Motorola’s RAZR to be Second Phone to Run Ice Cream Sandwich?

by: AlexanderOctober 16, 2011
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According to Engadget, the Motorola RAZR will be released just seven hours after the Galaxy Nexus is released. It is looking like Samsung has some pretty substantial competition coming from Motorola, as the fight is soon set to begin between the Galaxy Nexus and RAZR, respectively. Sources say that the RAZR will be the second Android powered phone on the market to have Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0), and while  it might be a little unlikely, we will certainly see in about 49 hours from now.

Don’t believe me, do you? Click the source link below and check out the countdown on Motorola’s website, and watch the video too. Motorola has been releasing quite a few devices in the past few weeks beginning with the Atrix 2 (on AT&T), the Xoom Family Edition, and now the Motorola RAZR on Tuesday, October 18th.

Will you be picking up the Motorola RAZR or stick with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus to get that pure Google experience (bloatware free)?


  • Csaba

    Motorola’s counter will reach zero 7 hours BEFORE the Google/Samsung event.

  • Steven58

    Encrypted bootloader? Forget it.

    • Materpie

      I am getting a upgrade and have always had Motorola phones since the first Droid they have been awesome for me and the only thing I want is bigger screen so if it has that as well as the performance I will stay with Motorola loyally…

  • Sebborn

    I won’t be picking up anything Motorola after the way they treated customers with the SD card activation and 4G for the xoom.

  • Anonymous

    I honestly think the design is very ugly.

    • Anonymous

      it’s important to keep in mind that this design is still “rumored” it hasn’t been confirmed yet.

  • Their design looks about 10 years old. Seriously, get with the program Motorola. Hire better industrial designers.

  • Tacosauce

    If the Nexus doesnt have an app. to compete with Zumocast, then Moto me baby.