New Bionic Video Surfaces, Shows Retail Packaging and Quick Hands On

by: Darcy LaCouveeSeptember 5, 2011
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The Droid Bionic is so close to launch, that I can almost taste it. It’s been so long since its original debut at CES 2011, that it almost seems pointless for them to launch it. Still, Verizon and their marketing team have assigned a hefty budget to make people experience all kinds of crazies for the Droid Bionic. Thankfully, it will go on sale in just a few short days, on September the 8th

Some in the blogosphere are criticizing it for having a near identical UI to the Motorola Droid 3, but it matters not. Rumored to have 100,000 units available on launch day, and judging from the amount of people that come to Android Authority on a daily basis looking for more news nuggets about the Droid Bionic, it’s safe to say that this particular phone will sell like hotcakes.

Anyway, here’s a short video that shows off the retail box, and a quick hands on of the UI and the about screen. As always, we love to hear your comments. You can be sure that the manufacturers are watching. Does this phone live up to your expectations or are you holding out for the Nexus Prime?


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  • Previous Moto Fan

    Too late there Motorola! Now your BIONIC is just another phone in a crowded market of phone with similar specs. Everyone is gonna have dual core, so what makes you special anymore? This phone would have been the king of the phone world had they released it back in May or June, but now… lost in the crowd.

    • Once and Future Moto Fan

      I respectfully disagree. True, dual core is the all the rage these days, but the main factor that may put the Bionic in front is the mindshare it’s received because of all the postponements. No, it’s not going to be the king of all phones, but at this point, there’s no need for it to be king, it’s got more than enough attention and enough curious people out there for it to be a killer sell. It’ll be able to handle itself plenty well in this upcoming 4G crowd.

  • Jilted Droid Owner

    Hey Moto/Verizon (can you hear me). I don’t know how this phone measures up because I haven’t seen any specs on this device. The verizon website still just says it is coming in September, but does not have a page listing the specs. I am beginning to think that the phone is not going to be very good since neither Motorola or Verizon is proud enough to release the specs. I even gave Verizon my email address so I can be informed, but I have heard nothing.

    Are they trying to act like Apple? I don’t buy Apple anymore because of the way Apple behaves.This teasing is only pissing me off. I have had a failed Droid 1 for 4 months and this Bionic has just been around the corner since then. If this phone does not turn out to have been worth the wait and live up to the hype they’ve created, not only will I not buy the Bionic, I’ll be adding Motorola to the list of manufacturers whose products I will not buy.

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