Meet Motorola Skip, the Moto X NFC-based unlock accessory

by: Chris SmithAugust 15, 2013

Motorola Skip for Moto X

The Moto X has one more trick up its sleeve, a NFC-based unlocked accessory that can be worn by the user in order to unlock the handset with a single tap – meet the Motorola Skip.

The accessory has been quietly listed on Motorola’s website, where it can be ordered from for $19.99. The device appears as a “limited time offer for MotoMaker for Moto X, a $19.99 value,” but we don’t have any idea what this means. From the looks of it, it can’t be ordered from Motorola’s online store at this time – it doesn’t show up in the shopping cart.

While this article was written, Motorola pulled the Skip page, suggesting that the Skip may have been revealed too soon, but also that the Moto X is likely to launch soon.

Even if the company did not announce the accessory during the Moto X announcement events, Leo Laporte did mention such a device during one of his recent TwiT shows.

Droid-Life found instructions for Skip use with the Moto X (see screenshot and Source links below) which confirms the device is NFC based. Interestingly there appears to be an app available for the Skip, but the Play Store link does not work at this time.

Motorola Skip for Moto X

According to Motorola’s own support page, the Skip setup is pretty straightforward. Once the procedure is done, you’ll be able to unlock the Moto X with a single tap – the device will likely be protected by a regular lock of your preference which you’ll need to use when the Skip is not around.

How does the Motorola Skip sound to you? Will you buy it to have it automatically unlock your Moto X?

  • Tony Hoffman

    G2 Knock knock comes free of charge and requires zero set up.

    • LiterofCola


  • Mayoo

    $19,99 for a single NFC chip. Wow, I can get 12 for 12$.

  • Marsg

    Lol or you can get a money clip and stick a NFC tag to it, bam 3$ solution

  • Marné Prinsloo

    Nice, another idiotic product aimed at affluent Americans.
    I’m sure those Wall-e Fat chairs are soon to follow.
    Too lazy to unlock our phones… come on…

    • mobilemann

      as opposed to an idiotic comment made to troll americans? Please kid.

      • Marné Prinsloo

        Trolololol your self. You’re probably one of those

        • mobilemann

          anyone who groups entire countries of people as a single entity is an idiot. That’s all.

          Bonus points for using a country as bipolar as America.

  • MasterMuffin

    Meh I’ll skip (yeeeeaaaaa!)

  • Luka Mlinar

    If they sold water it would cost 5$ a cup.

  • Eddie Tam

    from my understanding, by default, NFC does not work when the screen is locked or off


    ..and I need this because?