Netflix for Android updated with individual profiles, works with Android 4.3’s Restricted Profile feature

December 15, 2013

Netflix best android apps

Netflix on Saturday released an update to its Android application which brings a new feature users may enjoy: support for individual profiles.

Additionally, the 3.1.0 update also brings enhanced search with support for people and related titles and the usual bug fixes.

Obviously, the individual profiles feature is the most important addition, allowing users that share the same Netflix account and Android devices to switch to their profile in order to access favorite content – see following image:

Netflix for Android - profiles Engadget

Even more interestingly, Google’s Rich Hyndman said on Google+ that the feature actually supports the Restricted Profile feature that was made available to Android fans starting with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. That means parents who share their Android devices with their children for Netflix content will no longer have to worry about what kind of shows will be watched by the young ones.

In case you’re still new to Netflix, you should know that the Android app is available for download from the Google Play Store free of charge, although you’ll need a Netflix subscription to access Netflix content. The app needs 14MB of storage, will run on Android 2.2 or later, and is Chromecast-friendly.


  • Bryan Z

    I’ve never met anyone that logs links their FB with Netflix.. do people actually do this and want what their are watching on their fb wall??

    • Arturo Raygoza

      people want to connect every thing, full disclosure no privacy.

      • Bryan Z

        It’s pathetic man,

    • KingofPing

      “do people actually do this and want what their are watching on their fb wall??”

      Sure. What they watch, what they eat, that funny thing their cat did…

      • Bryan Z

        lol! well taking a picture of what you eat usually means you are out with friends perhaps at a nice restaurant but what they watch on netflix just means they are home eating ice cream avoiding the real world lol!

        • KingofPing


          They can watch movies in public with friends as well. I know you probably won’t accept this; but it’s quite possible to discuss a movie online…while you’re watching it….with friends…(who could actually be watching it too!….online.)


          • Bryan Z

            lol that is true, or discuss a sitcom’s episode…. perhaps sometime in the future