If speculation and innuendo are your thing, you’re already a big fan of the Motorola X phone. Nothing official, but plenty of leaks and ‘sources’ have made the X phone our white whale. Is it going to catapult Motorola into the forefront of Android device manufacturers, or be just another phone worth a look and a shrug?

Every day seems to bring fun, new info for us to discuss… getting us closer to our answer. Today, we look to 9to5 Google, and an interesting problem they’ve had. It seems that the pictures they posted (same as above) coincided with a drawing of the device. They’ve since been asked to remove the drawing, but hint that it has a very small bezel. They also note that their source points to an LTE device that will be available on all 4 carriers… and perhaps come in as many as 25 different colors.

Our friends over at 9to5 Google didn’t say who asked that hey remove the drawing, but it stands to reason it came from Motorola. Either they were way too close to center, or whomever asked them to remove it simply isn’t a fan of mock-ups floating around. Who knows, maybe their drawing was just better than the actual phone!

So, tell us what you think… what do you want to see from a Motorola X phone? I’d just like to actually see one!


  • This is a Nexus 4 with a cover

    • Elbert Jann Demasu-ay

      Speaker on top front screen says no

    • Justin Winker

      Unless they redesigned the earpiece to not be flush with the top of the phone, this is not the Nexus 4.

    • kelv

      this is Nokia 5230 (lol).

  • The motorola logo change in every picture!

  • I don’t think this is the x phone… looks like crap, especially with the case

    • The case is just there to hide the design apparently.

  • Will Stewart

    Evleaks have been pretty accurate in the past, but they did crucially get a image of the Galaxy S4 wrong a week before launch.

  • Arsenal™

    damn why’d they had to put a cover on? maybe hiding the huge bezels or maybe hidin the bezel-less screen :S :D :P

    • emanuele_zanetti

      maybe it’s just a prototype and the final design hasn’t been decided yet