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A newly discovered FCC filing mentions a Motorola-made smartphone that’s yet to be launched, the Motorola XT1058, which could be a potential candidate for the rumored Google X Phone.

The XT1058 is the codename of this new device, and in case it rings a bell that’s because just recently we’ve seen a Motorola XT1055 version show up in alleged benchmark results. At the time, we wondered whether the XT1055 was the X Phone, and now we’re pretty much doing the same thing with the XT1058.

In fact, no matter whether we’re looking at the X Phone or not, it’s more than logical to assume that the XT1058 and the XT1055 are related considering their model numbers, and we could be looking at different versions of the same handset for the U.S. market.


FCC image for Motorola XT1058 | Image Credit: Engadget

According to the FCC, the XT1058 comes with support for AT&T LTE bands and NFC, and from the looks of that image above, the XT1058 is awfully similar to that handset spotted in Vietnam, which apparently has model number XT912A (check the second image below), just ahead of the Galaxy S4 unveiling event.

Purported Google X Phone prototype.

Purported Google X Phone prototype. | Image credit:

Now, a similar handset to that XT912 was shown in recent leaks originating from @evleaks. That was said to be AT&T’s X Phone version, and it even had “AT&T XFON” printed on the back.


The back of the XT912A is remarkably similar to the FCC image for the XT1058. | Image Credit:

In fact, that Motorola handset from Vietnam was said to be an X Phone prototype soon after it appeared, and we kept an eye on it ever since.

With all that in mind, one could conclude that the XT1058 could be the AT&T X Phone candidate we have discussed when looking at previous rumors, and that wouldn’t be an unreasonable line of thinking.


Motorola handset posted by @evleaks; the AT&T XFON. | Image Credit: @evleaks

Getting back to the XT1055 model that was spotted in unconfirmed AnTuTu benchmarks, we’ll remind you that at the time the handset was said to pack a 1.7GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and run Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. The handset scored 18252 in AnTuTu according to the screenshot below.


Motorola XT1055 in unconfirmed AnTuTu benchmarks

Digging even deeper into old X Phone rumors, we’ll remind you that the company is said to work on other device in addition to the X Phone. One particular report mentioned three specific codenames, Yeti, Sasquatch and Ghost, with the latter supposedly heading to all carriers, while the first two were said to be AT&T exclusives.

Meanwhile, AT&T was rumored to be the exclusive X Phone carrier in the U.S. for the first months after launch (even though a conflicting report is saying that Verizon will get the handset first). And the Ghost popped over in additional benchmark results by itself, also prompting more X Phone speculation.


Motorola Obake aka Motorola Ghost in unconfirmed AnTuTu benchmarks

What’s certain for now is that the XT1058 has hit the FCC, which means we should see it unveiled at some point in the near future. Whether it’s the X Phone or not, and whether we’ll see it next week at Google I/O 2013 or not, we’re still going to cover it thoroughly for you, as we get more details about it.

  • Time for the full spec sheet, no rumors. Facts are what i want.

  • Those 3 pictures of the “prototype” is the worst phone design I’ve seen. I’m not even sure why even allow that prototype to be created that way, even if it’s only a prototype. Look at the edges. No way I’d find scrolling enjoyable.

    • Jacob Boswell

      The phone is supposedly in a case of some sort.

      • kevin

        and ATT sales rep that a Motorola’s was scheduled to.come out in 2 weeks

    • Arsenal™

      can you not see the case?

    • Ivan Myring

      It’s in a case. Test phones usually have a case. That is why the iPhone 4 had bad reception

      • jroc74

        You know what….this makes alot of sense as to how the antenna issue made it past testing, testers for the iPhone 4.

        • Ivan Myring

          Yeah, its a well known fact. They all had cases to make them look like 3GSs

  • Jules Landry-Simard

    According to the FCC sheets, it will be assembled in the USA !

  • Brent Coco

    Can anyone tell if that’s an OLED or LCD screen just from the photos? Looks like LCD to me. I’m hoping a Nexus OLED comes to fruition again someday.