New Flickr sample Android application debuts

by: Darcy LaCouveeSeptember 4, 2008
Photostream for Android

Photostream for Android

The guys over at the Android Developers Blog have posted a new open source sample application for would-be Android developers to examine. Called Photostream, the application is basically a client for viewing pictures from the photo site.

The sample application source code demonstrates some basic programming methods for adding shortcuts to an Android smartphone’s home screen, the use of themes, and how to use the HttpClient class to connect to remote web servers, as well as demonstrating the use of animations and basic image manipulation.

The Apps for Android project doesn’t actually provide a link to the Photostream source code as of the moment I am writing this, but I figure it will appear soon since the developers blog has said to look for it there.

You’ll find more screen shots of Photostream below.