New Galaxy Gear ads arrive showing the history of the smartwatch

by: Chris SmithOctober 6, 2013

Galaxy Gear

Samsung has released a couple of new Galaxy Gear ads, in which they show the history of the smartwatch, as relayed by various TV shows along the years.

The Galaxy Gear may not be the most well-received new Samsung gadget these days, but the company certainly seems determined in putting its marketing muscle behind the product.

The two new one-minute ads (see below) remind us of some popular smartwatches used over the years in cartoons, TV shows and movies by famous characters – even Predator with its self-destruct/computer armband is in the list.

Naturally, the jump is made from fictional devices to the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. It’s worth pointing out that even if Samsung is sort-of suggesting it has created the first smartwatch, that’s definitely not the case, as various companies currently sell their own smartwatch models including the Sony Smartwatch versions or the Pebble, to name just a few.

Perhaps the coolest thing in these new ads isn’t the Galaxy Gear, but the way Samsung shows those “old” smartwatches in the “Evolution” clip. It’s also worth noting that all these devices were certainly ahead of their time when they were imagined, while the Galaxy Gear isn’t off to a spectacular start.

Do you plan to buy a Galaxy Gear?

  • lavabird

    they should show the history of plastic instead..
    just kidding :D

  • D’Ander McSullivan

    Great piece of ad!
    Not that great device, though.

  • EnX$$

    this thing you be discontinued and samsung should be a shamed to have something out this rushed that sucks. this watch bring the samsung name down.

  • yah


  • John-Phillip Saayman

    I’d get one if I could get it on contract with a note 3. On its own it’s just a bit expensive for what you really get.

  • Amine Elouakil

    Cool ad, for an expensive piece of garbage, maybe they’ll get right with the next iteration of the product

  • It’s really great. I am extremely excited for this.

  • abazigal

    Since when is the predator gauntlet a smart watch? I thought it was just a nuclear device?

    That said, the ad was pretty cool, if only for the Power Rangers nostalgia.

  • Douglas Darden

    Looks good

  • John Mortimer

    Its looks way better to use on this video than all the the iPhone sites that reviewed it

  • bob

    The gear has several problems, the two most prominent being
    1. Way too expensive
    2. Way too ugly