Mugen releases 4000mAh battery pack for Galaxy Nexus

by: Bams SadewoMarch 12, 2012

Modern smartphones are often plagued by less than stellar battery performance, which sometimes makes a full day usage of the device impossible. The core of this problem lies in the fact that battery technology is still lagging behind the evolution of other smartphone internal components, such as the display, processor, or graphics chip.

If you’re a multi-tasker who refuses to be weighed down by USB charge cables or wall chargers inside your manbag, getting an extra battery is one way to ensure that you can complete yet another round of Angry Birds, whilst still receiving and sending those important ‘work’ e-mails.

If you love your Galaxy Nexus, chances are you’ve been rather disappointed by its measly battery life. In that case, you’ll be pleased to know that an extended (really extended) battery pack is now available. Produced by Mugen, the 4000 mAh extended battery pack  for the Galaxy Nexus also comes with a built-in stand and a new battery cover.  Note that the extra battery hours come at the expense of a bulkier phone, but that’s to be expected.

mugen samsung

The Galaxy Nexus comes with a 1750 mAh battery, which critics have said can only give roughly 4-5 hours of battery life with continuous usage. The phone can typically last a day, though, if you don’t consider yourself a power user. If you don’t mind the extra weight and the $99 price sticker, getting Mugen’s massive battery pack will help you easily double the battery life of your Galaxy Nexus.

Motorola seems to have cracked the battery mystery with its Droid Razr Maxx. This particular offering from Motorola comes with a 3300 mAh battery that can deliver 15 hours of video playback. That’s a lot of movies to watch. As for Samsung, the company has promised to bring out devices with significantly better battery performance for their 2012 lineup. We’re waiting, Sammy!

Tell us, how does your Galaxy Nexus stand when it comes to battery life? What’s your record?

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  • wonshikee

    I hope they designed it like a b, otherwise that’s going to be one hell of a brick.

    • BillKilpatrick

      The camel hump always looks big in the pics. In real life, it’s not bad. It gives the phone a pretty decent feel.

  • kc

    This is the very reason why I never go for embedded (non-removable) battery devices. Slimness is not that important, but the juice that powers it does.

  • Izy

    Guys where would this battery be available & when? Im in love with my nexus but hate the battery life & i dont really mind it cuz of the lovely smartphone.

    My max is 12hours.
    6-7-8 with max usage. That too with minimum brightness!

  • Premysl Vecera

    Hi, if you don’t want to spend extra $99, have a look at this:

    I have bought this battery (including new back cover for the SGN) for a total of $12.60 (free shipping worldwide) and I am extremely satisfied – it really does what it should, i.e. more than twice the capacity of the original battery. The only drawback is the bulkier back cover.

  • BillKilpatrick

    I have evolved my batteries from the the original 1750 mAH to the extended battery (2000 mAH) to a super-extended battery (3800 mAH). Bigger batteries work better. No doubt about it. But now that I’ve got big batteries, I realize that the problem was fixable with the original battery.

    It’s about intelligent power consumption.

    If I’m surfing the web, I want 4G. If I’m not, that 4G LTE radio is an albatross. It guzzles battery power big time. I toggle to 3G when I’m in stand-by. I don’t need 4G for phone calls and text messages. I don’t even need it for updates. 4G helps when I’m surfing. Otherwise, I toggle back to 3G. It makes a big difference.

    I also toggle off Enable Data when I’m offline. Why? Because I don’t want my battery eaten up by a bunch of stupid updates, like somebody’s reply to my latest Facebook post. I also don’t use NFC and when my location doesn’t matter, why blow battery life on GPS?

    Toggling takes seconds but it saves hours of charging. Case in point, I toggled today – to experiment with the slim 1750 mAH battery. I also set black as my background, moved desktop apps away from my clock and reduced my display brightness to 50% (more than enough). How’s it going? After 9 hours, which included a few web searches, 1080p video shooting and some 4G uploading of those videos to Facebook, I’m at 80%.

    I was hoping to run the battery to zero and do a full charge but I’m not going to be able to stay up late enough to make that happen. I have to go to bed some time in the next few hours. For that reason, I’m probably going to turn everything on and rush to zero.

    You don’t need a bigger battery. You just need a smarter approach.