Goodbye, Firefox OS. We barely knew ye. Today Mozilla announced that their smartphone experiment Firefox OS would be closing up shop for good. The company says that although they will no longer be developing and selling Firefox smartphones, they are going to continue efforts to develop technology that interconnects devices and contributes to the ever-broadening landscape of the ‘Internet of Things.’

This announcement arrived to us in bits and pieces via tweets as it was announced at a Mozilla developer event in Florida, “Mozlando.” While we didn’t have anything firm to stand on for a while, an official release backing these claims was published by Mozilla, confirming that the company would be taking a different direction.

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January 27, 2016

Firefox OS was designed to be a champion of entry-level smartphones. It’s web-first approach was unique to the mobile market, but failed to develop a following since its launch in 2013. The operating system was primarily pushed in the developing world and in countries that were late to adopt mobile tech and where low-cost handsets were selling like hotcakes. Sales weren’t very good even in these markets, however, as the company found themselves out-bargained by a slew of other OEM’s who dominated regional markets with extremely inexpensive handsets.

From a business standpoint, the Firefox OS was something of a failure, so it’s good to see the company cutting themselves free of the initiative and re-investing their efforts into other areas of interest.

What are your thoughts regarding the demise of Firefox OS? Let us know your thoughts regarding this development in the comments below!


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4 weeks ago
  • Remy Cajallena

    their demise was not using android…

  • Justice Anthony

    This must be some old news. I hears or read this all the way back in December (Maybe earlier). just about when the LG Fx0 had been heavily discounted on Amazon.
    Well, we never really knew Firefox OS that much. Rest In Peace.

  • jerry

    Shame, competition and choice is good for consumers, let’s hope Ubuntu phone and Jolla phone don’t suffer the same fate!

  • Scr-U-gle

    Too many sheep following the crowd, and Google pay carriers and sales staff far more to push badly put together drone phones.

    How is Mozilla meant to compete with the money Google, carriers & the OEMs backhand to force crap on people.

    I know a phoneshop manager who only pushes droid, but only uses iPhones himself. Money talking again.

    • Tim Shandler

      actually. people like you are the real sheep.

      • Scr-U-gle

        ‘oh no you are’

        another killer comment from the wittiest drone of them all?


  • The OS died mainly because people building it never took serious interest in building its networks, targeted at the markets where the OS was pushed

  • Ted_Levy

    Is this related to the ability of the OS to allow donations to anti-gay propositions?

    • danwat1234

      freedom of choice, right? Why would it block a particular website whose purpose is to allow donation tos anti-gay stuff? Or gay stuff?

      • Ted_Levy

        It was a joke, Danwat. Google “Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich” and all will be clear .