nest thermostat

Nest, the smart thermostat, is available in the UK starting today, marking the first stage of Nest Labs’ expansion in Europe.

The Nest Learning Thermostat can be yours for £179, and is available online on and Amazon, as well as in retail locations of Apple, John Lewis, and B&Q.

In a blog post, Nest Labs explains why it took so long to bring the thermostat to the UK (the Nest Protect smoke detector has been available in Britain from last year). The problem was the various types of heating systems found in the UK, which required the company to adapt its product into “an almost entirely new Nest Thermostat.”

So, what’s different? To allow the thermostat to connect to any type of boiler, Nest Labs came up with Heat Link, which is a device that plugs into the boiler and communicates with the thermostat through wall wires or Wi-Fi. Because of this setup, Nest Labs recommends professional installation. If you order a device through April 8, you get free installation, when choosing one of the preferred partners listed here. Otherwise, the service costs £70.

Another change is the availability of a stand that lets you place Nest on a desk, kitchen countertop, or wherever else you prefer. This £29 accessory sells separately, and you will have to plug the thermostat in an outlet in order to use it.

nest stand

The Learning Thermostat remains unchanged in terms of functionality. The device turns heating on and off to reach the temperature that you set, and learns from your habits in order to minimize energy consumption and maintain comfort. The device connects to your smartphone to learn when you are coming home and can tell if nobody’s around and heating isn’t necessary.

Google bought Nest Labs at the beginning of the year for $3.2 billion. The startup’s founder Tony Fadell supervised the creation of the iPod back when he was working for Apple. According to rumors, Fadell and his engineers will become Google’s core hardware design team. But for now, Nest Labs is busy bringing its products outside North America. The UK is just the first stage of a strategy to “expand aggressively” across Europe, but for now, we don’t know when other markets will follow suit.

Bogdan Petrovan
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  • Luka Mlinar

    Who gives a s**t since almost no one in Europe can install this thing. They work with low voltage wires yet the majority of people in Europe (as i understand it) have high. I can only imagine how many people bought it here only to find out that it’s the most expensive paper weight they ever bought.

    • That’s why they have the Heat Link box, so you can connect it via WiFi.

    • rubber chicken

      Exactly i Am a a heating engineer and if anyone asked me to fit one of these i would tell them to get bent! , there are dozens of really good wireless thermostats available in the UK including Honeywell , Drayton , Danfoss to name but a few and all can be easily fitted to the standard of wiring that is in most peoples heating systems or retro-fitted easily , i can only see these being installed in poncy expensive places in London for people with more money than braincells they are simply a waste of money , after using wireless controls now for at least 8 years in the uk i can tell you they don’t last as the wireless signal eventually fries the pcb (same as routers) 2-3 years tops when you can pick up a replacement wireless stat for 30 quid why would you want one of these????

  • Nelson Guttman

    Looks damn cool! Just saw the video on CNET. Mindblowing!! Hopefully the prices will come down, now that Google owns it. Had caught a glimpse of Nest at a friend’s place. I had my eyes on it since then. The new one is far slimmer and looks even better than its predecessor.

  • kanedog337

    I got one in the US. Works great. Love it. One of the best tech devices I’ve ever bought.

  • Stas

    Probably they adapted them for EU market? Think Google/Nest aren’t so stupid that could launch device which doesn’t work properly.