Rumor alert: Motorola X to come with big battery, microSD support and Sony Exmor RS camera

by: AdrianFebruary 1, 2013

Motorola X Phone

Though nobody expects Motorola’s mysterious X Phone to be out for at least four more months, the rumor mill’s been grinding like crazy these past weeks. The first pieces of the puzzle leaked about ten days ago, but in the meantime we heard from Google’s Larry Page on some of the X features and spotted a very interesting LinkedIn job posting.

And today we have more. But before getting down to the actual “news”, a quick disclaimer. Nothing you’re about to hear is in any way official, so the proverbial grain of salt has to be much larger in this particular case. Let’s call it a clump of salt.

We’re going to start off easy, with a couple of details that fall in line with previous speculations. Those are the X’s supposed improved reliability and increased battery life. Which should be achieved by simply strengthening the phone’s chassis with familiar Kevlar and by equipping it with a Razr Maxx-like humongous battery.

Again, nothing too surprising, special or complicated, but certainly essential for the device’s premium branding.

X Phone

Moving on to clearer and colder facts, today’s tipster of the day tells us the X will feature a 4.8-inch display and a quad-core processor of sorts. The first tidbit clashes with previous rumors and sounds a bit off, but we’re certain if Moto gets the bezel thickness right we won’t mind that 0.2 inches slashed from what appears to be today’s standard screen size for high-end phones.

And now for the two most exciting parts of this story. It seems the X might feature microSD support, as well as a “much better camera” than previous Moto ones.

If the featuring of a microSD memory slot proves legit, that should once and for all debunk speculations that the X is the next Nexus device. What’s even cooler (and crazier) is that the X is also rumored to come with up to 128 GB of on-board storage. We’re not going to do the math yet, but 128 gigs internal plus at least another 128 external is simply mind-boggling.

As for the “better camera”, that sounds awfully ambiguous, but if you also want something clear and specific there it is – the snapper should be equipped with a Sony Exmor RS sensor. Now, allow me to grab a tissue to wipe out the drool off my chin and ask you – who wants a bad boy like this?

  • Brian hickey

    Sounds great except for the screen. 4.8″ probably means it would be a 720p display which would be disappointing. Really rooting for a Motorola rebirth to compete with Samsung but they will have a hard time doing it without a great phone.

    To come back they need a phone that is SUPERIOR to a Samsung phone not just equal to it because Samsung will outmarket them. When was the last time that you turned on the tv for any length of time and didn’t see a Samsung ad? Unless of course google throws marketing money at it but that is unlikely since they still want to appear neutral.

    All that being said I am still getting this phone.

    • Adrian Diaconescu

      I don’t think if it’s a 4.8-incher, that necessarily means it’s not 1080p. Look at HTC’s M7, which, based on all rumors, it’s going to sport a 4.7-inch Full HD panel. Releasing a 720p smartphone in May or June 2013 and try to brand it as a top-tier device would be public suicide for Motorola, so I’m pretty certain it’s going to be Full HD.

    • Avi

      HTC M7 will have 4.7″ FHD according to the rumors, so 4.8″ can be FHD as well

    • I agree, I think the fact that Google would be selling this phone will make it successful no matter what. Sure Samsung has funny commercials, But Google has pretty damn adorable ones, AND pretty much owns online Advertisement. Since Google doesn’t do Evil, they probably wont go insane and paste it allover
      If Google were to put a 720p Display on this phone I myself wont be too mad, but people that need 1080p on their phone “because 1080p on a Cell phone!” will stray away from it.
      Me personally getting this phone depends on Me being able to wait till Google IO…Hopefully possible.

    • If I would get 30-40% more battery life with 720p than 1080p, I wouldn’t mind it at all. Some people won’t admit it, but 1080p on a phone is overkill.

      • totally agree with you, if it can offer more battery life with the 720p screen i all for it. 1080p is unnecessarily too high.

      • +1

      • Jared Persinger

        I wouldn’t be mad if Motorola somehow managed to have a 1080p phone with a battery that lasts longer than the razr maxx hd’s battery though

      • Darren Prest

        Yup. No one can even notice the difference on a phone screen anyways.

    • Juan Manuel Tastzian

      720p would not be disappointing at all to me. I mean, more pixels mean more power needed. If 4.8″ at 720p is already a great resolution quality (just look at the Galaxy SIII), I don’t see why this is “bad”.

      It would mean that there is more battery available to use and besides that, how long will it be until higher resolution on this small screens is not that important anymore because of the (in)ability of the human eye to distinguish pixels?

    • K.

      I prefer the 4.8″ size and don’t mind a 720p in order to have a better battery life. It these rumors are true, it will certainly be my next phone (if it is announced during Google I/O).

      • Yas

        This is where you’re all wrong. According to one of the guys at phonearena whose source is Motorola the screen is expected to be a 1080p resolution, the screen size is still being touted as anywhere between 4.8-5 inches. The reason for the big battery is because of the screen resolution. The processor in question is still at loggerheads.

        • K.

          How can any of us be wrong? No one said that it will be 720p for sure. We said that we don’t mind if it was. And your argument is just another rumour. No one know (except for Google and Motorola) what the resolution will be.

          • (anon)

            why are you being defensive? He’s just stating what has been quoted from the horse’s mouth. There is no doubt that 1080p will be the screen res, yes the argument will be you can’t distinguish the difference but Google is a marketing company and all about advertising, it’s pretty much going to be a given that 1080p is the screen resolution.

          • K.

            You are probably right!
            And the wow factor tends to be important to have great sales figures.

    • stevethepirate111

      you need a 40 inch TV to tell the difference between 720p and 1080p. 1080p on mobile is useless overkill.


  • Bilal Mahmood

    Im in love made me cry too ;}

  • igor bordelais

    Neeeeeeeed !!!!!

  • I want it

  • while I agree 720p would be enough for a phone the problem is phones are out there with 1080 so introducing a phone with a lower resolution would look like a subpar phone even if it’s to save battery life……I wonder if they can make the resolution interchangeable like 720 when your on the web, fb or messaging but switch to 1080 when watching youtube or netflix. not sure if this is even possible given the size constraints of phones.

  • Alu Zeros

    Seems to good to be true, but if so awesome.

  • tomn1ce

    I just hope that this phone comes with the Snapdragon 800 cpu, 2GB of RAM…1080p 4.8-5″ edge-to-edge display, with 16GB/32GB of internal storage with a microsd card slot with support of 32GB+….VoLTE ready and available on verizon…

  • Guest

    i want

  • Take my money

  • No thanks. I’m sad about the +0.8″ over the screen size I’m comfortable with.

    They should release the phone with the same specs but a smaller battery and proportionately lower resolution (but same PPI!) screen in a 4″ chassis. I would be all over it then.

  • looking forward to this

  • Michael Tumulty

    How about we call it a deer lick of salt?

  • Mark Korchaj

    micro sd slot is a must for me. Even if it has zero internal memory, I could care less, as long as I can stick an sd card in there of my choosing and as many as I want. Today you can go and buy 64gb card for $40, brand new. Buy three of em for just over $100. Thats almost 200gb, on the plastic the size of a nail. Bye bye dvds and vhs and blu rays. If this X rumor is true, you could literally store 400-500 nicely compressed movies on it. You can stream all of them from the phone to the large screen tv. I can still remember when I had a cabinet full of VHS tapes, and now everything fits on 5×2 inch piece of glass.