[Poll] Name the new Sony Honami!

by: Nate SwannerAugust 19, 2013
Sony Honami

It’s still the Honami… for now.

The Honami looks like it will be a great device. If all the rumors are true, it looks like Sony has it all figured out (on paper, at least).

While the rumors aren’t far-fetched, they are just that right now. Though we like the ‘Honami’ moniker, it’s probably not conducive to sales here in the United States. Consumers will want something a little more approachable when referencing their device.

The crew at Xperia Blog have been speculating on the actual name we’ll get for the device, with one XDA-er noting it could be the Z1. This falls in line with Sony’s recent slew of branding (Xperia Z, Z Ultra, etc.), but something about “1” seems off.

For one (punny!), everything is the “One” lately. The HTC One and all its variants, along with the new XBox — all named One. It’s getting a little tired at this point, and we’d like to see Sony go a different route.

Rather than speculate, we’ll leave it up to you. What would you name the new Sony Honami? I’m a big fan of the Monkey King, but that one’s taken. My second favorite is probably highly speculative, but I’ll say it anyway: The Nexus 5.

Vote in our poll, and feel free to comment if you have a better idea than Monkey King (hint: you don’t. It’s amazing.).

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  • smellysnatch

    Nexus 5 that mofo and fcku LG

  • SkylaC90

    The Honami should be called the Xperia X plain and simple, why x? x for exciting

  • Joshua

    Honami all the way. It resembles (at least to me) a new start for Sony, a flagship device that will sell millions, if they do everything right. For example good marketing, having the Honami on all carriers and also having features that most consumers will actually use (I’m looking at you Sammy).

  • Greg Cardall

    “Cygnus X-1” all the way. Reference any Rush song – I’ll buy it! Just take my money…

    • ajm531

      lol!!! nice, i too would probably buy just because of that name.

  • Ivan Myring

    Use Samsung and the carriers strategy from a few years ago.
    Sony Xperia Z2 + X Hyper-Quad Turbo-Boost 4GLTE EVO Mega Advanced Skyrocket active Droid max TO THE XTREEME!!! 5.0
    Or, Sony Xperia Droid 2Ultra X-Quad Ultimate Speed [Insert Buzzword] hyper thruster with 4G LTE on Verizon [insert logo]

  • mac

    Nexus Z.

    • Grman Rodriguez

      Nexus X

      • YoungHermit


        • Varun Bansal

          neXus ??

        • razec

          That was infamous you know O_o

    • Joseph Awad

      The next Nexus was announced to be made my Motorola…?

  • Grman Rodriguez

    Sony Xperia Caesar (as in Julius Caesar)

  • Adam Goldberg

    It should becalled the Sony Konami (4K video) (that was a pun.) Really though, I think it should be called the Sony Graphix it will have a great screen and the camera will reproduce excelent graphics.

  • Zaeem Siddiqui

    Introducing the “Sony Infiladelfia-Itsalwaze”

    Sony Zrego sounds cool (I think Rego in Latin = King, but I’m not too sure). Just added the Z to keep it in line with the rest of their lineup.

  • Timmy

    Sony Unagi
    The New Sony Phone
    Sony Fo Shizzle My Nizzle
    Sony Universe S5

  • John Hamernick-Ramseier

    Xperia Z2 (the Xperia Z was the Z1)

  • paladin

    Xperia X.
    Xperia ZZ (Double Zeta).
    Nexus Z.

    Xperia ZX.

  • Nadatie

    Nexus Z ultra

  • Leonardo Rojas

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    I can’t login to GSMarena either. What’s wrong? I’m using Firefox 23 and Chrome on PC, and Dolphin in my mobiles.

    But when I try it with Opera Mini it does is possible to login and post!!!!!!! :(
    This is so weird it’s not working even on my PC. I thought I had messed up some system service because I was trying to disable some services I don’t liked running… I disabled Gtalk service and Google Location services :( But, I already restored them and it’s not working. However, why is not working even in my PC?

    Yesterday it was all fine. O.o Is this a problem with Facebook and Google? Don’t think so :/ Any idea?

    Pd: Sorry for the off topic!!!!!!!! :(

  • Ivan Budiutama

    Z1 seems like a very good choice, it makes a standardized code name for their flagship, considering so far they have the most confusing naming. No alphabetical order whatsoever and they seriously run out of the alphabet. I can’t imagine a flagship named after “D” with so many negative implication surrounding the “D” letter, it’s like “HEY! Take a look at my D” can go wrong and awkward at anytime. Z1, Z2, etc so people are easy to recognize them as flagship. Easier to generate hype as well. Although i1, i2 works well, but I feel uneasy about “i” being trademarked by some a**h**e company especially when the “i” is not on capital.

  • ryq24

    Sony Xperia ZZ Top!

    • Hassan

      Sounds like Brazzers!! :D

  • Jo1

    Sonnix Z comes to mind

  • sie

    Zexperia :D

  • gg

    Xperia FaQ

  • toni

    Xperia nexus z1

  • Pal S

    Sony Xperia Balerion
    Sony Xperia Flare

  • Alex Ohannes

    How about Sony Xperia H?

  • Ares


  • aufg4

    Xperia X

  • Sander Roelofs


  • Vardan Nazaretyan

    Xperia Cam.

  • rahul

    it should be Xperia S1 because xperia s was first phone after sony took over, so this will be the first phone to include one sony strategy,
    xperia s1

  • Sounds legit because I recently heard roughly the same story https://twitter.com/stagueve/statuses/366809888820699136

  • ProudToBePinoy

    Sony Xperia Zuper

  • Alpha


  • CpuKnight

    Honami sounds fine. And sexy.I have no idea why.

  • devoncatt

    Name it :Sony Photoman?

  • gwizz


  • prashant

    So-nami – Sonami :p

  • gierso

    Xperia AA



  • andrew

    Xperia Z-R1
    Still trying to get my head around a 5″ device with a quad core clocked at 2.2Ghz, 2 Gig of ram, a full HD screen, a 20.7
    megapixel camera etc etc …..