Netflix app unexpectedly gets a new user interface

by: Bams SadewoSeptember 21, 2012

Without so much as an announcement, the Netflix Android app has received a much-needed make over in the UI department. Several users are reporting that the app now has a tablet-like user interface, even on Android phones.

Checking Google Play for the update is no good, as you won’t see anything new listed there – the last minor update given out was on September 6. We don’t think the change has been made official just yet. It looks like the revamped interface is only available for the privy few. Netflix is likely able to roll out the stealthy update – possible as a test, for now – because the app utilizes HTML5, as mentioned by Phandroid.

The new interface is less colorful than the last one and comes with a darker tone. And as you can see from the screenshot, you can single-tap a title to reveal more details or double-tap to play.

While we wait for further confirmation from Netflix, you can drop a comment below and tell us whether the new UI has hit your Android device. UI-wise, do you think this is a step in the right direction for Netflix?

  • Ian Farb

    I had this new interface for about 2 hours and then it reverted back to the previous UI. I was kind of bummed when it went back.

  • Jimmy B.

    I got this version on the tablet, but not on my phone yet, the new layout is much better and hopefully it will cross onto other platforms (the layout at least) so its a more unified experience and a much smoother transmission then to have different layouts on each device

  • Kassim

    Installed the app Sep 4th (start of Netflix trial) on my Desire S with 4.0.4 and it’s got the ‘update’, although I don’t remember updating it since installation.

  • Zeus Rex

    I have it on my Droid X2. It looks nice, but it is SLOW to load and doesn’t allow you to pick and choose episodes.

    Also, it spikes my CPU into the high 90%s. It also throw an error constantly while trying to load pages.

    My experience is only with data (when I have wifi, I have the TV).

    Currently looking for some way to roll back.

  • Lame

    Have an LG Optimus Elite. Netflix used to work perfectly on it. Now I constantly get an error message saying, “We are unable to start the Netflix application. Please try to restart it.” The UI loads when I open Netflix, but it will not play movies or episodes.