The Best MP3 Downloading apps for Android! (video)

by: Brad WardJune 24, 2013
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best music mp3 apps for android

Streaming music is all the rage these days, but believe it or not, there’s still some people out there who like keeping a stash of music loaded on their devices for offline use. With that said, we’re going to show you some of the best MP3 downloading apps for Android!

If you’re in a rush, jump straight to the video, otherwise, stick with us as we look through some of these awesome apps.

Download Free Music Mp3 App


First up on our list is an app that is unimaginatively named Download Free Music Mp3 App. This particular app only performs two tasks, and you can probably easily guess what they are. It plays and downloads music. While it’s recommended for downloading your music, we highly recommend something else to play it with. Aside from the obnoxious ads, it does exactly what it says it does.

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MP3 Music Download Ocean

MP3 Music Download Ocean screenies

Next up on our list is Mp3 Music Download Ocean. This app, like all the others on our list, downloads music and doubles as a music player, though the music player is kind of weak. However, the more important part, is that this particular app was able to find pretty much everything we threw at it. It also lets you see your entire music library.

The app as whole is very laggy, which slows down searching and playing music quite a bit. If you can get past that, it’s not a terrible app to use. You can preview tracks before downloading, and downloads can be viewed separately from your library. All in all, it’s really not a bad app.

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MP3 Music Search Download Pro


Aside from searching for and downloading Mp3 files, this particular app offers a very unique selection of music that you just don’t find on the others. For example, when searching for Daft Punk, we were able to check out their entire Coachella set.

When using this app, you’ll notice that there’s only one screen. There’s no added music player, no file browsing, and there’s not even a settings menu. Just the search option. If you’re looking for simplicity, this app is perfect for just that.

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Music Download


There’s a lot of unimaginatively named apps on this list, and the same goes for Music Download. Don’t discount it yet, because it certainly is flashier than the others. Upon opening the app, you’ll notice a really slick interface. Unfortunately, the only two options that actually do anything is the search and the music player. While it’s interface is really well put together, the music player is pretty bland, so we don’t recommend using it to play all of your music.

The search works just as you would expect, however, the latest music cannot be found with this app. If you’re into older tracks though, you can find a lot of stuff like Beethoven. Like a few of these apps, the ads are pretty obnoxious, but the app itself works well.

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Music Download Paradise


Of all the apps on this list, Music Download Paradise is definitely the best looking. Unfortunately, this is also the app that we had the most trouble with. Both downloading and streaming music can take a few extra minutes, and maybe longer depending on your signal. However, if it seems like it’s not working, let it go for a few minutes and it usually works itself out.

With the bad stuff out of the way, the music selection is pretty good, and the ads aren’t that bad at all. All in all, if you’re looking for a well designed app, and something that isn’t so intrusive, Music Download Paradise is a great choice. Beware though, it does add an icon and a bookmark on your home screen that you’ll have to go delete.

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Wrap up


If you take a look at our leaderboard (image above) you can see how these apps stack up against each other. These ratings are based on how you, the people, rated them on the Google Play Store, and as always, there isn’t any bias on our part.

It’s important to keep in mind that there are a lot of excellent MP3 stores and streaming services that let you download music. Google Play Music, Spotify, Amazon Mp3, and even music purchased from iTunes will work great on Android. Of course, those services tend to be the apps that everyone goes too for their music needs, so we thought we’d mix it up a bit by showing you something a little different.

On the other hand, it’s unfortunate that a lot of these apps are lacking quality music players and a nice, clean UI, too. Nonetheless, if you have a favorite MP3 downloading app, be sure to tell us about it in the comments!

  • John Bailey

    Way to promote piracy guys. You forgot to tell people about all the nasty permissions they have to accept that put their privacy at risk. I used to think Android Authority was a respectable news source, but this? I can’t believe you would ever recommend the very types of apps that are the scourge of the Play Store. Shame on you!

    • Carlos Paixao

      Wow, looks like we have an hypocritical here!

      • John Bailey

        Well, Carlos, it appears that English isn’t your strong point, because your use of the word “hypocritical” would mean that I actually use these apps, which I don’t. Stay in school, kid.

        • Carlos Paixao

          While your native language seems to be “english”, Mr. Bailey, mine is “hacktivism”, which means we dont give a fuck for closed minded people, like your, sir, think about us or about spelling.

          • John Bailey

            Yeah, that’s not a language. And I didn’t say anything about spelling. You called me hypocritical, when that would infer that I tell people not to pirate music, but then turn around and do it myself, which is not the case. Here is the link to the term “hypocrite”:


          • JSampler

            I see your point John, any app alternative like this that you may recommend?

  • Disgusted

    ..What the hell is with this article? It’s whole purpose is to show people how to pirate songs. This site should feel ashamed to publish this trash.

  • Grman Rodriguez

    You forgot Simple MP3 Downloader, it acts as both player and downloader although the downloader…meh (just like the other ones) but it works perfectly and most songs are there while ads are so small they dont bother, check it out as well!

  • dflash88


  • Timmy

    Will you guys be promoting ways I can bypass the Play Store to download paid apps. I’m sure the developers, like the artists, would love for people to acquire their work for free.

    • bolo

      Who are you? Captain SaveAhoe

    • darhood

      Find me @ dsillydude I can help ya

  • Definitely a little taken back by this article. Just wouldn’t expect it to be posted is all.

  • porter86

    Wow I honestly can’t believe Android Authority would post this. What’s next, a how-to on how to pirate apps and sideload apks?

  • Matt

    By far the best way to get music is GrooveShark by Exigo Software. it was pulled
    from Play Store, so you have to get it from the dev website:
    Just turn on Caching. or just download the GrooveShark downloader instead.

    • Matt

      sorry I meant to say TinyShark. not GrooveShark. Lol. Grooveshark is the backend service it uses.

  • Matt

    By far the best way to get music is GrooveShark by Exigo Software. it was pulled
    from Play Store, so you have to get it from the dev website:
    Just turn on Caching. or just download the GrooveShark downloader instead.

  • neelix

    There is this one also:

  • DroidZi
  • Dragon282

    I can’t find ‘MP3 Music Search Download PRO’ PLEASE HELP!

  • MIke Purcell
  • Mansi Kapoor

    Simply the Best MP3 Music Downloader for Android –…freemp3.skulldownloader‎

  • krum valeriev

    Hello guys, please take a look at my application for android. You can download free and legal mp3 files to your device! Thanks.

  • Freddie

    No doubt, the best one around is Mediariver.
    It’s bloat-free (unlike the ones described here) and it doesn’t rip 128kbps mp3 from youtube. Plus, it can download apks, books and wallpapers too.

  • David

    Save yourself the trouble and get FindADownload. Download music, movies, apps, books, videos, InsertFileTypeHere.

  • Velvet

    This app isn’t on the playstore and does quite an impressive job with downloading music. @TheRealTimmy:disqus it is free too. I’ve been using it for about a month now. All you do is go to the song through the youtube app and share it to this YP3 app and it converts the music and saves it in your music folder on your phone. Here:

  • Santiago Matamoros

    All the recommended apps have been taken down. Is there any where to download apps without the Playstore?