Netflix trial for Chromecast no longer being offered

by: Nate SwannerJuly 25, 2013


Have you read all those articles which state the Chromecast is “really only $11 when you factor in three free months of Netflix”? Not so fast.

First, it can be argued those “savings” really only apply to existing customers. If you have a Netflix account, the savings will apply, giving you a discount. If you don’t have an existing account (and weren’t interested in having one), you’ve not spent anything for Netflix anyway, so it’s no harm, no foul. A three month trial is still a pretty good deal, and a very compelling reason to buy a Chromecast, but that leads us into the second topic.

It seems the promotional three month trial for Netflix is over already. While it was always “for a limited time”, that usually means a period of weeks, not hours. According to Google Play Store representatives, the offer is no longer being offered via any retailers. We’ve seen a few comment on our original post about this, and at least one other post on another website.

According to another representative who spoke with a commenter, if you ordered before 3:00 PST today (that’s Thursday, July 25th if you’re not near a calendar), you’re eligible for the promotion. Some who have ordered are reporting that they have yet to receive their email from Netflix with the promotional code, so it may end up being another case of the Google product launch blues.

Let us know in the comments section below what’s going on with your Chromecast, if you ordered one.

  • Randy_Thompson

    Of course no one has received their code yet. It was clearly stated that the code will be emailed 1 week after your Chromecast ships. Check back in 6 days.

    • morphd

      got my code at about noon today

      • Randy_Thompson

        Did you order through Google Play? Perhaps the one week period was just how it was going to work with Amazon purchasers like myself.

  • Clayton lawrence

    Got the “redeem” email this morning.

  • Wow. That was a little quick…

  • basil

    i got the email as well. worked fine, easier to type in the code from your settings though

  • Sierra

    I got the email at 2:46pm CDT today, the 25th and had ordered my Chromecast shortly after it was announced. It’s strange that Netflix/Google would suddenly stop this when they must have thought that these things were going to sell like hotcakes, and having an offer like this would make the device even more appealing.

  • Magentic1

    This feels like high high speed trading. It simply is moving too fast.
    By the way do you need android 4.2.2 mirrorcasting to use chromecasting.
    Since the internet was invented by a politician there’s been a lot of casting.

  • I called the Google Play Store after posting this.

    I was told that “if not getting Netflix was a problem, to wait for UPS and refuse the package”. I never said it was a problem, only that I was curious if I was going to receive the Netflix offer. So, their solution is for me to wait for UPS and refuse the package.
    I asked if cancelling the order was possible for anyone who felt Netlfix was an important part of their purchase, and was told “we only cancel orders 30 minutes after the order is placed”. Interesting way to go about all of this.
    It’s also worth noting that they had no idea how many orders would be honored with free Netflix, or when the cutoff actually was. They can’t tell if you are eligible, and are non-committal about any details.
    All they’ll say for certain is that it’s over.

  • Kevin Jackson

    Bought one from the Play store yesterday and one today from a local Best Buy, I got the email from BB immediately after purchase and the code worked fine with my existing Netflix account, also it doesn’t expire until 12/31/13 so I will have the next 6 months combined free of Netflix with my two Chromecasts. Stoked, also I love it thus far.

  • DonSerrot

    Hopefully I get an email soon about it. I ordered mine shortly after they went live on Google Play.

  • districtjack

    Chromecast “not available in your country” I was disappointed to read that from Google play. I always thought we were the 51st state. Only in spirit I guess.

    • End in sight

      Which “state” are you?

      • districtjack


  • Justin Rebar

    Netflix sucks anyways. Im still buying this, Netflix never factored in my decision.

  • Scoosch

    My Chromecast shipped from Best Buy this morning, but I still am waiting on the e-mail with the Netfix information…

  • Adam

    I found a local Best Buy with them in stock today, so I ordered it for store pickup before 3:00pm EST. After picking it up tonight, I got the email from Best Buy with the download info for the Netflix deal.

  • Bryan Z

    That sucks that was the only reason why I was going to buy one.

  • Ervin Dinh

    Ordered one last night, confirmed today right after 12pm that it was shipped…still no BB email for the promo code….blast

  • End in sight

    I bought one at Best Buy yesterday (7/25) at 5pm CT and got an email Netflix code within 10 minutes. Cool.

  • Mark S

    Geez, can Google EVER launch a product without a screwup?