Motorola X release date and pricing revealed by new report

by: Chris SmithJanuary 21, 2013


A few days ago we talked about the Motorola X handset – reportedly a non-Nexus but Nexus-like Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie 5-inch smartphone coming out this spring at Google I/O 2013 – and it looks like there are more details on the device, thanks to a new rumor.

The earlier report revealed that the handset will be a multi-carrier device, unlike Moto’s Droid family members that were available from Verizon only, and that it will run stock Android OS with no custom UI even though it won’t be marketed as a Nexus device.

Now, the Motorola X is said to be launched on July 8 after being announced in mid-May at Google I/O, although don’t be surprised to see that date change. Moreover, the handset will cost $299 on Verizon with new contracts, while Google will sell the device contract-free from the Google Play Store at “a similar off-contract price to Nexus line.”

Pricing details for other carriers are not available at this time, although it would make sense to see them charge their subscribers similar fees as Verizon. What’s interesting though is that Big Red will have a special fee for anyone looking to unlock the bootloader of the Motorola X – $15/month – whereas Google Play buyers will get it unlocked from the get-go.

And yes, since it’s not a Nexus, the handset will come with some bloatware on board, although the unwanted apps carriers think you need on your smartphone will probably be removable.

We’re a long way from seeing any confirmation from either Motorola or the mothership on these sort of rumors detailing the Motorola X smartphone, but stay close, as we’ll check out all the leaks and reports that come out until this handset is officially unveiled.

  • chris125

    300 with a contract from Verizon and have to pay $15 a month. No thanks ill buy from google for probably $350 without a contract and no stupid $15 a month fee

    • TechUnity

      I’m pretty sure it’ll be at least $400 on contract, as keeping it $350 off contract isn’t enough of an incentive to go on contract.

    • Adam Marr

      That is without a doubt a violation of the block C rules. There is no way that will hold up, just like charging for tethering.

  • motoxman

    I’d like to see a tegra 4 or a snapdragon 800 in this bad boy

  • L

    Intel Chip maybe?

    • Intel chip and I will be dumping my current phone for it, I left Motorola for the HTC One X and I regret it everyday I’m going back Moto.

    • Morpheus

      That would be interesting. My guess is T4 or SD800 seeing as are going to be the go to processors for the all the upcoming spring/summer phones.

  • Bob Someguy

    If this is true, I will be leaving Verizon. I bought a Galaxy Nexus and hoped that I would have the cutting edge Android phone for a while with the most up-to-date OS. I waited while 4.0.3 came and went, and got 4.0.4. I waited 2 months for 4.1, and I am still waiting for 4.2.1 while 4.2.2 is on its way to my Nexus 7. I am not paying $15/month so that I can have the privilege of modifying my bought and paid for property. I am tired of waiting for Verizon to figure out that nothing is wrong with the OS after Google has already put forward the effort to build the binaries.

  • ferrari187

    I dumped moto for the nexus 4…love it except you can’t beat call quality on a moto device this would be best of both worlds hope it true