November 3, 2010
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Motorola 2ghz phone

Motorola 2ghz phone

Apparently Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha let rip that Motorola company is working towards 2GHz Android smartphone that might even see the light of day before the end of the calendar year. Unfortunately Jha did not want to say much more about this, although the word on the street is that a separate Motorola Exec was happy to spill the beans. Here’s what we know.

It has been alleged that, aside from this mighty processor, this new device is going to run an NVIDIA Tegra GPU. This is rather exciting, we’re sure you’ll agree. Furthermore, it will also pack all the punches you have come to love and expect from your smartphone, including (at least) a 5 megapixels with HD video recording and even a 720p out to connect to your HD TV. Of course, there will be support for Flash 10.1 along with nice extras such as a gyroscope. In terms of a display, out of everything we’ve heard this is what we’re least sure about. Apparently it is going to be high definition.

[Via: Know your cell]

James Tromans
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