Namco Bandai may be joining the party, Ouya partnership in active discussion

by: Andrew GrushAugust 8, 2012
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In a world full of major gaming players like Sony and Microsoft, it’s hard to think that a little Rubik’s-Cube-shaped $99 Android gaming system could have even the slightest chance. Against the odds, Ouya has made a pretty big splash on the web, generating millions through Kickstarter and quickly joining hands with many major partners including Square Enix and the XBMC team. Everyday we hear about yet another new partner or endorsement for the Ouya, and even though no one has actually used the console themselves, it is hard to deny the strong hype that has generated.

While Square Enix’s involvement so far has been limited to just the announcement of Final Fantasy 3, it seems that Namco Bandai is now in active discussions with the makers of the Ouya to hopefully bring a wide range of new and classic games to the console. Beyond announcing its potential partnership with Namco Bandai, Ouya has also updated us today with news that the console will feature support for four controllers – not surprising since that is the industry standard, after all.

Tonight, at 1AM EST, Ouya’s major Kickstarter campaign will finally end, meaning there is only a limited time to secure your copy of the console for its slated March 2013 release.

  • AndroidBrian

    It looks cool. Will this thing be able to play next gen games?
    I dont really know much about video games any more but is it true that the PS4 and 3rd gen Xbox consles are only going to cost like $150??? If thats the case I cant see this thing flying off the shelves.

    • Cole Raney

      I don’t think any this gen consoles cost that little. Next gen will cost way more.