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Motorola Shamu is rumored to be a scaled up version of the new Moto X, pictured here

A new report from 9to5Google confirms some of the specifications rumored for the Motorola Shamu and fills out new details about its appearance and features.

Shamu is believed to be a device co-developed by Motorola and Google, potentially as a Nexus device. In the past, some have called this device “Nexus 6” or “Nexus X” but there is zero convincing evidence to support either of these monikers, so we’ll just refer to it as Shamu.

According to 9to5Google’s Stephen Hall, the Shamu will feature a 5.92-inch Quad HD screen (498 ppi), and not a 5.2-inch screen, like claimed by some benchmarks-based reports in the past. The device will feature a Snapdragon 805 processor, 3GB of RAM, and 32GB of storage (at least one version).

The large footprint of the device will enable a massive 3,200 mAh battery, while the cameras will be 13MP on the rear and 2MP on the front.

motorola shamu render

The Shamu’s appearance will be very similar to the second generation Moto X. In fact, the report calls it a “scaled up version of the Moto X.” The image above is a render that supposedly resembles closely the real device. While ports on the Shamu are placed in the same position as on the new Moto X, the power button and the volume rocker are located towards the middle of the device, to make them easier to reach.

An image leaked earlier this week by HelloMotoHK seems to corroborate 9to5’ description of the Shamu. The image supposedly shows the back cover of the Moto S, which is either Shamu or a similar Motorola-branded device.

motorola moto s

It’s not clear for now what the round hole on the back of the Shamu will house. Nexus devices typically have prominent Nexus branding, but we can’t rule out that the Shamu will feature Motorola’s M logo, just like the new Moto X. Or, the opening could be used for a fingerprint scanner or something else, but that’s just speculation.

Android Authority has learned that new Nexus hardware will be announced around mid-October, with public availability set for November 1.

Would you be interested in a Nexus phablet?


Bogdan Petrovan
Bogdan is the European Managing Editor of Android Authority. He loves tech, travel, and fantasy. He wishes he had more time for two of those things. Bogdan's phone is a Nexus 6P.
  • daimhafizy23

    Damn 5.9′ makes me think twice

    • alfie j

      Yeah I wanted a Nexus 6. Now that we know how big it is I’m not interested. I have an upgrade coming and I feel like I have little options. Tempted to give an iPhone a try. That’s how bad it is..

      • Anothermuse

        Try the new Moto X. Almost a Nexus and it’s 5.2. Mostly awesome reviews except for battery and camera which are about average. The camera you can probably learn to work to it’s strengths, the battery well they are making the turbo charge that can give you 8 hours in ten minutes

        • mcampbell

          OnePlus One or Moto X

        • alfie j

          No Moto X for Sprint.

    • DonPorazzo

      Yeah, i’ll feel this need to upgrade from my nexus4 (which is still great, but it’s getting smaller and slower in time, and the camera, ugh).

      5,9 is just, IDK, too big? damn this is hard. If only moto x would have bigger battery. DAMN YOU, SMARTPHONE INDUSTRY.

      • Gerardo Fuentes

        Do you have it stock or CM?

        • DonPorazzo

          stock but rooted, xposed and helper installed

      • avi

        either they will give u less,
        or more
        But never enough,,,

        But Google to singing the same song,,, Ouch Butthurts

  • Say What?

    Not too bad.. This could renew my interest in Motorola.

  • AdjustedFlow

    How about 5,2 and 3200mAh. Pretty please.

    • Guest


    • Hubert z

      get the Xperia Z2

    • Aki I.

      5.2, SD 805, 3200mah removable, 1080p, 3gb ram, SD card slot is where it would be at for me

  • Luka

    Oh yeah, please make it world wide LTE and take my money google.

  • Dzulsallehhuddin Bin Mohd Zol

    Nexu 5, 4.95inch would be wonderful.. So 4.7 to 5.5 inch display will be okay for me but in case 5.9, I wouldn’t buy it.. It’s too big. Prefer tablet htc nexus 8/9..

    • avi

      how about i6

  • DinuD

    I think it’s a great device except the 6 inch display.

    • avi

      and that makes it GREAT to STUPENDOUS

  • Sitruuna

    Display and bezels are too big. Battery could be a bit larger for the screen size. That’s a “shamu”.

    Note 4 it is then – especially if the price goes down somewhat soon.

    • Gerardo Fuentes

      I don’t think price will go down anytime soon.

    • Keepie Uppie

      It isn’t even out, is it?

  • ryan johnitty

    5.5 is ideal 5.9 jus too big

    • john

      That’s what she said?

      • danny67

        its also what you said the other night.

      • Jayfeather787


  • venorme

    This can be great replacement for my Z Ultra. Just no premium smartphones of that size since Sony hit

  • Kasi Viswanathan

    it could be the best i hope

  • Abdurhman Yousef

    Actually I don’t imagine my self holding an almost 6″ phone. and I think it’s very unlikely that the next nexus is coming with a 5.92 screen. and if it came with this size I’m very confident that there will be a smaller version.
    Possibly the next nexus (or the smaller version) will be called “Nexus 5 2014″. because the second generation Nexus 7 was called “Nexus 7 2013″, not nexus 8.

    • Anothermuse

      I agree, I’d be shocked if they only release the large one. There’s still a good chance we would see a Moto X in Nexus clothes maybe with a higher end processor and camera tweaks. There were rumors a few months back that Google was experimenting with a moto maker type program, which kind of make me thing we’ll see both size phones. The phablets just aren’t going to hit huge sales numbers.

      And I’ll bet that all of the engineers are twisting the heck out of Shamu today to make sure it’s rigid.

  • Toss3

    5.9″ with Nvidia’s K1 would certainly be possible with a big enough battery. s805 isn’t going to as future proof as the s800 was in the N5. We already have phones coming out pretty soon with s810s.

  • danny67

    what about fingerprint scanner?

    • avi

      haa ,, with this much big screen ,, they should have PALM SCANNER

  • Fffs

    Ffs cmon, is this motorolaauthority or androidauthority!?
    The only thing i read on this website is about motorola, ffs it sucks and not even many buys it, so dont writr so fucking much about it. Its enough, just do some articles a week and emough, not 10 everyday

    • JayMars84

      Can’t tell if serious but this story isn’t about Motorola. It’s about the next Nexus (you know, the pure Android flagship from Google) that coincidentally is being made by Motorola.

      • Wtf

        My point was motorola, and i know that the nexus is a great device from different companies during the years. Im just tired at how AA spamming those articles about moto x, new moto x old moto x motoxxxx i get fucking mad, irl imverymadbro rage10x

  • Luka Mlinar

    It’ can’t be a Nexus phone, the battery capacity is to large :D

    • avi

      Screen to Battery size is still average but backup with no problem with battery efficient L

  • Wan Ahmad Izni

    i think 5″ nexus 5 is a good one handed use and 5.5″ nexus 6 is still considerable but 5.9″?? Makes me think twice

  • Clinton

    well ,I hope the snapdragon 805 rumor is false, because I would think the next nexus would have a 64 bit processor.

    • Haseeb

      Yeah. No 64 bit means no Nexus for me.

  • MJay

    5.95, fingers crossed. Finally a close to 6 inch phone and it’s Motorola. Best nexus ever, lol in my (villain voice). If true, good bye note 3.

  • Dimitrios Pandioras

    A 5.2″ Nexus device would bring all the girls to the yard.

    • avi

      and at there ,,u will see this year soon to be lauched Nexus 6 ,,,
      But I am happy that they had Shamu in there mind designing this not Airbus A380

  • Jayfeather787

    THIS IS AWESOME! Glad I waited. 5.9 inches is amazing.

    • avi

      Are u Goliath !!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Jayfeather787


  • Xavier_NYC

    That’s not a phablet, this is pretty much a tablet. 6 inch screen on a phone is just too much.. 5.5 – 5.7 was pushing it as it is plus the front facing speakers (or speaker) will make the top and bottom bezels that much bigger.


    This is too big.
    Just because they say it does not make it true.
    Lets all wait and see…..

  • Noel

    I welcome a 5.9″ screen Nexus Phablet for the growing number of pure Android fans who want a Phablet size Nexus, but Google has to make a 5.2″-5.5″ screen Nexus Phone with thin bezels for all the millions of pure Android fans who want a Nexus phone with a big screen w/a manageable phone size.
    If by some small chance we will have two Nexus devices, the specs should be the same…3200mAh battery, 13MP rear cam, 2K screen but 1080P prefered, 32/64GB internal storage, 3GB RAM.

    That said…i think this 5.9″ screen device might be a Moto X Phablet or probably a Nexus Phablet. By the way it isn’t a done deal that Motorola will be the Nexus phone OEM…what if Someone else is making the device. Remember how Google surprised us with Kitkat while all along everyone n even their documents showed keylime pie. So even though most rumors point to Motorola…i still give a small % chance to HTC or even LG.
    Number one on my list is battery size n stamina…i hope it doesn’t disappoint, cuz that was the reason i skipped the N5.

  • ravi

    5.9 is just too big???? but its Nexus………

    • avi

      Google is forcing to world to use Phablet instead of Mobile ,,, no more mobile ,, and after 2-3 years they will force people to use Laptop,,, Ultimate GOAL<<< Remove WIN

  • Prateek Thapa

    With those ugly, shiny, fat speaker fronts?

    • avi

      this year whole Moto lineup was a disappointment ,, Lenovo influence showed way early ,, nd now NO PUNIT SONI,, forget fastest update policy ,,,,, Soni was initially not happy what upper Management has decided to do with this and then he back off,,

  • José A. Medina

    I dont think thats going to be the Shamu, Nexus phones are based on a certain phone, not just stretching it to make it bigger. For me this kooks more like a bigger variant, like the htc one max.

  • Greg Pace

    I guess they took the idea of a Nexus 6 to heart.

    • avi

      2015 Nexus would be based on Airbus A380,, BRACE YOURSELF

  • Mf Lye

    OMG…… please don’t do this to me google….. 5.9″ …..

  • indio7777

    Why yes, yes I would be.

  • Jose Torres

    Is it called Shamu because it’s the largest phone Moto has ever made since The Brick?

  • Pawv

    Too big. Will not get. Disappointing. 5in or 5.2 would be perfect with smaller bezels

  • w.j. Rodrique

    5.9″? …*sigh* Again, waiting on the final product.

  • crutchcorn

    … For the first time in a while, a Nexus made me say “eh”

  • vince1228

    I highly doubt this is the nexus 6.i do think this phone will be Motorolas phablet phone( in a cheaper value range for the market then premium phablets)
    I believe the nexus 6 will be in the 5.2-5.3 range. Anything shorter can be a nexus 5(in my opinion)
    Google does listen to there customers especially for the nexus line. Can’t wait to see the real nexus 6 . however i do like the moto software and phablets so the shamu may be on my next list.

    • WG1616

      I agree that this is not a Nexus, (or only of 2 Nexus devices) but I think there will be a 5.2 device. I think this is the Moto S and will be a Verizon exclusive along with the Droid Turbo and that is why we see the Motorola circle for branding on the back.

    • avi

      but I Fear,, No smoke without fire

  • Evan Williams

    In all fairness, it doesn’t confirm if this will indeed be the next Nexus. It could just be a Motorola phablet with updated specs. I currently have a Note 3 and was looking forward to getting the Nexus 6. I really don’t think this is the Nexus 6.

  • Michael Bernard

    This can’t be real. I would hope that Google wouldn’t make such an illogical decision and release a phone this size without having a more sensible option available. I’ve always wanted a Google phablet but, devices in the 5.5 – 6.0 inch range turn a lot of people off. I can’t say that it would make for a top seller.

    • Emmanuel

      “I can’t say that it would make for a top seller.”…. nexus devices has never been top sellers….

  • rob3211

    Really hope the qHD display rumor is false and they use a 1080p panel for battery and performance benefits.

    But there is a good chance they do for Google cardboard VR.

  • Anthony Alekji

    I might pre-order this

  • [A]dri[A]n

    A 6″ Quad HD display with only a 3,200mAh battery? That could be a problem, given the history of less than impressive battery life on Nexus devices. I know that’s a big battery, but that’s a HUGE, very high resolution display. 1080p would have been absolutely perfect. This phone should of had a 4,000mAh battery. Huawei did it. So no reason why Motorola shouldn’t be able to. If they can stuff a 3,500mAh battery in the Droid Maxx, then a 4,000mAh unit should be pretty easy to stuff inside this beast.

  • Fredrol

    If this is true, im getting a Z3 instead.

  • Jason Kim

    Those ugly holes

  • Keepie Uppie

    Was looking forward to HTC making the next Nexus phone. Rumours of a big screen have been doing the round for ages now but 5.9 is a surprise. 5.5 would be the maximum for me. Maybe they’ll release 2 phones. Surely they can’t narrow their user base with just a phablet phone?

  • gazconroy

    Like the size. Like the Nexus. About time the phablet space was addressed. Small phone lovers are better served with a new Nexus 5. However Qualcomm 810 is the only way I’d upgrade from a Note 3