Motorola Triumph Arrives July On Virgin Mobile

by: Aerol BibatJune 9, 2011
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Good news for Motorola fans. Motorola has just announced that the company will be bringing its Triumph phone to Virgin Mobile next July. Boasting some pretty good tech specifications this Android phone can be yours even without a contract – that means you don’t get to be stuck with Virgin for two years if you want to move on to another provider. This is a very attractive option since most phones nowadays are offered with a contract that ties you down to a single provider – thus limiting your options if their services don’t deliver.

So what will you be getting if you go for the Triumph? Well, it runs on Android Froyo, a bit dated but still functional – though it does have Flash support after a download from the Android market. However, that’s not the key point. It’s got all the bells and whistles of a normal smartphone and more. Packing a 5MP back-facing camera and VGA front-facing camera, it can do HD video capture and playback in 720p, either on device or over HDMI. Combine this with a large 4.1″ display and you can do a lot of watching. It’s also ultra-thin at .4″ – and the aesthetics are great, with it fitting comfortably in your hand.


No word on how much this baby will cost, however, considering it’s a mid-level phone, expect it to not break your bank account. Plus, considering the fact it will be released in cooperation with Virgin Mobile, expect a bit of help from the provider to get this into your hands.

Source: Gottabemobile

  • Arthur Price

    Man i want this phone but 300 bones on just one phone c’mon. Im either buying this and dumping my old vg phone or wait for the new ipod touch in fall and just keep this for calling