Nemesis teaser – what’s coming new from CyanogenMod? [video]

July 21, 2013
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    CyanogenMod - Nemesis

    The CyanogenMod team has posted a short video teaser on YouTube for something called Nemesis, and hinted to arrive at some point in the future.

    Very mysterious and professional, the video doesn’t tell us anything about the upcoming Android mod – if indeed that’s what’s coming new. But the teaser did spark quite a conversation on Google+ where fans are speculating on what the team, famous for its Android customizations, is expected to unveil.

    Whatever it is, it certainly is mobile-related, most likely tied to Android. The company shows the locked screen of a handset around the 0:13 second mark, and you can read the word “Free” under it – supposedly the name of the French mobile operator that goes by the same name.

    More hints are provided in the rest of the clip, with CyanogenMod clearly saying that things can be better – mobile things that is? The video starts with this phrase: “Nothing Can Be Perfect, Things Can Be Better,” and then lists the following:

    • The right person at the right time
    • The right pixel at the right time
    • The right look at the right time
    • The right path at the right time
    • The right spark at the right time
    • The right feeling at the right time
    • The right formula at the right time
    • The right tap at the right time
    • The right person at the right time
    • The right action at the right time
    • The right reach at the right time
    • The right smile at the right time

    Then the video focuses on “the right memories,” and says that “a new challenger appears,” “a new Nemesis appears.”

    We’ll keep an eye on CyanogenMod and report back as soon as we have more details on this Nemesis. What do you think it is?


    • MasterMuffin

      CM will have a feature that punishes Samsung for not making Exynos “free”? Please? :)

    • Android wins!

      The right pixel at the right time? Maybe a new camera app, or a new phone by some OEM running CyanogendMod? (maybe CyanogenMod team itself, like Xiaomi/whatever).

      • OMGgary

        Maybe the people behind CM looked at what Firefox OS and Ubuntu are doing and said why can’t we do that with Cyanogenmod, which of course is already a part of a hugely successful OS, and as such, has a massive ecosystem ready and waiting. I could see CM Phone happening.

        • Android wins!

          I want it to happen!

      • tok

        i second that. sounds like a camera mod

      • kimLJT

        when I also read the lists, the first comes into my mind was a camera app features

        • Android_Wins_Big_Time

          I hope, because AOSP camera really $ucks.

    • Peter

      Whatever happens I am quite excited to see what goes on

    • Sean Ringrose

      I’m calling it now – a Google Glass Cyanogen Mod version.

      • Misti curia

        You heard it here first folks!

    • lisa

      Latest nightly just locked up my galaxy nexus toro. Stuck on google screen…..

      • Me too

        Me too.

    • Spaine Carinan

      Probably another ROM. Not CM but mad by CM team?… Hahaha!! my 2 cents.

    • Alex Ohannes

      I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a phone that is going to be sold pre-rooted and has CyanogenMod installed as the default OS.

    • blissfully unaware

      How about integrating the camera viewfinder into the quick settings panel? I read it was coming but haven’t seen it in a stable build yet. CM10.1.2 Toro

      • Android wins!

        There are unofficial builds for my phone, and the viewfinder is already included in the quick settings panel. So probably, there are already some officially supported devices with that feature already included.

    • Navinthran Govindasamy

      Messaging Apps

    • Deepak Achariya

      Its the personal assistant like Google Now from Cynogen Mod. Wanna bet??

      • Gary

        Certainly not Google Now like service. You underestimate the immense amount of cost and resources it takes to operate the Google Now service. They’re more likely to partner with and OEM on a phone.

    • Jauhari

      Maybe this is SECURE MESSENGER SERVICE o/

    • Yama

      Its that message that nsa and usa can’t spy on….

      • Yama

        Message app

    • ripz

      Maybe they will be supporting other OS? Firefox OS?