ASUS sends out invitations for Padfone Infinity launch event next week

by: Nate SwannerSeptember 12, 2013

ASUS new Padfone Infinity

We’ve seen leaked pics, and we’ve heard the rumors, but ASUS seems primed to launch their new phone/tablet hybrid. Dubbed ‘the new Padfone Infinity’, ASUS has begun sending invitations for the launch event of the one true phablet, and have a fun little video on their website (and below) to commemorate the launch.

Aside from an upgraded processor and the addition of a white model, not much is known about the new Padfone Infinity. The design is said to be the exact same, with no resolution upgrade for the screen. A MicroSD card slot could make an appearance, but those are the only tweaks we’ve heard of. The truncated video also lends us to believe that Asus doesn’t have much to offer or tease, either. No glamour shots, no zippy graphics — just a rocket launching.

The website has a countdown timer as well, so those of you who are really excited for the new phablet, September 17th is your day.

  • Peeyush Malik

    Asus has a good concept but it lacks behind in marketing

    • john

      And pricing, oh gawd the last padfone…

      • Ryan Castle

        It was actually reasonable pricing, considering you get an unlocked phone and a 10 inch tablet.

  • Larry

    O dear Asus, how I wish you could be where Samsung is today.

    • Spruce Cycle

      Not possible Samsung is a GOD where as Asus is an amoeba. (tho their netbbooks are awesome!)

  • mrjayviper

    nice gadget severely hampered by worldwide availability

  • dfq

    this idea seems to be a hard sell. they should just start researching how to make foldable phones work.

  • asds

    ñever more i will buy a asus phone, i bought the padfone2 it have hardware problems, had to go back to repair 3 times, after that, refund. I like the phone but the comapny had mess realy bad with the technical help

  • Ryan Castle

    What else could be refreshed aside from the processor and the possible MicroSD card?
    Maybe they will upgrade the tablet resolution to 2560×1600, but that’s about it since the last Padfone Infinity got launched barely 5 months ago.