New Netflix family plan allows four simultaneous streaming devices

by: Bogdan BeleApril 23, 2013

netflix logo Credit: jennypdx/Flickr 

If the current two simultaneous Netflix streams at the same time is not enough for your household, you’ll be happy to hear that things are about to change with a new $11.99 plan.

According to the quarterly investor letter that Netflix’ CEO Reed Hastings sent out, a new plan will be added “shortly”. The new plan is aimed at customers with large families, that often run into the current limit. The family plan will be available in the U.S. (and, hopefully in the other countries the service has expanded to) and will cost $11.99 (the current two devices plan costs $7.99).

Interestingly enough, Netflix doesn’t expect to see many customers jump at the opportunity of signing up for the extended plan, with the investor letter specifying that the company expects less than 1% of subscribers to take advantage of it.

Another interesting detail revealed in the document is that Netflix plans to launch in another European market during this year’s second half. The country’s name isn’t mentioned, but the letter says more will be revealed during the July earnings call.

Do you plan on getting the new Netflix plan?

  • It depends on the Stream limit… If it’s just 3 or 4 streams then probably not, but if they bump it to say 10 streams then I’d say it’s worth it. I dumped netflix a year ago because we could never watch it with 6 people sharing a plan 2 people were almost always watching something. In reality the current 2 stream plan is worth about $3-4 per month based on age and quality of content…

    • Allison

      huh, I read somewhere that you could use up to 6 devices at once, and have seriously approached that limit with a regular use of 3 at a time in my house.

      • That must be a new thing, We could never have more than 2 devices streaming at the same time… We bailed because it was too muh of a hassle fighting over netflix…

  • jayray78

    I’m actually considering getting rid of Netflix. Amazon Prime has come a long way, and with the ability to rent or buy from the same interface has become far more valuable to me. I’m also on the month to month Prime so the price is the same.

  • lancherider

    This is a good step, but what I’m really waiting for is per device parental controls, so that when I restrict content for my kids’ devices, I can still see Weeds on my laptop.