Now that the dust has settled and Nest has officially become part of Google, you can order a Nest Learning Thermostat directly from the Play Store starting today. This comes just a day after the product listing was initially leaked, though apparently Google wanted to hold off its plans to sell the device until Earth Day arrived.

Just as you’ll find it at other major retailers, the Nest Thermostat will set you back $249, and should ship within 1 to 2 business days after placing an order. For those that don’t know much about Nest Thermostats, the smart themostat basically can learn your temperature preferences and make adjusts based on your own habits and other conditions such as what the weather is like outside.

While the Nest Thermostat offered through the Play store is no different from what you’ll find elsewhere, it’s prominent placement towards the top of the Play Devices section (just below Nexus hardware) makes it clear that Google has big plans for Nest’s future — both from a marketing and development perspective.

For those that have yet to get onboard with Nest, are you more likely to do so now that it’s part of Google? Conversely, would you rather wait to see what kind of products Google and Nest can produce now that they are working together?

Andrew Grush
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