Netflix v3.0 begins rolling out, provides a much smoother experience

by: Andrew GrushOctober 16, 2013


Netflix might be one of the best sources for streaming TV shows and movies, but for Android users it also means dealing with an app that is haunted by freezing, stuttering and plenty of other issues. The good news is that Netflix is finally revamping the whole experience with its new Netflix v3.0 update!

The layout of the new app is mostly the same, though a few small tweaks can be noticed here and there. This update is really all about sharpening up the app’s performance, providing an Android app that is actually worthy of our time. There’s also some changes to the way the navigation bar works in this new version of Netflix.

Last but not least, the new Netflix app is also said to work better with Google’s Chromecast, featuring improved in-app controls, including in the lock-screen.

Now that the good is out of the way, time for a little bit of bad news. Unfortunately, Netflix is still neglecting us Android users when it comes to its new profile feature. While the PC, iOS, PS3 and Xbox 360 all have the ability to create multiple profiles for each member in your household, no such luck on the Android version. Here’s to hoping that this situation changes in the near-future.

Interested in getting your hands on the new Netflix app? While you can certainly check Google Play for the update, it’s important to note that this a staged rollout and not everyone will be lucky enough to have access just yet.

If you’re the impatient type (like myself), you can always grab the APK and install the update manually. For those that have already updated, what do you think of the new Netflix update?

  • Replicant Jason Booth

    Im not sure if the netflix android app has been enabled for hd streaming yet…Iam not able to stream in hd on my htc one.Anyone have a solution for me?

    • sluflyer06

      IIRC the HTC one supports 1080p with netflix. Try searching for “Netflix Short 23.976” and be connected to wifi at your house with a strong signal and fast connection (preferably 10mb or higher) and see what the display bitrate is.

      • Replicant Jason Booth

        thanks a lot, I’m going try it out right now….i take it i should do this from my desktop? I just tried searching for it on my device and I haven’t been able to find it.

        • sluflyer06

          sorry “Example Short 23.976” it should come up on anything, I can access it on iOS and Android devices and it has a on-screen resolution and bitrate realtime readout.

          • Replicant Jason Booth

            The max resolution I was able to achieve was 720×540 after going through Netflix,sprint and HTC customer service whom were all completely unhelpful. I’m on a more than adequate connection (18+ megs) I’m at a loss.

          • sluflyer06

            Netflix is notorious over wifi. I have a 30Mb connection and a overly expensive Cisco router and with a 270Mb connection from a PC I still can’t get 1080. However on my Roku3 over a wire I get 5800Kb at 1920×1080. Something in their variable bitrate algorithm is way over sensitive to wireless.

          • Replicant Jason Booth

            i understand that,but its still capped at 1700 kb just because of bandwidth issues apparently. Apple has it on the non hd iphone (wtf) but ive called htc ,sprint,netflix and checked all relevant forum discussions…nobody knows diddly squat. there are modded version of netflix that ive tried but they dont work. Its terribly frustrating. So youre telling me that you can stream hd footage via your wifi connection to your htc one?I was able to get it to go higher to a higher bit rate for only a moment and havent been able to achieve that since (720×540)

          • sluflyer06

            I honestly don’t think its a wall your hitting its Netflix’s questionable code that controls the bitrate and resolution. I’ve done a monumental amount of experimentation with different devices and connection methods and I keep reaching the same conclusion that even on a flawless wifi connection between a tower computer with 100% single strength and a 400megabit link to the router I still cannot get HD streaming (keep in mind I can game on this connection with wired level latency and I am not getting any packet loss), but as soon as you go wired Netflix has no problem ramping right up to the SuperHD bitrate.

            Its a little infuriating, and I can’t test my HTC anymore as it was stolen but I have a 1st gen and 2ng gen Nexus7 and the 2nd gen for sure supports 1080p on netflix with Android 4.3. BUt I can’t get it to stream it either.

            In short, your not doing anything wrong and your wifi speed is probably more than adequate its just netflix being ridiculous.

          • Replicant Jason Booth

            Thank goodness I’m not the only one dealing with this issue .it’s terribly infuriating! We live in the hd era and yet it still comes at a premium? There shouldn’t be an extra charge for hd content in my opinion. It’s like nobody cares about the technical aspects anymore like me I feel alone

  • RanRu

    The Wii version of Netflix also has the profile feature. Odd that they would exclude Android alone from the club.

  • ziplock9000

    This is stupid. I can’t use it on Android as I will spoil the profiles I’ve set up on other platforms. What the hell is taking so long?

  • Craig Robinson

    Works great on Ouya now.

    • Kash

      hi Craig
      How did you manage to get netflix 3.0 on your ouya? Thanks!

      • Craig Robinson

        I just side loaded it. Upload to drop box or similar then download to Ouya

  • John Kirk

    Does it have landscape mode yet? Does it still behave essentially like a crappy port of an iPhone app? Netflix should take the cue from Facebook. Netflix techs should be forced to use only their Android devices for the service until they are so frustrated they create something good. EDIT: The profiles feature is great. The only problem is that my family is big, 8 people. So, we can all HAVE a profile, but we can still only use two at a time. I think a tiered pricing plan would make sense for me. I’d pay 50% more for twice as much bandwidth any day.