Motorola Xoom finally getting Android 4.0 ICS in Europe, only in “select markets” for the time being

by: AdrianJune 29, 2012
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A more than decent tablet at the time of its release, back in May 2011, the Motorola Xoom managed to enrage its adopters with the incredibly slow Android ICS rollout. While the Wi-Fi only version in the US got its much awaited software leap in January, the stateside 3G model, as well as pretty much all of the tablet’s versions outside the States, were left out of the update mix.

Fast forward half a year later and the frustration of Xoom users has truly reached new heights. And while many of you probably stopped hoping for (the official) ICS months back, Motorola is now coming forward with an announcement that should bring a smile to a few faces.

The ICS upgrade has “begun rolling out to Motorola Xoom owners in select markets in Europe”, according to a Facebook post on Moto’s official page. And while that’s the best news Motorola has given its clients in a long time, how the company is handling the upgrade roll out is once again disappointing.

In good old-fashioned Motorola tradition, there’s no exact update schedule to be found anywhere, and there’s also no mention on what are those “select markets in Europe” that should get ICS. Users are instead asked to check for availability, but, as far as I can tell, there’s not much to see on that page either.

I’ve checked the customer support pages for several European Xooms (namely the Romanian, Italian, UK, French, and German ones), and only the last of the bunch has a document with “ICS release notes”. That doesn’t necessarily mean that Android 4.0 hasn’t started rolling out in the countries where there’s no mention about the update, but it’s yet another proof of Motorola’s terrible customer support policy.

The upgrade is supposed to come your way OTA (over-the-air), so, if you’re living in Europe and own a Motorola Xoom tablet, it wouldn’t hurt to manually check for new software packages in your settings menu. That, of course, if you have not received an automatic prompt message to download and install the new OS.

Either way, we would really appreciate it if you dropped us a comment telling us if the update is live in your country, or if you’ve heard anything from Motorola about the exact date when you should be able to install ICS on your Xoom. Thanks!

  • vinaldo

    Uk… no update yet

  • Peter Bruhn

    Vienna, Austria. Downloading a system update right now. I hope it is what i think :-)

    • Peter Bruhn

      Having Android 4.0.4 on my Xoom now. Build-Number: 1.7.1-42. I wonder if i should do a factory reset now. On my Galaxy Note this helped with kernel wake locks i had after an ICS upgrade.

    • john

      do you have the 3g version? xoom?

  • DanKeogh

    still no Uk update yet

  • Jay

    None in the UK, last moto product I buy.

  • Francesco

    Italy: no update yet

  • mike

    holland…no ics update

  • Prem

    uk still no update!:( now that even jelly bean is due, what will we do with ICS!!

    • tBs_Battousai

      I’m betting JB is out in the states before ICS is fully rolled out across Europe…

  • dg

    Ireland: no update yet…

  • MAD Mart

    Uk,nothing zilch nada nowt zero.apart from disappointed people.

  • Al

    I gave up waiting this weekend and turned my UK Xoom in to a “Google Experience Device” (GED) I then got all the updates and am now on 4.0.4… waiting for Jelly Bean!

  • usman

    Uk still no update

  • vin

    Absolute joke… with respect to austria… but for goodness sake… who is next before the uk, maybe zimbabwe??? Wake up motorola!!!

  • Anonymous

    My french Xoom got updated a week ago.

  • skeddy

    No update for the UK today either, 3rd July 2012

  • It’s really unacceptable that, several days into the third quarter, we still have no idea when we in the UK will get this update. Does anyone from Motorola read these forums? If so, we need information!

    • tBs_Battousai

      I’m sure Motorola don’t give a damn…

  • john

    still no ics in the netherlands

  • marto

    Still no update…ireland…5th july…4am…:D

  • Tim

    Still no update in Denmark

  • john

    still nothing here in the netherlands….motorola goddamn u

  • tBs_Battousai

    anyone know where the “Select markets” are as the UK don’t seem to be one of them…

  • skeddy

    No update for the UK today either, 5th July 2012

  • lee

    I got a reply from the UK support team to a question about the update today (july 5) they state;
    Thank you for contacting Motorola.

    The ICS software update for XOOM Wi-Fi is now being release for UK market. If you are still not able to update your software to ICS, you will get a notification with the update shortly. We would like to apologize for the delay.

    However it is still not avalible to me, after all this I doubt i’ll ever buy another Motorola product.

    • tBs_Battousai

      7th July, still no sign on my XOOM…

    • lee

      I contracted them again to point out that I don’t consider three weeks ‘shortly I got this reply –

      Thank you for contacting Motorola.

      We can advise you, that the roll out of the Android 4.0 / ICS update has already started. But the roll out is taking place in stages. We would like to ask you, to wait. You will receive a ‘push’ notification on the screen of your Xoom, in the next few weeks. As soon as you receive the notification, you can start downloading the update.

      For any further assistance or information please do not hesitate to contact us again, quoting your Customer Reference number.

      Thank you for allowing us to be of service to you.

  • unhappy

    This is my first and last Moto experience. After waiting so long I have lost interest in any pending updates and if by any chance they are being released in alphabetical order we have a way to go. I can see tablet heading for a diy job before the weekend is over.

  • This is fun.With less than a fortnight to go until Jelly Bean is totally available and also (supposedly) for Xoom users officially it seems no ICS update has been made available to the UK. How about a big favor Motorola? Make the UK Xoom’s GED as they should have been OFFICIALLY so that the user can choose the update. This shouldn’t be difficult, an easy OTA patch to download if wanted would do great guns for PR as well. Just a thought, Motorola, just a thought.
    Oh and 6Jul2012 – no update for UK 601 user!

  • D’Artagnan

    Anybody know where Ireland is on this list? Is it considered part of the UK? Pretty bad that the home of Google’s European HQ doesn’t have any information on the Moto website

  • gw

    No update here. Hungary, Xoom 3G MZ601, still on 3.2

  • john

    the dutch people r still waiting motorola.
    hurry up with the goddamn ics update …….please july 8th

  • Ciaran

    8th july still no ics for the UK!

  • petel

    8 July: No UK Update for my Xoom as yet, though I check regularly. FFS.

  • 9th July – a week to go until Jelly Bean & no ICS on UK Xoom…Will Motorola surprise us and just roll out Jelly Bean next week?Unlikely…

  • Rich

    12th July – still no update for UK Xoom wi-fi….getting fairly bored of pressing the system updates button

  • nirav

    12 july and no update yet

  • john

    i am saving money for the asus infinity.never will i buy a motorola product again f..k u moto still waiting on ics
    july 12th

  • No wonder I’m living in dreamland-this update is only for wifi…stuff the warranty I’m gedding up asap…

  • Nathan Oosthuizen

    I GED’d my device about a month ago. Never looked back, it is like having a new tablet. Motorola can go shove their warranty. What use is it on a crippled device anyway.

  • Jason Deakin

    I’m so f**ked off with Motorola, I’ll never buy off them cheating c**ts again. I only bought the Xoom as I guessed it would be updated quickly. What an idiot I am. It’s almost enough to make me buy a f**king Ipad. It’s definitely MS Surface for me next Motorola have put me off Google stuff for good

  • mike

    still no update in the netherlands.getting real sick now.motorola damn u

  • kimmm

    Still no update in denmark…

  • Patrick

    Very disappointed by Motorola… I’ve bought the 3G thinking that I would have had the state of the at of Google partner but obviously I was wrong. The hardware, some application but worse the support is not what I would expected. Next tablet will be the Surface for sure because I’m not that desperate to buy an iPad!

  • Jelly Bean is out today and ICS is… still nowhere to be seen.But no surprise there.No-one at Motorola cares or has a clue when/if/how ICS will be released.Shameful treatment of your customers=no more purchases from this Cowboy outfit!

  • Marco

    No update in the netherland till now for Xoom 3G MZ601. thinking that would be the last Motorola experience. I thought that Samsung (with the Galaxy I was slow in updates) but Motorola is far worst. :-(

  • Rich

    Got bored of waiting – finally decided to GEDify my UK Xoom last night – now running 4.04 ICS and it’s much more stable than HC – getting far less applications hanging/failing and the whole experience is much smoother.

    I highly recommend it for anybody who has the UK Wifi Xoom (it was very easy to do as long as you follow the instructions…..)

  • gw

    From, “So I guess we’re not getting official ICS OTA in the UK for Wifi Xoom then?” thread:

    The answer I have received from Motorola UK this morning: “We are sorry to inform you that with the Android 4.0 update we have had a delay which means we are unable to roll out in Q2 as planned. We are working through the changes that need to be made to the software to ensure you get the best experience from all the new features ICS will bring”.

  • mike

    still no update for the netherlands 23 july getting real sick of it

  • MCA

    Hello Worwide Motorola Xoom lovers!
    In Romania, still no sign of an ICS update so far (27th of July). I am wondering if this news of ICS update is for real… Although I love my device, the lack of support from the company makes me question my decision back a year ago when I ordered it…

  • trampax66

    ICS no updated in israel…motorola have development problems?

  • MrDrizz

    And absolutely no mention of the Xoom 2. If it’s taken this long for the original Xoom to be updated I can’t the the Xoom 2 or media edition ever getting it. Time to sell and get a Nexus 7.

  • dan

    i have a wi fi only XOOM still no ics still no official release date for ics, given up waiting very tempted to sell my XOOM,Motorola obviously don’t give a crap about their customers

  • Rich

    For info, my GEDified UK Wifi Xoom was updated to 4.1 Jelly Bean this morning – I really recommend that anyone who can GEDify does so, as it’s a massive improvement over HC

  • lee

    I have it now in the UK woohoo, but its far to little too late from Motorola they can forget about me ever buying another of their products, now what’s the chance of getting jellybean before Christmas, not good I’d bet.

    • Xoom Wifi or 3g?

      • lee

        Wifi, I don’t think it’s even expected for the 3g yet.

  • Still waiting for a 3G official version…!Q.4 2012 is an insult!

  • ritesh

    Downloading ICS for XOOM 3g in uk now… bloody excitement has already died long ago… maybe it will cheer up after upgrade!!!

  • JoeS7

    Just got it on my 3G XOOM now :)

    • JoeS7

      UK btw, for those who don’t have it, try checking in the about tablet section of settings for system updates :-)

      • Tried that – still nothing – what the heck’s going on here?

        • JoeS7

          I don’t know! I’ve been waiting for ages though and I’ve had to deal with the mess that is honeycomb for ages and, trust me, the update is really worth the wait.

          • Maybe it’s UK location – can you give a direction of your domicile in the UK?Mine is in SE – London, so you’d think this wouldn’t be an issue!

          • JoeS7

            West Yorkshire, Bradford postcode 19 to be exact

          • “We can not confirm at this point in time that the ISC software update have arrived to the UK market. When this software update are available for you, you will be notified on your Xoom.” I quote the email I received from ‘customer support’ this morning. Odd one?You bet!

    • michael

      hi joes7
      ware do u i live in the netherlands
      and have a xoom 3g

  • Can someone please confirm if this 3G ICS update is official from Moto or just a windup?I’ve tried the settings update tab but am still getting nothing!

  • steve

    Its now the 1st of august 2012 and my mz601 wifi and 3g XOOM STILL doesn’t have the ics update. So annoyed at Motorola.

    • Omegatron

      I have the same exact model and I live in the US. I got the OTA update about two weeks ago. I was going to sell it too before I got the update.

  • Bolo

    its 2nd of August and it’s not in UK yet ;(

    • lee

      I’m in the UK mine updated a week ago, must admit I am still thinking of gedifying so I can get jellybean but ics is a massive improvement so may wait until the warranty has passed just can make up my mind. I should really just get on with it as I know I’ll do it soon.

  • Yioo

    in romania i don’t see the light of ICS

  • bec

    Im still waiting for ics update on my wifi xoom, I’ve contacted Motorola twice and still nothing !! Tablet really needs the upgrade

  • Kbloor

    I have just checked my XOOM for an update and I am surprised to see the update available for me. I am downloading the os as I type. Iv been checking every day for a while and finally I have the update… jellybean is supposed to be a couple of weeks away, so is there any point in the its update??? Strange. Oh I liv

    e in north wales by the way. K ;-)

  • mark

    Downloading update as we speak,worcestershire uk

  • Max.

    Just got ics 4.0.4. On my xoom WiFi.Southampton UK.

  • john tandy

    Got 4.04 upgrage tonight by checking on off chance an my 3g/utms zoom now has android ics 4.04

  • overfriendlymartins

    Got mine today xoom 3g uk, about time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • overfriendlymartins

      ics update that is.

  • John Lawrence

    My 4.0.4 ICS update for XOOM in UK downloaded ota around 0930 BST. At last! Less tan 10 minutes to install. Looks good.

  • Ciarán Stokes

    Finally ICS is here in Great Britain!!

  • kaz

    Hi guys, thought I’d let u know that my Motorola XOOM was able to update to pics today, so check yr settings, very quick too. Hope this helps

  • kaz

    So meant ice cream sandwich not pics!!

  • I got ics 4.04 on my 3g xoom last night in the uk so cgeck again no

  • sly

    Just instaled my 4.0 upgrade in uk on 3G model, works like a charm !

  • xoomman145

    Upgrade to ics today, UK owner on holiday in france, can’t say I’ve notice any dramatic changes/improvements thus far, but still playing with the thing.

  • bill gray

    still waiting for ics when will we get it xmas???

  • gw

    ICS update arrived to my Xoom 3G, MZ601 in Hungary.

  • Carlo Restaino

    Now got ICS (UK XOOM), so what’s different/better/special?

  • Finally updated with ICS now next stop, Jelly Bean!

  • MattPez

    Just got my ICS on xoom 3G, so far so good!

  • Mozzza

    Ics 4.0.4 arrived in cardiff, wales! About time. Will we be getting jelly bean though?

  • not_moby

    UK 3g XOOM updated to ICS :-)

  • bobo

    Poland also got ICS update for MZ601.

  • Dan Keogh

    Yes Yes Yes finally I got ICS in the early hours today for my wifi Xoom all seems OK so far

  • Rik

    Got ICS last night, wifi only model. Xmas has come early.

    • Rik

      Forgot to say, i’m the in the UK

  • sander

    just received the update in Netherlands as well.

  • smz

    Just got my ota update to 4.0.4 last night 7/8/12 Uk London wi-fi xoom at last for gods sake!!!!!lol

  • Ciarán Stokes

    Bring on August 2013 for Jellybean!!

  • Still no update for xoom2 wifi uk! :-(

  • Nirav

    my uk xoom 2 doen’t get update yet ? 14/08/2012 .. anyone is same boat?

  • Nikolaj

    My gedified wifi xoom has recived 4.1 jelly bean 2 weeks ago. Everything works ok

  • nirav

    any one got ics or 4.1 updates on wifi xoom 2 in UK ? 15/08/2012

  • v8ster

    Uk 3g, d/ling now…

  • thebeast

    in Spain xoom 3g (mz601) we’re in HC 3.1 no news bad news :-((((

  • tim

    Checked for updates yesterday and surprise! ICS update ready to download. All done and so much more stable. At last. Thanks moto.