Motorola XT1058 (X Phone?) shows up in GFX Benchmarks, graphics tests are off the charts

by: Andrew GrushMay 13, 2013

Motorola X Phone

We’ve heard a lot of conflicting rumors about the X Phone. It’s going to be customizable. It’s actually not very powerful. It shoots rainbows and comes in 20 colors. Eh, it’s enough to give you a headache isn’t it? We still can’t say with 100%-certainty that the X Phone even exists, but that’s not stopping the rumor mill from turning at full speed.

Just this weekend, the Motorola XT1058 showed up over at the FCC, and reportedly could be the AT&T version of the Motorola Ghost (aka X Phone). Now a new GFX Benchmark has shown up for the XT1058 as well.

In recent times it has become increasingly apparent that the X Phone won’t be a record-breaker, instead featuring Android 4.2.2 and a modest 1.7GHz processor. Depending on who you ask, the processor itself is likely a Snapdragon S4 Pro or a Snapdragon 600.

As for the phone’s display, the GFX data lines up with recent claims that the phone won’t have a full HD display, instead featuring a 1196×720 resolution.

All of the evidence seems to suggest the Ghost won’t be a bad handset, just nothing revolutionary. If it follows Motorola’s past trends in any way, it will likely make up for modest specs by throwing in some impressive battery life.

That’s it, all cut and dry. We can move on folks – or can we?


GFX graphics tests for the XT1058 are off the charts

Just when the X Phone was starting to look like another modest handset from Motorola, here comes the graphics testing from GFX.

In the first test, “GFXBench 2.7 T-Rex HD C24Z16”, the Motorola XT1058 achieved 1485 Frames (26.5 Fps). In contrast the HTC One achieved 853 frames (15.2 Fps) and the Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 achieved 704 frames (12.6 Fps).

The second graphics test was the “GFXBench 2.5 Egypt HD C24Z16”, where the Motorola handset achieved 6078 frames (53.8 Fps), versus the HTC One’s 4133 frames (36.6 Fps) and the Galaxy S4’s 4572 Frames (40.5 Fps).

What does all this mean? It could simply mean that the tests are fake. It could also mean that there is more to the Motorola XT1058 than first meets the eye, at least in the graphics department. At least one tech site, the Droid Guy, even suggests that a Snapdragon 800 might be under the hood of the XT1058, though we really can’t say for sure.

Just remember that until Motorola or Google confirms it, take everything you hear about the X Phone with a grain of salt.

What do you think of the Motorola X Phone based on this latest info: excited, intrigued or couldn’t care less?

  • Joshua Hernandez

    lol is 1196×720 considered half HD now?? :P

    • Justin Kos

      I believe that doesnt count the on screen Nav keys, similar to the galaxy nexus

      someone correct me of im wrong though

    • Well, full HD is 1080p, this would only be 720p AKA do not want. My enthusiasm is slowly dropping. Needs me some 1080p. While I hate my DNA, the screen is the most amazing thing on it.

      • maybe i am getting old….or my eyes are tired from staring at LCD panels for 8+ hours a day….but i was more impressed with the Nexus 4’s LCD than i was the HTC one’s LCD.

        720P is just fine in my book. i think the technology behind the screens (LCD3 IPS ect) is far more important than the pixel count (when it get up to and past 720P)

        • Ms Dynamo

          Yep, you are getting old,I have 20:13 vision, the pixels are clearly visible on a nexus 4 to me.

          • jroc74

            Is that from 4 inches from your face, or 5 inches?

          • be bad

            No there not. You probably never even seen a Nexus 4 in person. Troll.

          • Sure, if i hold the phone 5″ from my face, yes, i can see pixels. but at a normal viewing distance >1 foot, I cannot see a difference between the two. and i have 20;20 vision.

            I dont have to have you accept that, i know what i am happy with. sure you may “need” 1080P, but I dont.

      • marco ortiz

        I personally prefer a 720 screen with a great battery, design and good performance Also is possible that google wants to achieve a better gaming experience, with the rumors about google games going on, Which would be a really great feature on my book, I didnt like the S4 to be honest, it has really great performance, but thats it, I will go with either the new motorola or the galaxy note 3.

      • Ben Baggley

        Don’t forget that this is likely a significantly smaller screen than the 5 inch 1080p ones, its all about DPI man :)

      • seeingwhite

        I love my DNA. Has been an amazing phone.

    • Justin Winker

      1280x720p is half HD (which is what the screen is). The usable space by the benchmark is adjusted to 1196x720p due to on-screen keys.

      • Steve

        I would think so because such a wide aspect ration would break a lot of apps…

  • Pau C

    The }X phone does not exist,

    • nvitone23

      You, sir, are very wrong.

  • LOL

    Well duh, it’s an onscreen test and you yourself stated from another source that the resolution was 720p.
    Just trying to generate controvery and views.

    • Yes part of the variance is due to differing resolutions. However, the difference is too much to be just a change in Mpixels despite your conspiracy theories.

      • Guest


        The number of pixels in this phone are as suggested less then half of 1080p, which means it should have about double the performance or more. That’s why.

        • If you keep up to date with mobile gpu benchmarks you will be aware that a halving of the Mpixels DOES NOT equate to a doubling in performance.

        • I’m to lazy to provide proof to people with opinions but no factual knowledge. Fortunately somebody below isn’t and provided a link where the Nexus 4 at 720p onscreen with an Adreno 320 gpu performs approximately 50% slower than the rumored X phone device.

        • MasterMuffin

          Oh god dude, dem mathematics

        • Ben Bauer

          Not necessarily. There is a reason why 1080p TV’s don’t have more powerful computer chips than 720p televisions: the difference in required power is not that great

    • Ben Bauer

      Maybe that could be part of the decision to have a lower-than- 1080p screen. Personally, I would suggest that part of what is behind some lag issues with the s3 was that it had 720p resolution, but had only a dual core processor. Had they had a quad core like the snapdragon 600 inside, there wouldn’t have been an issue. That is also what prompted such an abrupt increase in processing power was the 1080p screens. And really with today’s android the lag issue is all based on graphics, so the GPU is actually more important than the cpu. That is a big part of why the s3 was the king of processing power last year, despite the fact tat there were many other devices that featured 1.5 ghz dual cores. If those rumors are true, and another rumor claiming that the x phone will run stock, we may FINALLY have a truly lag-proof phone. For that reason, I am VERY excited for the x phone. And to say that Motorola doesn’t have the capability to catch up to Samsung and HTC in the android market is absurd; Motorola has far more experience than either of those two in wireless.

  • Isn’t the FPS higher because of the lower resolution 720p vs 1080p(on the One and S4) ? I don’t know the resolution of the benchmark but if so the results are looking possible.

  • nvitone23

    This isn’t the X-phone…I know for a fact…

  • i hope this runs stock android!

  • AndroidBrian

    Why does this X phone get so much press? Google rep said the phone won’t blow anybody away. And the rumored specs doesn’t make it any better than the Nexus 4.

    • Toss3

      I think Google/Motorola are putting effort into making this phone a more refined experience than just upping the specs. I think we are getting to a point of diminishing returns as there are only very minor improvements going from generation to generation in overall smartphone usage. The speed of the interface etc. is very similar. Even the A15 Exynos variant feels the same as my Nexus 4, and s600-based S4.

  • Ashkid

    This phone better have a competitive screen compared to s4 and htc one, it better play ps3 ps4 and xbox infinity games, it better be transparent, it better have voice commands that unlock the screen without touching it, it better have a remote, it should have the best sounding speakers, best processor, best graphics, turn on my car and air conditioning, fly airplanes, …and for safe measure it should have EMP for a radius of one mile. If those expectations aren’t met, GTFO.

  • simpleas

    You went a little overboard with the title there bud lol

  • So now a 1.7Ghz Snapdragon S4 Pro or 600 is “modest”? MODEST? In what world do you live in?