Motorola tries to reason with upset customers, says ICS won’t improve older devices

by: Bams SadewoMay 22, 2012
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For all the cheers that Motorola has got when the company finally updated its Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade schedule last week, the boos and jeers may have outnumbered them. Especially the ones that come from the owners of devices like Motorola Droid 2, Droid 3, Droid X3, and a host of others, who found that their phones will forever remain stuck on Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

Is it all just one big misunderstanding? Motorola hears your complaints and has the following to say on the matter.

According to the company, for those who have been wondering why not all relatively new devices will receive the ICS upgrade, the decision was made with the best of intentions. Motorola will only provide an upgrade to ICS if it will improve the performance of a particular device. Here are their exact words:

We work very closely with Google and cell phone carriers for every software update. And, obviously we want the new release to improve our devices. If we determine that can’t be done—well then, we’re not able to upgrade that particular device.”

There you have it – I hope that clears up any ill-feeling you may have for Motorola. Yeah, right!

Looking at the list again, it seems Motorola will provide the ICS upgrade only for devices that come with at least 1GB of RAM. It’s worth mentioning that this self-imposed limitation doesn’t seem to apply to other manufacturers, that release ICS devices that ship with less RAM than that, such as the HTC One V. But all hope is not lost. With Google’s acquisition of Motorola expected to wrap up this week, there’s still a chance that Google might review this policy.

Do you think Motorola’s reasoning for its refusal to upgrade its older Droid devices to ICS is legit?

  • You guys made a small typo there is no Droid X3 you meant the Droid X2 ~

  • tBs_Battousai

    What about the UK wifi Xoom? that’s supposed to get ICS Q2 2012, their website shows it’s not even in the testing stage yet (or wasn’t last time i checked), the US got it in Jan, what the hell are they shoving into the ROM that takes six months to develop?? Can’t wait till Google take the rains and get’s them sorted…

  • Brunkster

    Well, I think the RAM issue could be legit, but thisbisvehstbyounget with a fragmented hardware ecosystem. Droid 3, in particular, is a premium smart phone, so it never should have been built with less than a gig of RAM if that was the criteria for the next itteration (or 2) of the Android OS.

  • John

    The HTC Incredible 2 is also scheduled to get ICS and it’s a single core under 1GB device. Maybe Blur just sucks up the RAM more than Sense? Or does Moto not want to upgrade any of their 3G phones so they can help Verizon sell more RAZR’s and 4G data plans?

  • ok let me be the first to say I honestly don’t care if they never update my Electrify to ICS, but for the love of god unlock the bootloaders on the 2.3.5 devices so I can run CM9, that’s the issue that makes me want to jump ship to a Samsung device, it’s rooted, it has superuser access, but if I want to run an alternative ROM noooooooooooooo big Motorola says that’s bad

    • AppleFUD

      Good point! If they are not going to upgrade the device then they ought to let you unlock the bootloader so you can find support elsewhere.

      Personally, all these handset manufacturers have been making way too many devices. If they would spend some time making two or three quality devices then I doubt we would have this issue. . .

  • Jaysann22

    I’m sure ICS could even run on the Original droid x but Motorola isn’t interested in updating old hardware that is no longer making them money. I won’t own a Motorola device again, because when they DID do updates for their previous phones, they couldn’t even get that right… If Google does a complete overhaul and drastically changes their policies (unlocking bootloaders) I may reconsider.

    • I’m actually running CM9 ICS on the original Droid X just fine without the Moto crapware, so really – not worried – just release the hardware drivers to the public and at least the DX folks will be happy!

      • Jorge Guerra Garibay

        hi, im kind of a newbie on this stuff and im wondering if you could give me some instructions to get ICS on my Droid X im kind of lost, thanks

  • anonymous

    nope, I don’t think it’s legit. I think Moto doesn’t want to spend more money developing new ICS roms :P

    • If it was about the money, do you think they would have released ICS on the discontinued Xoom?

  • Barkleyfan

    Its a load of crap. Xperia Play is a prime example.

  • RLW

    Unlock the bootloaders! My D2 is already running out of RAM with the stock ROM. It would help me if I could squash Motorola’s crapware like the Amazon MP3 store or Blockbuster apps which run constantly and cannot be stopped.

  • Willis

    Did windows vista improve my device over XP or just add some features? … It’s more about being up-to-date (especially during that 18 month support cycle google was wanting). This feels more like lack of support for a device once they know it’s not going to sell anymore. Why would I buy a new motorola device when I know that in 3-5 months it’s not even going to be supported anyways (well before even the manufacturers warranty runs out) Regarding the “ohh, only 512m or ram!!! can’t do it!!”, then why do linux hackers have ics running on our devices with a 2.x kernel … I imagine it would run even smoother with the proper kernel powering it … now these rom hackers are getting a 3.0 kernel in place with the help of safestrap yet moto insisits it can’t be done … If bloats a problem maybe they’d have to release a less bloated rom but from my point of view that’s too bad for them, either don’t sell devices or support the ones you do sell!!

  • chris

    the motorola milestone (droid 1) has jellybean roms “hello bullshit moto”