Mozilla to launch Firefox OS in emerging markets first, holding off US launch until 2014

by: David GonzalesApril 15, 2013

Mozilla Firefox OS
Eager to get your hands on the upcoming Firefox OS from Mozilla? Then read on. According to current company CEO Gary Kovacs, Mozilla’s upcoming smartphone OS will be made available first in five emerging countries in June of this year. These countries are Brazil, Poland, Portugal, Spain, and Venezuela, as stated during All Thing’s D‘s latest D: Dive Into Mobile conference. Kovacs also said that Firefox OS is scheduled to launched in 11 other countries throughout the end of 2013.

So when exactly is Firefox OS going to countries like the US and certain places in Europe? Kovacs said that it won’t happen until some time in 2014, so if you’ve been pining for a chance to test out the upcoming OS for yourself, you’re just going to have to wait a little while longer. Apparently, Mozilla is planning to focus completely on emerging markets first.

The reasoning behind Mozilla’s choice to focus on emerging markets with the initial launch of Firefox OS is because it doesn’t make sense for them to release a “version-one device” in places where high-end handsets get the most attention. So Mozilla intends to lay low for a bit and focus primarily on places where Firefox has a strong following, according to Kovacs.

What do you think about Mozilla’s strategy? Do you think you could hold out for Firefox OS until 2014? Tell us about your thoughts in the comments.

  • Zack Mackey

    I think the later you wait the worse off you will be. Microsoft is a prime example of this. They waited too long to get on the tablet/smartphone train, and they are way behind. With Apple having loyal followers, Android having loyal followers and amazon having folks loyal to their kindle. I just don’t see a Firefox OS giving them any real competition.

    I will say this, whoever comes out with the first holographic display device, will take the market over. at this point what else is left for them to do with smartphones and tablets?

    • Kevin Hill

      You could be be right. I think that Firefox will have a good foothold on internet based apps. Firefox OS is like Chrome OS for the phone. It will eventually have it’s place in the US market.

  • Allen Themba

    I think firefox might have a good plan. History has taught us that markets such as USA, UK, etc have very confined spaces, but quite easy to crack if you are on solid ground like google with android. Google, however, have been in the business for long, and privy to information about customers all over the globe. Tizen is hoovering in the background and Firefox knows it. Car industry in India (Tata) & in China (GWM) have strong following in emerging markets and about ready to go for an attack to developed nations such as the US. Hyundai & Kia did same.

  • kirk ngo

    Why are we last?. Why not as the same time everywhere.

  • Brociu

    Poland-emerging country… -.- but it’s good to see FFOS in Poland first.

  • Steve

    Greece, Portugal and Spain are also emerging countries, as in emerging from financial crises. Perfect places to sell a cheap realiable OS that isn’t iOS or Windows.