Murtazin: Samsung Galaxy S3 enters production, preorders are sky-high

by: Bogdan PetrovanMarch 14, 2012
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The wait for the Samsung Galaxy S3 launch is getting unbearable, don’t you think? At least for us and half of the tech blogs out there it is, with all the rumors that have been swirling around Samsung’s upcoming flagship device. Now we discovered yet another piece of the Galaxy S3 puzzle: ultra-connected Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin tweeted yesterday that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has gone gold. In other words, the S3 has come out of the design and testing stage and is now in production.

It seems that the successor to the S2 is finally upon us. Murtazin has a long history of nailing this kind of news, although he had his share of misfires too. Besides the fact that Galaxy S3 units are rolling off the assembly lines as we speak, his tweet reveals that carriers and retailers are expecting the superphone to sell like hotcakes, and are overwhelming Samsung with preorders. This record-breaking demand is nothing to be surprised about, considering how well did the Samsung Galaxy S2 sell, in spite of the rollout problems that Samsung faced in the US.


Eldar Murtazin also confirms another rumor about the upcoming Galaxy S3 – the fact that the device will sport a ceramic case. This raises questions about the weight of the phone, although the weight surplus generated by using a dense ceramic material instead of the glossy plastic of the previous Galaxy S iterations should be offset by a presumed slimmer (just 7mm thick) profile.

The Big Question: when will the Galaxy S3 be launched?

My kneejerk reaction when I read Murtazin’s tweet was to try to estimate the actual Galaxy S3 release date. If the device has only recently entered production, when can we expect to see the Galaxy S3 in stores? Good question.

Let’s proceed through elimination and cut out April and May. Despite of earlier rumors that suggested an April announcement followed by a May launch, the Galaxy S2 is selling way too good for Samsung to rush its successor on the market and face cannibalization. The carriers would be mighty pissed too. Plus, Samsung hinted at a mid-year release and specifically denied that is planning an April/May debut.

We know that Samsung is trying to better coordinate the global launch of the Galaxy S3 and avoid the staggered rollout pattern that hamstringed the performance of the S2. The Olympic Games are coming in July and Samsung is a major sponsor. Without doubt, the Koreans will want the billions of viewers of the Games to see the Galaxy S3 on TV and be able to go out and buy one, wherever they are in the world. Such a coordinated rollout takes a lot of time and preparation, not to mention a few million units on hand for the big release. All clues indicate that Samsung will try to make the Galaxy S3 available worldwide by June or July. We can expect an earlier announcement though, maybe even in May.

What do you think? April, May, June, July?

  • Vic


  • fan

    well Samsung would need to lunch it before the iPhone 5 if they want to have advantage over apple so i say MAY the day for the galaxy s 3

  • TechLove

    Best guess would be Samsung will reveal the phone late April, launch in May, and would be widely available in June just in time to prepare for the Olympics.

  • The Guy

    JUNE!!!! Its believed that Sammy will release the first half of the year!!

  • me

    Before new iPhone release, so Samsung can be on the offensive when the inevitable new lawsuits begin being filed by crapple…

  • Sam


  • Glworth

    My sources from beyond the grave say “June”.

  • Stankovicuross

    I say december

  • Rolly

    Whoever releases first I will go with… SG3 or IP5! :)

  • Catstar


  • Koot

    Sure as hell getting the S3 when it launches, i’ve been using iPhones so far but im already tired of them, monotone look, and generally i got bored with it, and the S3 seems like its going to be an insane device, cant wait.

  • K_perestiuk

    I think this is last days of May. But i’d hope will be sooner!!!!

  • Koot


    Wtf is your problem, stop deleting comments

    • Koot

      Wrong tab, god damit too many sites use the same commenting system, its confusing…

  • Adamfisher87

    Don’t forget that Samsung is releasing galaxy s2 hd so the s3 could be way later than expected… Just saying.

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