually..

  • Marcel

    Where can I download android 4.3 for a galaxy note 2

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